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I keep saying it.

Leonard Floyd is a bad mother.

Even more amazing is that he did it all essentially on pure ability and almost zero technique. “The whole season I just played,” Floyd said. “I was just trying to make plays. I played 100 miles per hour.”

Perhaps even scarier for the SEC is that Floyd was underwhelmed by the league’s competition. “I figured it would be harder than what it was,” Floyd said.

Here’s hoping he gives Dylan Thompson a little taste of what Clowney gave Aaron Murray.



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The secondary ain’t heavy.

Stack the box to slow Todd Gurley down?  Ain’t no thang, mane.

“I think that’s a sign of respect,” Gurley said. “Because if they want to put six or seven guys in the box I’m like, OK, do that. I like that though, because it’s good because if you get past that second level all you have is the safeties.”

Kinda like this.


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The most Vandy thing ever

Derek Mason embraces his inner Robbie Caldwell with this observation.

I guess he’s got the finest long snappah in the conference.


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A knockdown, drag out fight

Saturday may be shaping up as Bert’s kind of game.

South Carolina loses and that puts the ‘Cocks three games in the hole on beating Georgia for the East, with every other division rival still to play.  Not a place Steve Spurrier wants to be.


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Raise your hand if you had this in the team’s captains pool.

An unusual honor this week…

Not that he doesn’t deserve it.


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Random Dawg-‘Cock stuff

Just a few tidbits for you to swirl around in your mouth for their tasty goodness:


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“It’s not false bravado. It’s real.”

Boy, it’s something to see what getting medieval on last season’s third-worst D-1 scoring defense’s ass does for a coach’s confidence.


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Sign of the times

I’m not dumb enough to equate what bloggers write to how teams and coaches are thinking, but I’ve gotta admit that, as I usually get tweaked by South Carolina folks for being overconfident about the SC-Georgia game, I’m amused to find this season I’m getting dissed for poor mouthing.


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“We just need to do what it takes to win.”

For all of Gus Malzahn’s offseason blathering about balance, it sounds like balanced means whatever works.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But I will say, from what little I’ve seen of Auburn’s offense this season, that Nick Marshall doesn’t look any more polished as a passer than he did last year.  Johnson, his backup, is far better at throwing.  So what does Gus do if he runs into a defense that actually has success slowing Auburn’s running game down?


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So it’s come to this.

The downside of Chantastic is revealed in an email sent out yesterday by the athletic department to Georgia season ticket holders:

From: ugatickets@sports.uga.edu

Sent: Monday, September 8, 2014 8:44 PM

Reply To: ugatickets@sports.uga.edu

Subject: UGA vs. Georgia Tech Football Tickets



Dear Hartman Fund Contributor,

Georgia Tech has returned a limited quantity of tickets priced at $90 each for the game scheduled for Nov. 29th. We are extending the offer for you to purchase up to 4 tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contractual agreements stipulate that, for home events, schools may charge visiting teams the ticket price our patrons pay at the visiting team’s stadium. The visiting school may return unsold tickets to the home school. Those tickets are to be sold at the face value that is charged to the visiting team.

The returned tickets that are available will be located in the 600 level of Sanford Stadium.

If you are interested in purchasing Georgia Tech tickets at $90 each, please click on the link provided below beginning at 10:00 am Tuesday (Sept.9th) or call the Ticket Office at 1-877-542-1231.

That is sad, folks.  Be prepared for a rash of stories on the Hive and Stingtalk about how they’re so tired of being terrorized in Athens by 75-year old women cussing and throwing bottles of urine at them that they’re no longer willing to make the trip.

It’s a rivalry game, Jackets.  Act like it.



Quite a few ticket returns there.


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