SEC Power Poll, Week 2

It was the Week of the Cupcake, so there should be little surprise that SEC teams turned in a lopsided 12-1 record this week, with the only loss being Vanderbilt’s to Ole Miss.  It also means it’s a week’s set of results you don’t want to read too much into.

  1. Texas A&M.  When you average scoring 62.5 points a game, it doesn’t matter too much if your defense is mediocre.
  2. Georgia.  If Herbstreit is sticking with the Dawgs, I guess I can too.
  3. Alabama.  I’m not exactly sure why there’s a quarterback controversy, as Sims looked quite serviceable.
  4. Auburn.  The Tigers aren’t too shabby scoring points, either.
  5. LSU.  Convincing win over Sam Houston State, which means…
  6. Ole Miss.  Dominant in beating Vanderbilt, which earns them the best cupcake win of the weekend.
  7. Missouri.  Really never appeared threatened in a road game against a MAC opponent, but Mauk can’t make the same careless mistakes against a decent SEC defense and get away with it.
  8. Mississippi State.  Unimpressive win over a Sun Belt team.  Even the defense looked subpar, which was surprising.
  9. South Carolina.  Spurrier said this team isn’t as talented as some of his teams in the past.  Who am I to argue?
  10. Florida.  Georgia Southern would have beaten Eastern Michigan by seventy-one.
  11. Tennessee.  I’d pick the Vols to win the Sun Belt.
  12. Kentucky.  Wins over UT Martin and Ohio may be a modest beginning, but it’s the best start for the ‘Cats in three seasons.
  13. Arkansas.  How bad is Nicholls State?  The last time that program lost by more than sixty points… was last year, against Louisiana-Lafayette.
  14. Vanderbilt.  There’s regression and then there’s doing your best impression of a cartoon character skydiving with an anvil instead of a parachute.


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11 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 2

  1. DawgByte

    Until the defending SEC Championships get defeated I would not remove them from the #1 slot. Auburn’s offense is a wrecking ball and their defense is better than A&M’s.


    • Will (the other one)

      Is it though? They got destroyed for a half vs. Arkansas, despite Arky’s utter incompetence at passing the ball. Marshall’s still a barely over 50% passer too.


  2. Macallanlover

    I wouldn’t have is that high…yet. I also am not buying the Ole Miss story and feel the team in the other Columbia is better than they are credited for. But, that is why we play the games. The good thing about conference play, unlike the national picture, is you do get the right order by season’s end.

    I think the competition for Tide QB is over, Sims looks more than serviceable to me, he looks as good a game manager as Bama usually has. Sims appears comfortable and Coker looked almost lost. I understand Coker fills the need for next season but I don’t think I would roll that way.


    • Silver Creek Doug

      Except Coker won’t be there next season.

      He’s a graduate transfer student and is playing his last year of eligibility.

      I think…


      • Macallanlover

        He has two years if I recall. Doubt Little Nicky would have brought him on board for just one season. Not sure if he is having that much trouble learning the system or just isn’t ready for the big stage, but he doesn’t look polished enough to have pushed Winston for the starting job at FSU last year. He is a better pure passer according to all reports but there is more to it when the pressure is being applied.


  3. watcher16

    Did Spurrier say before the season started that he was really excited about this team and that it was one of the most talented…??


  4. Man, what a sucky list of SEC games this weekend. I guess we should devote one weekend to watching the Big10!? sink like a stone.


  5. PatinDC

    I am pretty surprised ant Vandy’s complete collapse. Not sad, just surprised.


  6. Vandy Football ….the Greek Tragedy continues….


  7. SouthGaDawg

    I hope I’m wrong, but Auburn looks like the real deal.


  8. Macallanlover

    Shouldn’t surprise anyone that the offense looks to be real but their biggest issue is the defense….then the schedule. A tough out to be sure.