What we have here is failure to monitor.

My favorite part of the latest “Georgia Tech lies and cheats” story is this tidbit:

The NCAA decision made public on Thursday noted there were impermissible phone calls made by men’s basketball coaches only three days after Georgia Tech appeared before the NCAA committee for major violations in its football and men’s basketball program in April 2011.

Brian Gregory was named the new basketball coach on March 28, 2011. He replaced Paul Hewitt, who was fired on March 12, 2011.

That’s what you call hitting the ground running.

Georgia Tech had its NCAA probation extended two years.  In this day and age when NCAA rules enforcement seems particularly toothless, you’ve really got to work hard to get the book thrown at you.  Chantastic job, Jackets.

Oh, be sure not to miss the hard-hitting AJ-C coverage on the matter.


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8 responses to “What we have here is failure to monitor.

  1. Texas Dawg

    Where are BUZZ and POAD and all the other North Avenue Trade School tolls when you really need them?


    • 81Dog

      on Stingtalk and/or the Hive whining about how everyone picks on them, and it’s not fair. There is a certain ironic pleasure attached to the holier than thou Jackets being called out as a repeated violator of NCAA rules. The funny thing is they cheat, yet they still suck.


  2. Not surprised that Tech doesn’t have the software to monitor contact properly. Had a member of their psychology faculty tell once me that Tech was the worst computing environment in the world. Everyone there thinks they are the world’s greatest programmer. They all write their own software. Result: Nobody’s software is compatible with anyone else’s.


  3. sniffer

    Segiura is reporting, not commenting. I’m sure “the other two” will come down hard on the blatant cheating that has gone on at Tech.


  4. americusdawg

    Chantastic job, Jackets.

    Senator, you never cease to crack me up.


  5. Mayor

    Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I am a longstanding Tech hater. That said, I hate the NCAA more. The initial sanctions against Tech were because Be Be Thomas was given some shoes and clothes by his cousin’s roommate while Thomas was visiting the cousin–typical jock-sniffer behavior. The NCAA trumphed up the value of the stuff alleging it was something like $500. It was 1 pair of sneakers and 2 T-shirts. What pissed the NCAA off was that the Techsters had the audacity to have someone from the AD’s office talk to the kid before the NCAA types interviewed him–a big no-no in the Gestapo world of the NCAA. I think the Techmites were trying to avoid another AJ Green-type fiasco where the kid gets interviewed and the NCAA goes on a fishing expedition which uncovers something unrelated and uses that against the kid or the school. Note the statement in the linked article that Tech was “uncooperative” with the NCAA in that investigation–that’s what that statement means. I don’t know about the phone calls and texts to recruits in ’10-’11. It is my understanding that the NCAA has now eliminated and/or substantially minimized some of those contact restrictions. So the NCAA is tacking on 2 more years to Tech’s probation it never should have had in the first place for contact violations that the NCAA doesn’t have any more. And how can a program be any more “uncooperative” than Auburn was during the Cam Newton fiasco and has been consistently since. Tech’s problem is the Nerds don’t know how to play the game. Just hire an ex-NCAA executive and pay him a lot of dough to get ’em effective immunity like Auburn has.