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41-26? There must some mistake.

This amazes me.

Let me get this straight:  you barely got by a Tennessee team that wound up not playing in a bowl game for the second straight year, you’re missing almost every starting skill position player on offense, your opponent is coming in 5-0 and you take the game for granted?

It seems injuries weren’t the only problem last year.



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“We want to alleviate some stress off of the secondary.”

At least we know Mark Richt is seeing the same thing we are.

… Coach Mark Richt said he feels like his defense is “vulnerable” against passes through the middle. So far, it’s only cost the Bulldogs one game, but this is not the weekend they can afford to have similar issues in.

“We’ve got people underneath that need to be walling defenders and safeties that have to react on balls that are thrown either down the middle or to the side,” Richt said.

Next to Todd Gurley, the biggest key to Georgia’s success is a pass rush.  But there’s a sense that the staff isn’t all in on that.

This team has the pass-rushers in Jenkins and Leonard Floyd to make life miserable for quarterbacks, but you can tell that there’s been some hesitation to let them loose more because of some weaknesses in the secondary. But Georgia’s defense looked so good against Tennessee when it brought the pressure.

They’ve got to go after Mauk this week.


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Don’t leave me hanging, Twitter.

Depending on your point of view, canning Boom or giving him an extension would qualify.


UPDATE:  This is just as good.

You can commence with the Auburn jokes any time you’d like.

Oh, and Driskel for the win…


UPDATE #2:  He’s on the mother.

Corch may be gone, but his spirit lives on in Gainesville.


UPDATE #3:  Oops.

Give him a day and he won’t remember the kid’s name.


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Schadenfreude, darling, schadenfreude.

Somebody’s in a bad place today.

Every year in college football, there’s a team with significant expectations that just implodes. In 2013, it was Florida falling from 10th in the preseason poll to 4-8. In 2012, Southern California started at No. 3 and ended up in El Paso. The year before that, Texas A&M started in the top 10 and finished off a 7-6 season in a forgettable bowl game against Northwestern.

This year we already have our winner in that derby of derp: South Carolina.

The Gamecocks are a mess, and you wonder now if they’ll rally and make even a minor bowl game or just pack it in for the year.

Sure, it sucks immensely that Georgia lost to the ‘Cocks, but other than that, I can live with how this is turning out.  At this point, if they beat Florida, it probably helps out Georgia’s chances.  And at least “the road to the SECCG runs through Columbia, South Carolina” meme is dead for another year.


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Monday morning buffet

If your appetite is whetted, have you some.


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Fabris Invitational results, Week 6

Tiebreaker City, sweetheart.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 La Flama Blanca Dawg Adj 9-1 9   21-24**
1 Poppineau Adj 9-1 9   34-21

Congrats to La Flama.

And, on the season, things are still tight…

Selection Name
1 Turfman25 41-19 41
2 Valley Dawg 40-20 40
3 BR Dawg 38-22 38
4 OneHairyDawg 37-23 37
5 Rev_Whitewall 36-24 36
5 georgiajeepn 36-24 36
5 mg4life0331 36-24 36

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SEC Power Poll, Week 6

Mississippi is the new Alabama.

  1. Auburn.  With Marshall’s improvement as a passer, the least flawed team in the conference.
  2. Mississippi.  It’s not just that Ole Miss beat Alabama.  It’s how Ole Miss beat Alabama.
  3. Mississippi State.  Asked and answered, Bulldogs.  Asked and answered.  Of course, that just brings us to this week’s question.
  4. Alabama.  Is Junior still a genius?  Just checking.
  5. Texas A&M.  The Aggies’ defense isn’t good enough for A&M to withstand playing an opponent with a good defense.  Did I mention that TAMU plays in the SEC West?
  6. Georgia.  I know I sound like a broken record, but even with that passing game, the Dawgs are second in the SEC in points scored.
  7. Missouri.  If there was a week to have a bye, the Tigers sure picked a good one.
  8. LSU.  It’s time to face reality.  It’s a rebuilding year in Baton Rouge.
  9. Arkansas.  The SEC West isn’t looking any friendlier, Bert.
  10. Florida.  Will Muschamp stared into the abyss… and trolled Tennessee fans.
  11. Kentucky.  Don’t look now, but the ‘Cats are in the divisional race.
  12. South Carolina.  At least one of Steve Spurrier’s goals – a good tee time at Augusta National – is still in front of them.
  13. Tennessee.  As a Georgia fan, I just want to say I resent how lousy the Vols’ offense looked Saturday.
  14. Vanderbilt.  According to Sagarin, there are 18 FCS teams better than the Commodores.  That seems low.


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