This one’s for the optimists.

Brian Fremeau pegs Georgia’s chance to win today at 97.1%, calls for a final score of 36-12.


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  1. And the noted svengali Phil Steele likes the Dawgs at 41-17. So everyone, just chill like Snoop-G would.


  2. Juan

    Hopefully after today you have realized stat dumping, etc. isn’t the reason we all started reading this blog. Somewhere along the way you’ve really lost focus. Stats and computer projections mean JACK SHIT.

    Noon kickoff, QB with an 8th grader’s arm, and the coaches walking in with what looked like zero offensive game plan leads to the predictable showing we saw today. You used to see all this too, Senator.

    We are not a good football team.


    • uglydawg

      Juan, I actually believe Georgia played about as badly as they can and Tennessee played about as well as they can. These things happen every week to some team and if you survive…which Georgia did today, it can be a great thing to build on. The Senator didn’t have any more to do with the way the game went than you and I do. If Georgia can get a few players back (and they are..this week ) it will help the offense a lot..and take some pressure off of the defense. The defensive line played well. There were too many penalties (Gurley’s spike was costly) and turnovers and little mistakes all around. Any improvement at all will be greatly noticed, appreciated and expected. It’s a win. Let’s go root for Mizzou to beat SC.


  3. Juan

    Oh and when is it time to stop mocking “Bert”? Looks like he has built an identity in less than 2 yrs at Arkansas. A Richt led team hasn’t had an identity since Van Gorder left.

    Today was one of the most embarrassing wins in a long time.


  4. … and so much then for noted svengalis!