‘Let it rip’

I hope we’re not about to see a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

“I can just rip it more,” Mason said. “Sometimes there’s stuff I’m seeing and it may not be wide open. But at the end of the day you’ve just gotta give your guys a better chance.”

Is it just me, or is there a faint echo of “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…” in there?

Vanderbilt is next to last in the conference in defensive passer rating, in case you’re wondering.


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36 responses to “‘Let it rip’

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    I will drink that kool aide, thanks Conley!

    Maybe Huston Manson has truly been tentative because of the routes the youngins’ have been runnin’? Maybe.


  2. frowertr

    “Gunned by everyone”???

    Does that mean all the QB’s are airing it out more than normal at practice?


  3. Bulldog Joe

    OK I admit it. I was afraid to click on the defensive passer rating link to see who was last in the SEC.


  4. greeneggboy

    Senator, are you really galvanizing the readership with more Mason bait at 8:30? I was going to read a book.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    Let ‘er rip!……………210 yards passing


  6. Wow. Exactly what I’ve been hoping for the last several days. Awesome. If there’s no arm issue, it’s got to help.

    Credit to Bobo, Richt, and Mason.


  7. Juan

    Hilarious. The players are trolling the media / fans.

    Hutson “letting it rip” HAHAHAHAHAHA


  8. Mike Cooley

    If they are trolling the fans then this is brilliant.

    Otherwise, what have they been waiting on?

    And Tennessee Dawg wins.


  9. Paul

    I think Dean Wormer was wrong. Fat, drunk and stupid is the way to go. I think I’ll start now.


  10. The good thing is that most of the talk this year has actually panned out. The bad thing…well I’ve shared my thoughts on that. Lol! Hopefully something magic happens with the return of Wesley and Mitchell though I don’t know how to expect much when they just returned to practice. Hopefully getting them back up to speed won’t hinder our passing game any more than it already is. Maybe Mason can hit Mitchell on one of those 3 yard passes that goes for 80 and a TD.


  11. Not to be a debbie downer, but I am hesitant to sip the cool aid here. I am a little worried as the Senator noted that the cure could easily be worse than the disease. I seem to remember Joe Cox not being afraid to sling it around like he was playing backyard ball and that didn’t always work out for us. And according to some on this board, Cox had better overall physical tools than Mason.

    I will not look to Vandy as proof that anything has changed anymore than I would look atthe Falcons victory over the Buccaneers as proof that their defense was worth two sticks in a pile of dog sh&^t


    • Coz was clueless in running the offense. He had a gunslinger mindset with a game manager’s arm.

      I can’t wait to hear everyone crucify Bobo and Mason if he throws an interception down the field on Saturday by saying, “Just give the ball to Gurley.”


      • Normaltown Mike

        “Cox was clueless in running the offense”

        I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Washaun Ealey was a dreadful pass blocker (Arkansas game) and made epic errors in critical situations (Kentucky also comes to mind) that cannot be overcome by the QB.

        If I recall, Joe often fell on the sword when it was apparent to all (except those Bobo hating idiots) that it was not his fault.


        • Macallanlover

          Fair points, all the problems those years weren’t at QB. Cox is used as the scapegoat because fans usually assign blame to coaches and QBs, they also get too much of the credit when everything is clicking.


        • That’s fair, but there’s no doubt Cox’s ego got him in trouble. There’s a reason Coxian is in the lexicon. In that UK game you mention, he threw a similar pick 6 to the one we all remember against USCe. He made mental errors all year long as a 5th year senior where the fans were calling for Richt to take the redshirt off Murray.


      • Brandon

        Agree that this criticism of Cox is unfair. Cox made some questionable decisions with the ball at times but he did not have a weak arm by any stretch, he threw a great deep ball. People need to go back and watch the Arkansas and SC games of 2009, we won those games because of Joe Cox. While “Coxian” is a lexicon term, so is “Ginja Ninja” also I think, at least it used to be. People have to remember also that Cox was saddled with a defense that was amongst the worst in Georgia history, he had to take risks a lot more than your David Greene’s and your Buck Belue’s.


        • You don’t need to have a great arm to throw a good deep ball. But you do to throw intermediate passes successfully.

          Cox didn’t have that kind of arm.


          • Brandon

            I’m saying he didn’t have a weak arm. Saying someone has a “weak” arm to me is saying that person’s arm was below average for a college quarterback, using that definition I don’t think Cox’s arm was weak, it was average, i.e. good enough to have been a very competent college quarterback IF he had better decision making. In a lot of ways Cox was very much like Bobo was as a QB in his (Bobo’s) first couple of years as a starter, erratic in his decisions, now when Bobo was a senior the light came on for him and he was a very good college quarterback. Not somebody with the physical attributes the NFL would look for but very good at the college level.


  12. sectionzalum

    watching the replay – especially in the 2nd half – it may be that the coaches were trying to coax Mason into going balls-out downfield. before the 2nd INT we threw a nice 10 yard out to Conley (which was carefully and not zippily thrown). the next play was the big sideline out to COnley that floated and was intercepted. so maybe it is reticence instead of confusion or vision (please, Lawd).

    the more i watch how Conley speaks and deflects criticism from others, the more i am impressed with him. think he had a couple steps if the ball had been aired out.


  13. This is just awesome. We have a QB with the arm of a pop gun who thinks he’s top gun material. Good Lord, please make it stop. Sometimes, well most of the time since 2006, this coaching staff makes it too friggin’ easy. Sure, why not, let’s air it out with this kid who has proven in live games that he is not capable of airing it out. It’s the same as Richt setting sail in a boat that has a hole in it and he already knows about. UGA football is unsinkable. Unsinkable I tell ya.


