Finally, some Florida ticket news

I notice that some of you keep wondering when the cutoff scores for Florida tickets will be announced.  Well, wonder no more.

Georgia versus Florida (determined 9/30)

  • Club Level: All donors who ordered with 62,001 priority points or higher will receive tickets.

  • Regular: All donors who ordered with 9,633 priority points or higher will receive tickets.

  • Florida tickets will mail by Monday, October 6th


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10 responses to “Finally, some Florida ticket news

  1. I’m seriously debating going this year. I couldn’t the last two(work and then a funeral) and were won.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Last year was 63,151 & 10,261 … Interesting that it went down … they must need more music.


  3. simpl_matter

    Are we home or away this year? You need to game-plan for that sun on the visitors’ side.


  4. MJ

    And all F/S who applied (and paid for them) got them.


  5. Argondawg

    UF loses against UT expect to see them light up on StubHub. Will the last gator fan supporting boom please kill the lights on your way out. It appears my hopes for Muschamp being coach for life at UF are fading quickly.


  6. Ginny

    I’ve had tickets three times. I’ve sold my tickets three times. We’ve won all three times I’ve sold my tickets. I’m torn.


  7. macon dawg

    Finally! Looking forward to it!


  8. Does the game in Jacksonville use electronic music or noise? Or do they just let the bands play?