Vanderbilt: first key

This is pretty stark.


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  1. They are almost dead last in the FBS in Passing YDS/Rushing YDS/Pts for/Pts Against. In the SEC…well you probably already know.



    So you’re saying there is a chance we win….

    I hope we cover the spread so folks won’t bitch and moan all week.


  3. charlottedawg

    I thought you said you’d learned your lesson about predicting easy Georgia wins after the Tennessee game senator.


  4. Mary Kate Danaher

    But doesn’t Vandy always give UGA it’s best shot?


  5. I have no doubt in our ability to run them out of Sanford. I also have no doubt in our ability to Georgia the Hell out of the game. I thought the Clemson game was a major turning point but it’s turned out to be the exception to the rule.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    I just want to beat Vanderbilt in something.

    Lost last year in football.
    Lost 5 in a row in baseball.
    Lost 9 in a row in basketball.
    We even have an active losing streak against them in men’s tennis.

    Saturday will be a good time to start the turnaround.


  7. BR Dawg

    If any team can make this game closer than it should be its UGA.


  8. OK Bluto, how are they without Robinette?


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I like the way the schedule sets us up with vandy this week. Allows us time to build more momentum for the coming sec games – the next 4 are away and that will be a real test. Also like the 4 pm start and that its NOT on cbs. Another Troy-like win, that allows us to fix problems and give starters some rest, would be great.


  10. CannonDawg

    We can’t pass. We can’t defend against the pass. We can’t kick crucial field goals. We can’t playcall. We can’t manage the clock. We can’t manage a roster. We can’t manage a touchdown inside the ten-yard-line with the game on the line. We can’t play penalty-free ball. We can’t always manage to get 11 players on the field. We can’t stay healthy. We are helpless to do anything about the officiating bias. We are inexplicably, undeniably unlucky. We stink against ranked teams. Sometimes we stink against unranked teams. We can’t seem to recruit teen-age boys who will remain mistake-free for four (or so) years. Nobody respects us. Nobody’s afraid of us. Nobody loves on us (except our head coach, who loves on everybody).

    We are pathetic. We should get the hell out of the SEC and join the Sun Belt Conference. And fire everybody from McGarity to the grad assistants, including every swingin’ . . . oops, including everyone in Butts-Mehre.

    Vandy beats us by 10.

    (Nah, just kidding)


  11. 202dawg

    We’ll make Freebeck look like All-SEC. Bank on it…