Just Trippin’

Hey, look who’s back on defense!

Here’s an intriguing thing: Brendan Langley is working with the defensive backs in warmups.

Langley started last season at cornerback, then switched to receiver after spring practice. He has yet to play this season there.

Georgia’s defensive back room took two hits this week, with the dismissal of junior Sheldon Dawson and the medical disqualification of Rico Johnson.

Necessity is a mother, and all that.


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16 responses to “Just Trippin’

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    DGD. I think with some good coaching he can be salvaged.


  2. SpaceStation

    Don’t you think it is an odd move by our coaches to send a highly touted high school CB in Langley (who already has a season of UGA experience at CB) to WR after spring practice and take a speedster recruited as a WR in Rico Johnson and move him to DB? Seems inefficient to me.


    • baddawg

      Seemed weird to me… I wish him the best though. A quality athlete in the secondary is a plus for us. I mean we look like a high school team. Gurley run, gurley kickoff run, gurley block, gurley pass… Why not gurley tackle or cover?!? Hahaha. Its crazy to me how much of a gamer he is. I hope the team builds off his confidence. The dude is all world!


      • “I mean we look like a high school team.”

        You probably would have said we look like a high school team in ’80-’82 when we would run Herschel 35-40 times a game. If Gurley weren’t getting the ball, you probably would be saying, “We have the best player in the country. Why doesn’t he get more touches?”

        Did Auburn look like a high school team in 2010 & 2013? They were the $Cam Newton show running what was a high school offense with Malzahn. They ran the single wing last year with Marshall and Mason. Does that lessen their 2010 national championship or their 2013 SEC championship?

        I want our coaches to do what they think is best to give the team the best chance to win now. Right now, that appears to be run the ball with a stable of running backs, minimize mistakes, play opportunistic defense, and win field position.


        • Patrick

          Great post.


        • McTyre

          Your embrace of a one-dimensional O could fatal if we run up against a stellar run D, TG gets hurt and/or our D doesn’t improve enough to keep good offense from getting too far ahead of us. OL has to do a better job keeping LBs off TGs legs at LOS. Modest Vandy DL yesterday freed up #35 time and time again to plug the hole and force TG to break tackles in the backfield. Gator and maybe even Mizzou and Aub Ds will force us to be more balanced.


          • Did I say I embraced a one-dimensional offense? No. We have to prove we can be balanced. But balance for balance’s sake is what drove many people nuts about Bobo early in his time as a play caller.

            We’re going to have to prove we can throw the ball, but I don’t want us slinging it all over the place if we don’t have to. What better way to protect our defense than to control the clock and field position than to run the ball and pass off play-action.


    • TNlogdawg

      He was a very good WR in HS. We are very short on seasoned WR’s next year. And the move was in spring before we lost so many DB’s…..Just saying


  3. aikendawg

    yeah spacestation glad to know that you are at practice everyday and can clearly see where BL needs to play. go back to the water cooler Monday and tell your buddies how much you really know about football because its quite obvious that you know a lot more than our coaches do. hey fellow dawgs lets hire spacestation tomorrow.


  4. SSB Charley

    Noticed him in at right corner late in the game. Wearing number 33. Good to see him back out there.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Gonna need him. Huge game coming up.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III



    • Goat Balls

      Yeah, they looked tough yesterday. I sure hope our guys can get coached up enough before that game. Kentucky looked pretty good too. And I still say that Floridas D is fairly good.

      I am also fairly certain that the current state of affairs in Mississippi is a sure sign of the apocalypse.


  7. Dolly Llama

    I’m just hanging out waiting for the buffet to open.