You say it’s your birthday.

Leonard Floyd has a birthday wish.

I’m down with that.  Maybe he could give us a “blow out the candles” gesture after he gets one.


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  1. pantslesspatdye

    he could give us a “blow out the candles” gesture
    This would cost us the game somehow. Penn Wagers gets uptight about this sort of thing and it has been a while since we saw him; he’ll be in Columbia come Saturday.


    • Macallanlover

      Since he lives near Charleston I thought he might be excluded. Have nevef seen him there with us. Plus, he rarely gets the #1 SEC game. Still think every coach should get to exclude one crew so theh never have them.


      • heytogoober

        My first thought was that the candle snuffing would be penalized for taunting. I f Penn is there, we’ll probably get penalized for even talking about it.


  2. 81Dog

    anything would be an improvement over the played out “eat ’em up” that so many defensive players insist on performing. Of course, if he does that, you can be sure the rabbit eared SEC ref crew Saturday will be tossing laundry in the air all dayh.

    And while we’re at it, Dawg bless Todd Gurley, but I hope he noticed the celebration penalty flags in the Oregon -MSU game and has been warned against repeating the salsa dance in the end zone. Especially if we get Penn Wagers crew, we’re going to have enough to contend with Saturday without kicking off from the 5 yard line, too. Just wait until you get back to the sideline, guys.


    • Chadwick

      While we’re wishing….I’d pull for it to be after he sacks Dylan Thomas for the fifth time, causing a fumble in the Chicken’s endzone that was scooped up for UGA’s second defensive score in a 31 pt rout over the Chickens. After the play he helps Thomas up and pats him on the helmet. Hey, it’s his birthday!


    • Jeff Sanchez

      I was in the stadium when he “salsaed” and couldn’t get a great view – I thought for a second he had pulled up lame and my stomach did flips….


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    How bout “blowing out the candles” after the fifth sack, late in the fourth quarter, to seal the deal?

    God almighty it is going to be a long, long week.


  4. Spike

    Penn Wagers? Oh no! We are doomed. Maybe CMR will go postal on him and just whip his ass in front of God and everybody..


  5. We’ll know the SEC is out to get us – no conspiracy theory – if Penn Wagers’ crew is in Columbia on Saturday. I knew last year we were in trouble at Auburn when I saw that little, sniveling SOB on the field.


  6. Is Penn Wagers really ref’n this game? Bless our hearts.