Let it rip: lather, rinse, repeat?

Seth Emerson, from today’s chat:

The issue right now is confidence. That’s why the “let it rip” mantra is back – something that, by the way, Bobo said to Aaron Murray at a couple points in his career. And one of those was after the Vanderbilt game last year, when there also was no deep game because of the massive run of injuries at receiver.

Nobody is going to confuse Mason’s and Murray’s comparative arm strength.  Still, there was no question that Murray’s hesitancy in last year’s Vandy game allowed Stoop to compress his defense, because there was little concern Georgia was going to try to stretch the field.  That’s no different that what we’re worried about now.

Murray looked like a different quarterback in the first half of the Florida game, too.  Part of that was him getting injured skill position guys back and feeling more confident as a result.  But part of that was Bobo being aggressive with his play calls.  (Which burned Georgia’s offense in the second half due to poor execution.)

So there may be something to that phrase being tossed out.  Just sayin’.



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28 responses to “Let it rip: lather, rinse, repeat?

  1. William

    Sad to admitt, but this makes me feel better.


  2. Macallanlover

    Not Stoop in that case but the point is fair. The difference is the breakaway running game Mason has going for him that should help the passing game open up. Just hope we don’t stay bi-polar and go all run, then all pass, back and forth. I don’t challenge any specific play calls as a norm but I do feel we could mix the two better on drives this season. We will need to against the better defenses that loom later in the season.


  3. Castleberry

    Let it rip was the mantra around the Castleberry house for a while, too. Then I sharted…


  4. gastr1

    Well, again, on the arm strength issue, the announcers in the Tech game contended that according to the program MASON had the stronger arm of the two. And, in re-watching that game, he made some really strong throws that have been hard to find this year. Is he just trying to throw with more touch now? Or does that back-shoulder throw that he and the WRs can’t get together on require a touch he aspires to, but doesn’t have?


    • Ausdawg85

      ^This. Hell, on any given Sunday you see QB’s miss the back shoulder pass or the WR get out of position. It’s very reasonable to have concerns as a fan about whether the passing attack is going to get better, but the solution involves so much more than Mason. I just don’t get the angst, mindless speculation, false expertise and out-right trolling that’s been going on all over Dawg Nation this week. Especially after a win?!


      • Noonan

        “I just don’t get the angst, mindless speculation, false expertise and out-right trolling that’s been going on all over Dawg Nation this week.”

        This neatly sums up the internet in one sentence.


      • Cosmic Dawg

        Listen, I think it’s fine for us to analyze coaches decisions, argue over who should be starting, play calls, whatever. Few of us have been in the arena, but it is an “arena”, not a diary.

        Having just gotten around to listening to the Seth and Gentry show, I’m starting to get a little bit pissed about the fact that our fans haven’t rallied around Mason, who has indeed earned a measure of loyalty from us and has been more than servicable in his starts last year and his starts this year. It’s frankly a little thankless.

        I’m probably more annoyed that CMR and Bobo absolutely know they’re going to start Mason against Vandy and yet have been hesitant to come out in strong support of him. Even if that support only goes week to week, build the kid up a little so long as he’s your starter. Obviously Mason has a work ethic, he’s prepared, he wants to win, etc, etc – we’re not dealing with Garcia – why the heck would you want to place more doubt in his mind? It’s not like they can’t throw another QB in there if they change their mind.


  5. SC Dog

    I know it is hard for our experts to accept, but maybe, just maybe Coach Richt and Bobo know what they are doing and will get Mason straighten out. and to all the Doctors that have diagnose Mason’s arm, shame on you.


    • Debby Balcer



    • 81Dog

      that’s crazy talk. 😉


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Fine. And to all the shrinks that have peered into Mason’s psyche…we’ll played.


    • Atticus

      Its a good point. But then again, people said he knew what he was doing when he turned the defense over to Willie when “others” thought it was a big mistake and it was a colossal one. Same thing when everyone kept saying how bad the S&C was and the same point was made, that the coach knows better, but it turns out when Pruitt got here he said it was pathetic. Same thing with recruiting numbers, Pruitt keeps pushing him to sign more because our numbers the last few years have been like a self imposed probation. You have to be open to criticism when you haven’t won a conference title in 10 years and your record against ranked teams the last 6 years has been brutal. They are big boys they can handle it.


      • Hackerdog

        To be fair, Richt is an established expert on QB coaching. He’s always coached QBs. He’s not an expert at defense, or S&C. So his opinions on QBs carry more weight than his opinions on the nutrition program.

        Also, where did Pruitt criticize the S&C program? Are you interpreting his fast paced practices and his preference for smaller players as a knock on the program? If so, I don’t see that. If Grantham wants big guys, and Pruitt wants smaller guys, why does that mean the S&C program is deficient?


    • Cosmic Dawg

      I do get the “tough love” we’re hearing from Richt and Bobo – no crying in football, get out there and do your damn job. I just hope it’s the right thing to do with this kid.


  6. Dog in Fla

    The “let it rip” mantra is back – which can only mean that we’ll be “throwing heat,” “throwing cheddar,” “throwing gas,” and “humming it in there,” for good hard fastballs; “breaking one off,” for good off-speed balls; “pulling the string,” for good deceptive change ups/back shoulder throws and “pounding the zone,” and “getting ahead and staying ahead,” for no interceptions.


  7. All fair points but he’s been here a long time. I just don’t see some big turn around if it hasn’t happened by now. You don’t have to be a Dr or SEC coach to see him float passes. Doesn’t take an expert to see the obvious.

    Yeah…Murray struggled when guys went down but he also had the arm to get it to them when they played. Mason is floating intermediate passes. Again…maybe he’ll prove me wrong and his arm strength will return with the WRs but he hasn’t shown it this year. Only way I really see these guys helping is by breaking the short passes for big gains. I hope something happens because I think we’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t improve. I could choose to have faith based solely on words but, unfortunately, I chugged all my Kool aid after the Clemson game. It’s great to let it rip… unless the ability isn’t there. Then you just set yourself up for trouble. See the UT game.


    • So. IL Dawg

      He doesn’t have to possess a strong arm like Murray or Stafford. When we have deep threats that require double teams and extra attention down field, the underneath passing routes open up big time. So, he won’t have to throw bullets into tight windows. He’ll find Bennett and Conley on crossing patterns wide open. They can’t put 8 in the box to stop the run with MM and JSW split out wide. they’ll need 2 deep coverage and TG runs wild.
      We have to sit back and see how the offense looks against Vandy and Mizzou. With the return of the deep threat, it will only make TG that much more effective. It’s going to be fun to watch the offense. Now, I might need a drink when the defense trots on the field.


      • I agree but I also think we’re first gonna have to show we pose a deep threat before anyone is going to set up defense for it. Teams will continue to choke down on the run until the passing game gives them a reason not to. We haven’t even faced a good D yet. I don’t consider UT to have a good D and they did a decent job against our run til Gurley broke the long one. Though…good was still like 5 ypc. Lol.

        Right after halftime, I told my buddy they were doing a good job with our run and then I look on my phone and Gurley was averaging 5-6 ypc. Ha! Still…I don’t think 5-6 ypc is good enough in this conference unless we get more balance.

        I haven’t given up on Mason yet but I really think he has to show something this Saturday because Mizzou looks to have the best D we’ll face to this point.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Mizzou? Better than Auburn and Arkansas? Better, for that matter, than Florida? (although we will know more Sunday), and please, don’t quote numbers…show me tape.


      • CannonDawg

        “Now, I might need a drink when the defense trots on the field.”

        And another when it trots off. 🙂