Meteor game thoughts

Well, I can’t let Florida-Tennessee pass without saying something.

So here goes:

First, it’s worth remembering that while Georgia is no longer Florida’s bitch, Tennessee still is.

Second, it’s rather startling to consider how irrelevant today’s game is.

59 Years since Florida and Tennessee squared off and neither team was ranked, as is the case for their game on Saturday. In 1955, Tennessee defeated Florida 20-0 in the most recent game in the series between unranked teams. Since the AP poll began in 1936, Florida and Tennessee have met twice when neither team was ranked, the other a 14-0 victory for the Gators in 1954. The teams had 31 consecutive meetings in which at least one of them was ranked. In 20 of those games, both were ranked. In the previous 28 games, Florida was ranked.

And if the Gators lose today, it’ll be even more insignificant.


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29 responses to “Meteor game thoughts

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yep…my thoughts perzactly…If Florida loses, it will be a very big deal, on the other hand if Florida wins it will make me very nervous.

    Florida probably has a few more football players than Tennessee, but trust me the subtle stylings of Butch Jones have got the Vols playing harder, longer than any time in the last 10 years. (Did you see the “conversation” Butch had with the special teams coach after the onside kick apparently went the wrong way?)

    I was afraid that last week was gonna finally be the day all the screaming paid off, and it damn near was there.

    The Vols are probably gonna win one of these “big” games sooner or later, and I think this is the week…maybe, sorta, kinda.

    Whichsomeever team loses is gonna be deeply in ka ka For obvious reasons, I hope Tennessee screams to a win and Florida goes back to Gainesville so sad that Jeremy starts interviewing new coaches and Florida can just go through the motions the rest of the year.


    • Mayor

      Good thoughts, Scorp. I can’t decide whether it is better for Georgia for UT or FU to lose today. The good news is that one of them WILL lose though.


  2. ** if Florida wins it will make me very nervous**.

    I want Florida to lose. But win or lose, IMO, the game is Jacksonville is going to be very tough.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ivey I kinda, sorta, maybe think if Tennessee wins, Florida will begin to come unglued…this does not mean I think Jacksonville is gonna be easy.

      I guess what I am saying is that I think losing to Tennessee will hurt Florida worse than Tennessee losing to Florida.

      I suspect even the most informed of us really don’t understand what a horrific mess Dickhead left for Will Muschamp…yes, we have all read here and there about it, but Boom has been living it. I have heard it has not been an easy job.

      Oh…here it is ….Florida is the more delicate psyche in this matchup.


  3. Spike

    Never, EVER pull for FU.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    So we’re going to see Jones screaming at everyone on one sideline, and Boom screaming at everyone on the other. They remind me of those cartoons where a guy gets furious, then his head inflates like a balloon until it explodes.


  5. Russ

    UT is a team on the rise. A Florida victory keeps that seed of doubt in their minds. OTOH, if Florida loses, it gives Butch his “signature” SEC win and gives them a boost mentally as well.

    I think Boom is a dead man walking regardless, unless he damned near wins out. So, I think I’d prefer to see Florida win today.

    Though I’m still really pulling for a meteor.


  6. Macallanlover

    Think TN takes the fans down today, both are hungry but Vols at home and the pressure is greater on Florida. TN seems to be feeding off moral victories but they believe in themselves while FU is fighting among them selves. The most interesting matchup is the intensity battle between Boom and Sgt Carter, they are both headed for a stroke if they don’t learn to act like adults. Jones’ antics on the sideline last week showed he still has room to grow as a HC, teams need a leader that is cooler on the sidelines under fire than that. Vols throw another log on the gator dumpster fire.


    • uglydawg

      I like your thinking, Mac…and your words about the tantrum throwing style of BJ are correct. For some reason, I’m hoping UF beats Tennessee because I can’t stand the sight of the hillbillys acting like they have won the MNC if they win. They’ll probably take down the goalposts. As Russ mentioned, either way, Boom is finished unless he wins out the season, so why pull for BJ and the Billies?
      (This was typed right after checking with the radar station for incoming meteors in the K’ville area. None on radar. So I’ll pull for UF to win 2 to zip.)


  7. AusDawg85

    Tenn has already been decimated and embarrassed. I’ll worry about them when and if they ever rise again. Go Vols…crush the lizards.


    • Dude!! Whoa there… no Dawg fan ever does the GO VOLS! That’s just not cool. Dawgs don’t do that. And there are no “War Eagle to Ya.” or “Go Gator” etc. either. We never cheer for the boyz in Orange. Never! It’s just not done. It’s inexcusable. 😉


  8. PatinDC

    I hate orange. Any way shape or form, but I have to say, the checkerboard effect with the fans at the UT stadium. It’s kind of cool. Hard to believe they can coordinate that 😉


  9. Russ

    I’m sure Jeff Driskel is a nice guy.


  10. Florida is trying to win an SEC game running the high school Wing T. Crazy thing is they might do it.


  11. And they still have a good enough D to give them a chance, which makes them dangerous.


  12. Russ

    If Florida can win this derp-fest 10-9, it would be just about perfect. Vols keep their streak alive, and Florida still sucks.


  13. Russ

    Wow, Muschamp is really an ass. Calling out the Tennessee fans on national TV. Stay classy, ass clown.


  14. playmakers in space

    Muschamp is such a clown. I wish this guy could coach Florida forever, but he’s almost certainly toast with that abomination of an offense.


  15. Mike

    I will be very interested to see who starts next week.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Text from Dickhead to Boom….”How dare you sit Driskell down…I recruited him, he is wonderful, don’t eat my pizza.”


  16. Bulldog Joe

    Perfect ending to that one.

    Boom keeps his job and The Screamer gets another moral victory.