Bert: there will be blood.

For a guy who pushed the NCAA to adopt a substitution rule ostensibly over safety concerns, Bret Bielema has no problem reaching for a colorful analogy (h/t IveyLeaguer).

Bielema said Monday his defense, which was carved up by Auburn in the opener last Saturday, needs to take on a boxer’s mentality.

“When you’re a boxer and you see someone bleed, you want to go after that cut eye,” Bielema said. “I always used to tell players, when you see a guy bleeding — and he doesn’t necessarily need to have blood coming out of him — but if he’s holding his knee or he’s holding his wrist, or he’s bent over, or he’s holding his leg or he’s working his ankle out, go after that baby.

“When I was a wrestler and you’ve got a brace on, I’m going after your (expletive), you know? That’s the mentality I think that we have to establish.”

Just remember that hurry up offenses are even worse for your health.


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14 responses to “Bert: there will be blood.

  1. Dawgaholic

    And people complain about CMR not discussing injuries.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Arkansas has been a roll with its coaching hires


  3. heytogoober

    His comments are reprehensible …


  4. South FL Dawg

    There’s your exhibit A why it’s best to not discuss injuries.


  5. Bulldawg165

    What a scumbag.


  6. Will Trane

    Amazed how coaches and players make these kind of comments. Let their emotions and frustrations take over during a game and a season.
    That is why coaches should never, ever comment to the press or anyone about the status of a player for a game. Frankly you are stupid if you do.
    Hurt, suspended, or otherwise. Even during the game. You can not let the sideline girls get to your roster and comment on a players status. If they want to report wait ’til after the game. They are not trainers, coaches, players, or even paid by a university.
    Past few years ESPN and the other networks think they are privileged to that. More coverage today than ever.
    A a coaching staff has to be harsh to the media about player status and play time. Remember the staff and very young players are deciding the financial well being of the coaches.
    Think Dawg players communicate way too much re tweeter, face book, and availability to the press. Have game captain do all the talking along with SID and HC. Nobody else. Then guard the conversation and be brief..
    Case in point. Meyer after Va Tech loss…”they exposed our weaknesses”. Go figure them out. Plus do not run your injured QB up and down from coaches box to the field.
    Lot goes on on the sidelines. That is all coaches, players, and support staff’s area…after they can get called for sideline warning
    Never saw ESPN, media, or an AD get called for that…maybe times are changing.


  7. The Citadel OL nod in agreement.