One school’s dismissal is another school’s second chance.

Round up the usual suspects.

Junior defensive back Sheldon Dawson is no longer a part of Georgia’s team.

UGA coach Mark Richt announced Monday that the Bulldogs had parted ways with Dawson, a 5-foot-11 player from Memphis, Tenn.

A source close to the situation has indicated to Dawgs247 that Dawson’s departure was as a result of a dismissal from the team for rules violations.

Dawson was reached by cell phone while Georgia’s team was practicing Monday and declined to comment on the situation.

Give him a week and he’ll be able to talk about his travel options.


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70 responses to “One school’s dismissal is another school’s second chance.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man….it just never seems to stop, does it.? At some point I hope we will wind up with kids who really want to play football at Georgia.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Isn’t he the player that gouged some one’s eyes as a freshmen?


  3. Skint

    Go back and look at the last 3 yrs and see what our attrition is. Remarkable. Then, look at who has not contributed or has contributed very little. There is 25-27 over a 3 yrs. That is on the head coach.


    • Dolly Llama

      Uh … what?


    • Cosmic Dawg

      Oh no, not solely the head coach. It’s also Society, The Man, Professors, Cops…listen, everybody is against these kids. Did you hear what that professor did to Trigga? That was some bs, man.

      Nobody believes in them – you got haters, doubters, all trying to make them fail before it is Their Time. Before they get their chance to Shock The World.

      The World, man. That includes shocking New Zealand, shocking Ghana, shocking the living — out of Greenland, and all the other countries that didn’t believe in them.

      People say CMR chooses only to recruit bad kids that all the other programs won’t touch, except the twenty-five or so kids with all the other little major program helmets by their names. But forget that, Richt turns them bad with all his too much / not enough / wrong kind of punishment.

      We need to ask ourselves – when you go to the stats, who is really underperforming, here – Dawson or Richt?


    • Dawgfan Will

      Bullshit. You don’t like the guy? Fine. But don’t hang the decisions of 20-year-olds at his doorstep. We weren’t the only program recruiting these kids. We’re just the only one that won’t put up with their crap just to keep them on the field.


  4. Timphd

    My money is on Louisville.


  5. Does anyone know the details? This really seems to have come from left field.


  6. 81Dog

    and suddenly, AU has a new candidate for its starting QB next year.


  7. 202dawg

    At this point Delta needs to non-stops from Athens to Louisville and Auburn…


  8. He was upset about not getting PT when his competition is walk ons and freshmen and Damian Swann. Some don’t handle this very well.


  9. Bright Idea

    This kid only touched the field by default. He got toasted deep by Tech last year. By Tech by God!


  10. Americus Dawg

    This attrition in the defensive backfield reminds me of an early 80s Queen song.


  11. He wasn’t going to contribute much, anyway. Too bad, but the upside is Pruitt gets another spot to fill as he so chooses.

    Sorry to say it, and there are a few exceptions (current players we can’t afford to lose), but I’ll swap a Grantham player for a Pruitt player all day long. And the ones we can’t afford to lose aren’t going to get kicked off the team, anyway.


    • CannonDawg


      You don’t need lots of rules, but enforce the ones you have. And if the players can’t live by the rules (and it’s entirely their choice, is it not?), then register their bad choices by promptly kicking their asses off. I may differ with CMR on certain coaching-related matters, but this isn’t one.


  12. HVL Dawg

    Would Jamison still be a Dawg?


  13. Bulldog Joe

    I would be happy if we never find out what the reason is.

    Some things are better handled internally.


  14. @gatriguy

    The cancer that was growing on this team from last year’s secondary is unreal. I think Matthews was the ringleader and corrupted the whole bunch. I know Lakatos was canned basically the second he could be, but wtf was Grantham coming back for? It’s looking more and more that they were out of control.


    • Juan

      Man, it’s just crazy how the cancer keeps coming back every few years…even though we keep changing DCs, the culture, etc.

      Maaaaaaaybe it’s something else. Just maybe…

      Maybe there is a huge difference between teaching / coaching one to be disciplined and disciplining a player.

