Will the last defensive back in Athens please turn out the lights?

This is getting ridiculous.

I feel for ya’, Rico.  I really do.


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  1. A10Penny

    First and foremost, I sure hope he’s ok. Regarding the secondary, I wonder if we need Malcolm more on D than O.


  2. Saw this earlier and shoke my head. I’m not saying we seek these guys out but we seem to end up with more than our fair share of guys who don’t cut it for health or off the field issues. All the recent secondary stuff and then the mid 2000’s issues with OL and bum shoulders and all the crap in between.


  3. The other Doug

    I wish you the best in dealing with your medical issue Rico. Hopefully the coaches can find a place for you in the organisation to still have an impact.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Georgia now has, including walkons 14 dbs including safeties.

    Alabama, on the other hand, has 14 dbs including safeties

    Georgia Tech, of the ACC, has 20 dbs including safeties…obviously defensive backs are more engineering oriented than most positions.

    I have no idea what this means, since Georgia is favored by ESPN in the rest of its games, as is Bama, one would assume.

    Tech…ESPN is not sure Tech has football.


  5. Shame for the kid. I hate it for him. He has the talent to become a top SEC corner.


  6. I was wondering what was up. He was on the sideline Saturday but not in pads, and was jumping around and cheering like he was fine. Must be one of those “narrowing of the spine” type deals where he hasn’t necessarily gotten hurt yet, but the future risk is just too high. (Not saying I think that specifically is the medical issue, but something like that, more of an issue of future risk rather than current injury). I was so excited about him as a long term prospect, but can’t begin to imagine how heartbroken he is. Best wishes to him.


    • Cojones

      They said he had a neurological disturbance at practice that tipped them off. After exam from that incident, the shoe has fallen fast. He’s gotta be crushed. Hope he can get jacked up to pursue the degree he wants. If he needs any kind of help, he should get it.

      I’ll never forget the one school in all the nation and in pro ball that detected for a rare filling in of the heart by tissue that lessened the amount of blood volume pumped and that had caused the death of a SF Niners player. Not just FB players, but all athletes at UGA were tested. Ron Courson continues to lead sports medicine into the 21st century after having stopped the carnage of “spearing”.

      I couldn’t be prouder for Rico that Ron Courson is here and prouder still for my University.


    • Coastal Dawg

      He played Saturday. The 19 in sweats on the sidelines was Rumph.


  7. Macallanlover

    Hate that for us, hate it more for him although I am sure UGA will take care of his academic needs to get a degree. We are certainly snake bit. If I were a DB recruit, I would sign early just to make sure I got one of the many spots we have in the secondary. Great chance to play early, like now if you can speed up the enrollment process. Anyone know how many EEs we can take this year? We are going to have a huge class, with great talent if we can maximize the EEs in January. Good luck to you Rico!


    • You can have as many EE’s as you want, it’s just that only a certain amount can backcount to the prior year’s numbers. But you can bring in your entire class as EE’s if they all qualified. I think we can only backcount 4 this year. We signed 21 originally for 2014, but I’m assuming Park backcounted since he enrolled early. But then we added Ledbetter late, which put us back at 21. And I’m assuming the Hunter Atkinson signing still counts against our numbers even though he quit the team pretty quickly. And even tho Rico won’t count against the 85, I’m pretty sure he will still count against the 2014 signing class numbers. So that would give us a total of 29 spots in theory, but I don’t know where that stacks up against the overall cap of 85.

      I texted my dad after this news came out and told him that Pruitt has the easiest recruiting pitch out there right now for the top DB’s out there. Come to UGA, you WILL play right away, we don’t have any choice. 🙂


      • Macallanlover

        Thanks for the info. I thought it was more, that means we will come up short again starting out. Don’t know how they can limit anything that only takes you to the cap of 85. What would you make a rule that keeps you from getting to the legal number while excusing the “fudging” by teams who routinely over sign?


  8. I feel really bad for the kid. Clearly wants to play and is only a health issue holding him back.

    On an unrelated topic this is another explanation for our special teams coverage decline. We lose Sony, him, Marshall and have to keep a couple guys fresh in the second half and next thing you know we have guys on coverage teams that are just not as good. Hard to game plan around like that much like losing your skill players on offense.


  9. So it’s official now. Damn! I wish the best for him. I especially hate it because he seems like a good all around kid and had potential on the field, too. Glad to see the coaches, program and university stick by him.


  10. Can’t remember his name but we did the same for that RB from Cali who blew his knee up on kick return that time.


  11. Doggoned

    “I’m thankful we caught this condition when we did,” said UGA head coach Mark Richt. “Now we can help Rico transition to life after football. He will stay on scholarship through his graduation and we will assist him in finding employment through the P.O. (Paul Oliver) Network.”

    Hard not to like Mark Richt in situations like this.


  12. Croot

    Rumph wears 18