Fun with numbers: Georgia after five games

Seth Emerson thoughtfully saved me the trouble of pouring through  As you might expect, statistically, Georgia is something of a mixed bag.  But there are some numbers that should be grounds for some degree of optimism.

  • “On the strength of Gurley’s running, Georgia ranks sixth in the nation in scoring offense, at 45 points per game.”  That’s good for second in the conference and less than three points behind Texas A&M.
  • “While Hutson Mason’s passing yardage is anemic (he has yet to hit the 200-yard mark), he is 45th nationally, and sixth in the SEC, in pass efficiency rating.”  Some of that is a function of Mason not throwing too many interceptions.
  • “Georgia has committed the least turnovers in the SEC, with four. Well, that’s tied for the least in the SEC, with Missouri. Something to keep in mind for this weekend.”  See above, plus the running backs have been pretty sure handed.
  • “Here’s a surprisingly strong stat for Georgia’s defense: It ranks 12th in the nation (tied with Clemson) in third-down defense, stopping opponents 29.3 percent of the time.”  That’s a big change from last season.

And, in the first note about this week’s game, here are the key stats for Missouri:

Missouri’s vital numbers: 76th in total offense, at 400 yards per game; 76th in passing offense (222 ypg); 57th in rushing offense (179 ypg); 57th in run defense (144.6 ypg); 66th in pass defense (236.4 ypg).


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15 responses to “Fun with numbers: Georgia after five games

  1. siskey

    From what I saw of the Indiana and Toledo games we should be able to run the ball against Missouri. But from what I have seen from our games I think that we’ll have to run a lot to control the clock and to keep the defense off the field because they will be able to throw pretty well against us unless we get some pressure.
    After 5 games we are about where I thought we would be. Gurley and the other backs have been great and the o-line while sometimes inconsistent is a far cry from 2010 and 2011. The defense looks better even if it is still too easy to pass against. We do not look confused before the play and I am encouraged by the 3rd down stats. Hopefully this improvement is not a mirage and continues the rest of the season.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Now if we can just improve those 3rd down stats on offense…


    • Mayor

      The way to stop Mizzou’s passing attack is to rush up the middle. Mizzou’s O-line is susceptible to that and their QB has trouble handling it. Blitz an ILB or Safety every passing down between the Mizzou Center and Guard, varying sides.


  2. Rival

    Oh don’t jinx us with the “Hey, the running backs haven’t fubmbled yet!”


  3. Will Trane

    The number for me is the QB position.
    When you look at the polls and the highest ranked SEC teams in the top 10, all three of those teams have experienced 2+ year starters…Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. Plus those teams are farely stacked at a 2 deep roster by position. A lot is said about the Dawgs LBs, but Ole Miss could have the best, they are surely the fastests.
    Could to see Ramsey get some 1st half snaps, and hopefully he can do that considering he has a 3 year starter at center. You have to wonder how a QB out of high school transitions from taking the snap under center to shotgun fares so quickly in games. Ramsey had good ball handling skills while at Camden.


    • A lot is said about the Dawgs LBs, but Ole Miss could have the best, they are surely the fastest.

      Agree. I always thought the “best LB corps in the country” was pretty much a joke. Not hearing too much of that lately though. Seems to have died off. Wonder why.


  4. I Wanna Red Cup

    The most important game to look at is the mizzou v Sc game, and when I saw that I was not impressed with Mizzou. This is a huge game for us but I think we are better. I am worried more about Arky. If we show up and are even with them in the turnover and ST battle we will win.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Actually (ektualy) we are more alike than different… both talented, both young or inexperienced at key positions (Mauk, I believe has started more games than our Mason, bless his heart.), both flawed in key areas. Both teams play hard, have quick, fast defenses.

      Has all the makings of a helluva game. God, it sure would be nice to win one of those things, there.


  5. Mason is bad… really bad. Worse than Joe Cox bad. I’ve tried to be PC but I’m done with it. Scary thing is that he’s the best we’ve got. In fairness to him, though, Bennett was a lazy sun of a gun on that nearly intercepted pass. You never squat on that! You have to come back to the ball!