  14. 69Dawg

    Oh my over compensation is not always good. I’m sure we can grind the Dores into a fine powder with our power game. Let’s not go all pass happy just because the fans are restless.


    • uglydawg

      Honestly, I don’t care how we get hundreds of yards, just so we get them. The 80’s may be our fondest memories of Dawgball, and it was a decade of pounding the ball.. But unless you have an awsome O line, you will probably need to have a good passing game to keep defenses honest.


  15. sUGArdaddy

    Why in the world would we NOT want to air it out with these guys and get some reps? I’d love to see Hutson throw for 3 bills on Saturday and give Mizzou something to think about. Gurley just needs a little space. Right now, they’re pinching down on us, which is why we HAD to go shotgun and 31 personnel on saturday (3 WR, 1 TE), with the TE in the slot. When we went to the I with a TE off-tackle, they stuffed us. If that corner and those LBs get a little more worried about those WRs and Hutson, we’ll be trouble for just about everyone.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      We also had a tackle chain jerseys and play TE on Saturday. He wasn’t in there for his pass catching skills.


  16. Macallanlover

    If HM is not having arm issues this season, I am totally behind him being turned loose more in the passing game. Would love to see him tuck it up the fans’ butts that have been ridiculing him. If he does have a “dead arm” or structural problems, I hope they let the other two QBs turn it loose. We need more weapons going into the next few weeks of conference play, as great as Gurley is, he can not offset what we might give up. Let it rip this weekend boys, some of us need some higher octane Kool Aide before going to North Columbia and Little Rock!


  17. Jim

    Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, in my opinion. But with vandy we can probably overcome the disaster and understand what we are really dealing with and adapt from there

    I thought of the same cox/Norwood quote when I read the linked article this afternoon. Not open? Let er rip!!


  18. AusDawg85

    I hate Hutson Mason. Seriously. He should have quit and transferred when he had the chance. But no…he let Richt talk him into staying. How weak. He put in the hours of work, did what was expected, and earned the starter’s job. So now we’re stuck with him. And I hate him. He executed the game plan against Clemson, protected the ball, settled the nerves of the fresh faces in the huddle, and let the playmakers win the game. How dare he. Then when things fell apart against the Cocks, he purposely chose to make a mistake. Out of spite. Out of his secret hatred for us. I hate him. He hid during the Troy game, but his true self showed against the Vols. He wanted to lose that game. He tried to lose that game. Gurley just wouldn’t let him.

    Now he’s trolling us loyal fans. He knows he’s going to choke it up against Vandy. Why not? Stafford and Murray did and they are loved by the objective Dawg faithful. But I hate him. I see what’s going on even if no one else does. Mason is evil and out to get us. You’ll see soon enough. Then you’ll hate him too.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Clearly, if people think he isn’t a good enough QB they think it’s a conspiracy and hate him. Of course.


      • AusDawg85

        Biggus…that’s BS. Quit whining. You’re a long timer here, not a troll and you know I’m calling-out the hyperbole and nonsense from some who have no clue other than to repeat what they’ve read elsewhere. Expressing an opinion about his capabilities is fair game. Denigrating him personally with ridiculous insults as many have done is trolling…and that’s trolling one of our own at that. Noodle-arm….head case…can’t throw 10 yards…can drink a beer while the ball is in the air…will never win…etc. Why rip on the kid that way?

        “Not good enough…” is your quote. Good enough for whom? Certainly he’s the best option identified by the coaching staff…you know, the guys responsible for the decision. So you’re making it personal…you’re the one calling him “not good enough”. Fine, that’s your opinion, but if…and I’m not calling you out on this point but merely pointing to others….if you use personal insults as well to back your “opinion” then yes…that’s hating. On a Dawg Player. Well done boys.

        You can be an adult and responsibly engage in the debate. Let’s say Mason does completely flounder. Fine to comment on how the pressure of being “the guy” may have gotten to him, or maybe he just couldn’t master the mechanics, etc. There’s no insult in critiquing and posting observations.

        What will be really interesting to see is what happens if Mason does “manage” the team to the SEC East title? Maybe with 2 losses, which is very possible. Will the insults still fly? Or the eggs?


  19. I think there is a disconnect in what the criticism is versus what they think the solution is. No one is suggesting that Hutson should take more chances down the field, except apparently the coaches. The critical fans, including myself, are saying that when he has a throw to an open receiver the ball hangs in the air forever. There just isn’t enough zip on it. It seems like hesitance would cause the QB to put more velocity on his throws, not less. If you aren’t sure a guy is open, why would you lob it in his direction? If you see a small window, you try to gun it in there, a la Stafford.

    There has only been one pass this year where I thought he “let it rip” and that was on a dig route to Bennett (iirc) vs Tennessee. That pass was well-thrown. If he would throw all of his passes like he threw that one, he would receive much less criticism. I’m still not certain he can drive the ball down the field the way Bobo needs to operate his offense at full capacity, but I think it can be effective enough with a guy like Gurley in the backfield. When you throw it, throw it like you mean it. If it’s not an arm strength problem, prove it.


  20. W Cobb Dawg

    HM is gonna do a Darryl Lamonica/mad bomber impression. This will be interesting.


  21. Charles

    Mason got away with a few that should have been picks even prior to the UT game. I’m not convinced having more of a let-er-rip attitude is going to turn out well.