Inside the Clemsoning

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to say that going 9 on 11 with your goal line defense isn’t likely to be a successful strategy very often.


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4 responses to “Inside the Clemsoning

  1. Brandon

    I was driving and didn’t watch the game, did the talking heads pick up on that or were they showing Winston on the sidelines and gushing about a gritty FSU team toughing out the win without him?


  2. JP

    We went 10v11 against Clemson on the goal line two plays in a row – one was after a time out. And, no, it wasn’t a successful strategy for us either.


  3. ChunkyA

    Well…maybe Clemson thought it was a good idea since the Dawgs played 10 against them on CU’S first touchdown drive this year…2 plays in a row….With a timeout in between. Of course, Clemson scored a touchdown…on us just like FSU scored on them….but it helps you understand a bit of the reasoning behind taking the final snap of the game from shotgun when you only need a foot.


  4. ChunkyA

    Crap…didn’t read the other comments before I posted…sorry to repeat your JP