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Big Urnge Number

Georgia opens as a 19-point favorite over Tennessee.  Too much?


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Fun with Week 4 numbers

Sure, the sample size could be bigger, but there’s still interesting stuff to glean out there.

Also interesting is that the power rating stats in several different places seem to put a higher value on Georgia than the pollsters do right now.

The computers don’t matter any more, of course, so you have to wonder how much the selection committee is going to rely on the human polls in making its calls.


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How do you know you’re on a hot seat?

When they’re writing stuff like this about you, Agent Muschamp.

For Florida, it was a 42-21 loss to Alabama on Saturday. For Gators Coach Will Muschamp, it was a missed opportunity to dig himself out of the Zook Zone.

That’s not a comparison you want to be hearing.


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Observations from the arm chair, Sacking of Troy edition

While the loss to FCS Abilene Christian gave me a hint that this year’s Troy team wasn’t very good, I wasn’t prepared for exactly how bad Troy is.  Even a mediocre squad manages to put something on the board with a first offensive series like we saw yesterday.  Instead, it wound up being nothing more than a third of Troy’s offensive yardage on the day wasted.  When that’s the high point of your game, it’s been a long day.

So just presume that the phrase “Yeah, I know it was against Troy, but…” prefaces every bullet point.

  • So much for working out the kinks in the passing game.  Georgia’s first drive of the game was all runs.  Mason only threw eleven passes before calling it a day.  Given how wretched Troy’s run defense is, can you blame Bobo for doing so?  I can’t.
  • Sony Michel for Heisman!
  • Does Greg Pyke get credit for a fat guy touchdown?
  • J.J. Green, we hardly knew ye’.
  • The secondary still has plenty of kinks to work out, although play seemed to tighten up as the game went along.  They did get timely stops when they needed them.  If Tennessee had a stout offensive line, I’d be really depressed about next week.
  • Nice pick, Tramel Terry.
  • Loved the Wildcat with Sony Michel and Isaiah McKenzie.  Kudos to Bobo for creating ways to get his speed players involved.  And that will give the Vols something to think about.
  • I am willing to concede at this point that true progress is being made with Georgia’s special teams.  ‘Bout damned time.
  • I’m sure Pruitt wanted the shut out, but he didn’t pull a Grantham and leave the starters in until the bitter end to get it.  I got lost trying to keep up with all the substituting taking place.
  • ‘Atta boy with the strip, Rico Johnson.  Good to see the renewed emphasis on creating turnovers on defense paying off.
  • Quarterbacks:  Hutson was his usual efficient self.  He threw a good ball to Shakenneth Williams for a big gain, along with a couple of touchdown passes (very nice one to Towns).  Oh, and no picks for the third straight game.  As long as he’s got a killer running game going, that’s good enough.  Ramsey’s got an arm, doesn’t he?  Although he still doesn’t always look like he knows what to do with it.  But that long completion to Conley was flat-out gorgeous.  Bauta looks comfortable running the offense, had some nice runs, but clearly doesn’t have Ramsey’s upside.  Overall, it was encouraging.
  • It was almost unfair to unleash Brendan Douglas against Troy’s backups.  But it was nice of Richt to keep Gurley on the sidelines for three and a half quarters.
  • Keith Marshall isn’t 100%.  I get that.  But would it kill the offensive linemen to block a little better for him?

Bottom line, they washed some of the bad taste out of their mouths from last week’s disappointing loss.  Yesterday was a good place to start beginning preparations for the Tennessee game.  Even though it was only Troy.


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Nobody will remember this in December.

Pac-12 refs could teach their counterparts in the SEC a few things about ineptitude… if that’s what this is.

I’m sure that Oregon fighting for a spot in the playoffs had nothing to do with the non-call there.  Bet Mike Leach really wished for his officials’ post-game presser idea to have been a reality last night.


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Buddy, we’ve been trying to tell you.

Emmitt Smith’s had all he can stands, until he can’t stands no more.

It’s amazing how much of the media gets sucked every year into believing Driskel’s a top-flight quarterback.


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