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Jimbo Fisher is a funny guy.

Oh, wait… you were serious about that?


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Mark Dantonio has a dream of how to settle it on the field.

It’s a dream of an America where only one SEC team is allowed to qualify for college football’s playoff.  Nobly phrased, of course.

“My vision is that you should be the champion of your league before you can be the champion of the country. That would be my vision if I was doing it. It might not happen like that.”

It won’t, Mark.  Be patient, though.  When the playoffs expand to an eight-team field, that’ll probably be large enough to accommodate a Big Ten school.



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Even for Spurrier, it’s better to match wits when you win.

The OBC’s serve…

… got returned with a smash from Sumlin for the winner.

Proving that, indeed, sometimes it’s better to suffer in silence.


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Throw Driskel from the train.

Boom ponders the unpossible.

Everyone it seems is ready for a new face at quarterback after three-plus seasons of Driskel at the controls. Even Driskel’s most important supporter, coach Will Muschamp, admitted he thought about turning to true freshman backup Treon Harris during Saturday’s rout.

“I did [consider a change], but Jeff gives us the best opportunity right now,” Muschamp said after the game.

Sounds like the sphincters are tightening in Gainesville.


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Majoring in delusion at Second Chance U

I mentioned the other week hearing rumors that Auburn was recruiting former Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor.  Well, it sounds like shit’s gettin’ real now.

While his legal issues have yet to be resolved, Taylor is currently on the road to redemption at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson, Miss.

According to 247Sports, he is being recruited by Auburn, LSU and Louisville. He unofficially visited LSU on Saturday and will “probably” visit Auburn this weekend for the Louisiana Tech game.

“Redemption” is such an amorphous term for a guy who believes – nay, knows – he’s a good guy.  After all, it’s not him, it’s us:  “I just feel like everybody has the wrong impression of me right now.”

Gee, I wonder how that happened.


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“We haven’t beaten ‘em since I’ve been here, so that’s the main goal.”

In a fitting metaphor for the current state of Tennessee football, A.J. Johnson relates how one of his career highlights was observing his teammates’ excitement in a game they lost.


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How can you mend a broken team?

How can a loser ever win?

Florida’s players sound like they are starting to think about last year’s collapse. That needs to change, immediately. They talked about last season being “buried” but it sounds like the ghost is coming out of the grave.

Linebacker Jarrad Davis in the locker room after the loss walked around to talk to teammates and remind them the season’s just started, that Florida can still do great things.

“I tried to go around and tell guys to keep their heads up, this is only one game,” Davis said. “we have more opportunities this season. So we don’t need to take this as detrimental to the Florida Gators’ success this year. I feel like a lot of guys were down and it kind of reminded me a little bit of last year.”

Last year, Florida never adjusted and injuries piled up along with seven straight losses. If the Gators don’t adjust this time, Muschamp won’t keep his job and the intense heat will escalate each week.

Asked how Florida’s players can keep from getting down and feeling sorry for themselves like they did last year, Davis started to respond then stopped.

“That’s a tough question,” he said.

You get the feeling these Gators are one loss to Tennessee away from the wheels coming off the wagon.


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Guess who’s coming to Athens.

Be still, my heart.

“SEC Nation”, the pregame show modeled after ESPN’s “College GameDay” and aired on SEC Network, is coming to town for the No. 12 Bulldogs’ Sept. 27 matchup against Butch Jones’ Volunteers. Like “College GameDay” last year, “SEC Nation” will set up shop in Myers Quad on the University of Georgia campus. Joe Tessitore, Marcus Spears, Paul Finebaum, Kaylee Hartung and former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will co-host the show, which will air from 10 a.m. until the game kicks off at noon on ESPN.

That’s a target rich environment, students, so I expect some good signage.


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The next step past four tickets, four hot dogs, four Cokes

That was dumb enough that Michigan was forced to issue a statement that the promotion was the result of a “miscommunication”.  But the school is still honoring the deal for those folks who bought tickets drinks.

As long as Big Ten Network ratings are good, though…


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Dawg of the week

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s Leonard Floyd, hands down.

“Once you come to Georgia, you already hate Tennessee,” Floyd said.

That is not the sound of a man ready to take the day off.


UPDATE:  shows us why Floyd is licking his chops.


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