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Shoot yourself in the foot until you run out of bullets.

I can’t say for sure that the Gamecocks deserved the win, but Georgia sure as hell deserved to lose.


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Into the belly of the chicken

I’m getting ready to head out to Columbia, rain gear in tow.  It’s my first trip there since 1988, which may still rank as the hottest football game I’ve ever attended.

I’m hoping that “Sandstorm” doesn’t get burned into my brain.

Consider this your invite to a game day thread in the comments section.



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Final thoughts on Georgia-South Carolina

Randomness, in no particular order:

  • Woody Allen’s famous quote that “eighty percent of success is showing up” keeps running through my head.  It’s important for Georgia to show up today, mentally and emotionally.  One thing you have to say about last season was that the team learned a lot about fighting through adversity to stay in a game.  You have to hope that’s a lesson that’s carried over in the event that South Carolina and its home crowd get some early momentum.
  • The other part of the mental aspect for today is that I think the bye week gave the staff and the players the chance to reset after the Clemson win.
  • A fifty percent chance of rain in Columbia could make the jobs of two vulnerable secondaries even tougher.
  • What makes Steve Spurrier more desperate – losing to Georgia as a general proposition, or being buried in the SEC East race after three weeks?
  • I still can’t figure out how the chess game between the four coordinators plays out.  On the one hand, both offenses want to put the ball in the hands of their best respective players, both of whom are tailbacks.  But the defenses will probably be stacked to clog up the running game.  On the other hand, those shaky secondaries sure look tempting.
  • You know, if opponents refuse to kick off directly to Gurley, that kind of does away with the whole “don’t risk getting your best player hurt on special teams” concern.
  • I hope Brendan Douglas gets to use his shoulder today.
  • I also hope Richt lets Isaiah McKenzie return another punt today.
  • It’s a shame Mitchell and Scott-Wesley aren’t part of the game plan, but Georgia can survive that.
  • Given the coverage skills South Carolina’s linebackers have displayed in their first two games, I’m keeping an eye on Jay Rome today.

If the Dawgs can avoid turnover problems, I like their chances.  I do think there will be some scoring – both secondaries are going to give up yards and points – so I’m thinking something like Georgia 31 South Carolina 24.

And you?


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It’s not just how much you run…

in the Georgia-South Carolina series.  It’s how well you run, too.

In the last nine meetings, Georgia averages 4.3 yards per carry in wins against South Carolina and just 3.8 yards per carry in losses. The Gamecocks, meanwhile, average 4.6 yards per carry in wins; 3.4 in losses. The team that cracks 4.0 yards per carry wins.

It’s worth noting that last year South Carolina averaged 6.3 yards per rush, but still lost.  (Georgia averaged 4.3 ypc.)  So it’s better just to say that the winning team averages over four yards a pop on the ground.

In any event, Georgia needs to run the ball well.


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That’s some dry spell you got there.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of ways that Tennessee’s current run of futility can be categorized.  Take this:

Tennessee is just 2-28 against ranked opponents since the start of the 2008 season, with wins over a ranked South Carolina team in 2009 and 2013. In that time the Vols have had just one winning season — 7-6 in 2009 — and are 33-41 overall under four different coaches.

Tennessee has not beaten a top-five foe since beating then No. 4-ranked LSU in 2005.

Mike Hamilton was the bomb.

Oh, and good luck in Norman today, fellas.


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Saturday morning buffet

A pre-game buffet for your dining pleasure.


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