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“Certainly, now is not the time to start pointing fingers and looking at external factors.”

You think Georgia has issues?  Troy blew not one, but two fourteen-point leads and lost at home to a Football Championship Subdivision team.


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The hits just keep on coming.

Nick Chubb goes down.

Chubb had surgery on his left thumb at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens on Monday. According to Lavelle Chubb, Nick’s mother, doctors inserted surgical screws to repair a fracture that Chubb suffered in practice this past week.

He’ll miss the Troy game, maybe more.

Funny to say this, but it could be the big break Keith Marshall’s looking for.



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No time for tailgates

Tennessee game will be a nooner, on ESPN.


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“I’d rather deal with the heat than with football schedules.”

Ah, the social niceties and the South

For Younker, an Alabama fan like her fiance, the answer was simple: Wed Brandon Cutts on June 20, 2015, before football begins. That way, guests won’t have to decide whether to attend a game or the wedding; she won’t have to miss a game to get married; and a student dressed as Big Al — who will appear at a wedding in his Crimson Jersey for a $400 fee — can appear at the wedding for photos.

And, as a bonus, Younker won’t have to cope with the in-season passions of her mom’s family, who are Tennessee fans; her dad’s family, which pulls for South Carolina; and her brother, who attends Auburn.

Here’s the story of a wedding planner who earned her stripes.

Professional wedding planner Kavonda L. Rogers of Montgomery said “World War III” nearly broke out a few years ago when a bride settled on a wedding date not realizing it was the same day as the South’s oldest football rivalry game, Auburn-Georgia.

“It was intense. People were saying, ‘No, you have to move the wedding. You can’t do this,'” said Rogers.

The solution: Rogers arranged for a big-screen television to be turned on in a room right off the reception area. At game time, most of the men left the reception to huddle around the TV.

Someone in Montgomery who’s blissfully ignorant of the Georgia-Auburn game?  Sacrilege.


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What sucks the most about Saturday night’s loss.

Mark May is an ass.  He was born that way.  He’s spent his whole life enhancing his ass skills.  He shows them off to a national audience on a daily basis.  He’s a worthless talking head.

Yet I can’t disagree with a single word of this.

ESPN’s Mark May was critical also on Saturday night for Georgia calling faking a bootleg play with Mason instead of just feeding the ball to Gurley: “Why are using him as a decoy? Why are you trying to run a boot there? Mark Richt, you’re the head coach. Mike Bobo, you’re the offensive coordinator, that’s the worst offensive play call of the season by far. You had a situation where you hand the ball to Gurley. First-and-goal at the 4-yard line. You hand it to him again and again and again until you score and take the lead.”

Just shoot me.


UPDATE:  In the interest of fairness, I present Cory Brinson’s rebuttal.  Although, in further fairness, the best defense he can muster up is that it wasn’t as bad a call as Mark May made it out to be.


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Fabris Invitational results, Week 3

9-1 topped the list again.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 Valley Dawg Adj 9-1 9   10-34**
1 Scubadawg Adj 9-1 9   17-44

Congrats to Valley Dawg for winning the tiebreaker.

And on the season, we’ve got a three-way tie at the top.

Selection Name
1 BR Dawg 21-9 21
1 Scubadawg 21-9 21
1 Turfman25 21-9 21



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SEC Power Poll, Week 3

We’re starting to get some better data for evaluation, and this coming week should really start filling in the blanks.  For right now, though, the West looks like it’s way ahead of the East.

  1. Texas A&M.  The Aggies are +122 in scoring margin, still with the most impressive conference win in their pocket, so first they’ll stay this week.
  2. Alabama.  Mississippi State beat Southern Miss worse, so I wouldn’t read much into the result.  The question will be how much to read into the Florida result.
  3. Auburn.  Intriguing trip to Kansas State Thursday night.
  4. LSU.  The Tigers’ defense isn’t giving up any points lately.
  5. Ole Miss.  Sure, they haven’t played anybody decent yet, but they’re pounding their opponents.  Isn’t that what good SEC West teams are supposed to do?
  6. Missouri.  In the second half, Mizzou put away a UCF team that made Penn State struggle.  In the SEC East, that’s good enough for the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Georgia.  Forget it, Mark.  It’s Columbia.
  8. South Carolina.  Spurrier worked his Georgia voodoo again.  But the ‘Cocks remain last in the conference in defensive scoring, and if that doesn’t get fixed soon, there are more losses coming.
  9. Mississippi State.  Yeah, the Bulldogs are undefeated.  But here’s what’s coming up in their next three games:  at LSU, TAMU and Auburn.  I’m just getting a little ahead of the curve here.
  10. Florida.  Hey, the Gators are leading the East this morning.  That’s not gonna last long.
  11. Arkansas.  Back-to-back wins, baby!  The running game was impressive, but the secondary holding Texas Tech to 252 yards passing was even more so.
  12. Tennessee.  Played respectably on the road against a very good Oklahoma squad.  Respectably isn’t the same thing as well, mind you.
  13. Kentucky.  You can’t really have a moral victory without being screwed by SEC officiating, ‘Cats.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Three games into the season, the Commodores have already played four quarterbacks.  Yikes.


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