      Oh and maybe our head coach is the only coach in Div-I football that would also continue on with Hutson Mason as his starting QB.

      I feel so bad for Bennett, Conley and especially Gurley (whose having his NFL career shortened each weekend).


      • CannonDawg

        “Oh and maybe our head coach is the only coach in Div-I football that would also continue on with Hutson Mason as his starting QB.”

        Have yet another beer.


        • greeneggboy

          Hah. His non sequitur blathering exposed his intoxication. “Mark Richt and Hutson Mason, blah, blah, rabble!” Grab me a beer while your up, Juan! +1


      • Cousin Eddie

        Maaaaybe Richt and Strong are the only coaches that care enough to expect the players to follow rules that people with jobs have to follow on a daily basis.


      • South FL Dawg

        Maaaaaybe it’s a function of college football rosters turning over every year.


    • The cancer that was growing on this team from last year’s secondary is unreal. I think Matthews was the ringleader and corrupted the whole bunch.

      Yeah, I think so too. After cancer metastasized around ’07, it was about to spread again. That’s the primary reason I thought the team was headed down the toilet after the Bowl game.

      We should all be thankful that Pruitt is not laying off the treatment. Like the previous 3 DB’s, I won’t miss this one at all. It’s a good thing long term. After Wiggins left, some of us thought there may be one or two more. There may still be another 1 or 2.

      I know Lakatos was canned basically the second he could be, but wtf was Grantham coming back for?

      Maybe he had no intention of coming back, if he could help it. We’ll likely never know.

      It’s looking more and more that they were out of control.

      No question about it, in my mind. We were headed south and it could have carried Richt with it. Either the coach is going to be in control, or the players will be in control. Over 9 seasons, we saw what happens when the coach is not in control.

      Again, thanks to Pruitt for standing strong. Any player that follows his lead is going to be a better player than they would have been otherwise.


  15. Coondawg

    Heard it was due to a “heated argument” he had with Coach Pruitt.
    Gotta give the guy credit. If you don’t put it all on the line….he won’t play you. That means he will sit you down and play the trumpet soloist if need be. But… evil and how hated would Pruitt be if he left after this year…..I mean, he would be hated worse than Lane Kiffin after he unloads our defensive backs and then high tails it to another gig.


  16. Gene Simmons

    na na na na na na na na na na na na na
    hey hey hey


  17. Thank the good Lord for Todd Gurley. No DB’s? No problem. A QB with no arm? No problem. No WR’s? No problem. The sad part of this story is Gurley’s college career will be filled with Outback Bowls and Citrus Bowls. All the things college players dream of. One day…one fine day we will stop wasting all of this talent. It might not be tomorrow, or even next year. But it will happen.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Because you know what is going to happen? You know these things? Herschel Walker carried an average team to greatness and Gurley can, too. Dooley got 34 to come to Athens and knew how to utilize him. Same with Richt and Gurley. You can’t bash a coach for one thing and not give him credit for the other.


    • Mayor

      Everybody has forgotten about AJ Green, but he was a once in a generation talent at WR at Georgia whose talent also was basically wasted. Not to mention all the D-linemen and LBs who are or were in the NFL after leaving Georgia.


    • paul

      Without getting into all the finger pointing, because I do not know enough to say who is responsible for what. It is sad that here we have the single most talented running back in America along with probably the most talented group of ball carriers anywhere and we’ve basically got nothing else. The offense can score 35 or 40 points and it might not be enough.


  18. I smoked it

    Dude, I’m on a boat.


    • Lrgk9

      Just like everybody else, these young men, who happen to play ball and receive a quality education as well need to engage in rigorous self examination. 90 % of my, your, and their problems are in the mirror.

      Hard and inexorable lesson for each of us. Some old Greek dude once said something about an unexamined life and it applies to Everyman, including invincible immature kids.

      Very difficult to help those kids to grow if they won’t ‘buy in’ and ‘get it’; we have a place for ‘ALL’ of them – Auburn, Louisville, LSU.


    • paul

      I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.