A new way to pay for four hot dogs and four cokes

Of course Georgia Tech is doing this.  At least it’ll give all those game-playing kids something to spend their virtual earnings on.  And on Tech’s end, I’m sure everything will be just Chantastic.


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  1. Wow! Fits like a glove but I don’t think it’ll matter since all their fans are too busy traveling the world, making 6 figures, curing cancer and saving babies.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    I would bet dollars to doughnuts the cheat code for Georgia Tech bitcoins is “#THWG”.


  3. “Dateline, THE FLATS!” Furious 30’s-movie typing noises


  4. reipar

    I am desperate enough to try anything that promises even a remote possibility of speeding up the concession line at Sanford. Risks be damned!


  5. Will Trane

    How did GT beat VaTech…after all VaTech beats Ohio State in the horseshoe, and looked good doing it. Have not been to Tech in a longtime. Have seen the Jackets in Tallahassee a few times with some Nole buddies.
    Interesting break down by Cory Brinson at Bulldawg Illustrated. Some one called and said to check it out in light of the comments I had yesterday on GTP.
    Pointed out some of the words I used re HM were used by CB. I’m not a football follower like baseball. Note Brinson’s opening set. 11 UT players within LOS. So? Look at the Dawgs scheme. How tight can you line up Bobo with the running ability of the players you had going into the game. If he wanted to see if 2 former Dawg DC / position coaches would play, well he had his answer quick.
    8:26 3 & 8 incomplete to Williams…”hammer the throw”…like watch Williams all the way down the route while covered then throw, but not sure about the velocity on the ball…looked like a throw away after all he was committed to the throw from the snap.
    14:14 1 & 10 intercepted…of course it will be…watch his head, his progression, stops, and never moves to Rome [there is the TE eveybody looks for]…all the while the safety watches HM’s head and sees it stop on 2nd and he is already breaking on the ball while HM get sets to release.
    12:55 2 & 10 HM to Bennett…”20+ yd dig” – SEC caliber throw [think I use that word, too, re absence on HM]…but here is my concern…has a good release point and some torque [more on that word used by Brinson in a sec , one I usesd on HM yesterday] Bennett is sunning in the opening, praying the ball comes his way…that is how open he is re timing and space…but watch HM’s throw…notice how he drops the ball to his waist before he brings it up to release…that is a long windup even in baseball…likes like a lot of waster motion …equates to time and to distance for a recevier going down field + if squeezed are you going to get it up before a rusher gets it.
    Now to second interception and torque [used that word yesterday and I did not get the benefit of a film review to be posted a 0200 hours [ term we former Marine combat officers use and sometimes when we are picking cotton late into the early morning]. Brinson’s comments re his hips …”allow his hips to generate “more torque’ to complete throw…plus take a look at those 2 UT LB…note their heads and there lateral movement…flow to the play on an interception.
    4 years on the sideline and the headsets. Just cherry picking re makeup of a player. All make mistakes, but the QB touches the ball alot on the offensive side of the ball. What he does and how he does it [like 1st & goal on the 4 with time running down on the road for a victory over a big SEC oponent].
    Back to work behind the desk in a professional setting after all we have a few clients who are professional athletes.
    Side note…heard this on the road from a collegiate dugout…rave on cats–t, somebody will come by and cover you up.


  6. JRod1229

    I’m not gonna hate on them for accepting a payment that will quickly become the norm. 15 years ago this post (in a newspaper) would of said something along the line of “Tech using the new fangled internet thing to sell tickets”..

    It’s ok to accept technology.