Monday morning buffet

If your appetite is whetted, have you some.


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26 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Dawg Bones Jones on the sideline was a treat for the current Dawgs.
    During his rookie season of 2013, Jones played in 14 games making 40 tackles, 4 passes defended, and 1 sack.
    2014!During Sunday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers on September 21, 2014, Jones suffered a cluttered wrist after forcing Cam Newton to fumble and left the game. Jones underwent wrist surgery the very next day and was placed on the injured/designated for return list. Glad he got to smack $cam again sure hated that he hurt that wrist.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    that Georgia defensive production graphic is cool…is it accurate?. When do these guys do Mizzou?


  3. Cousin Eddie

    For some reason I expected the graphic on the defense to be marked “NSFW”


  4. Bulldawg165

    The story about Ron Zook spells out Benghazi. Classic.

    I can’t believe the Iowa State AD actually went off on the refs in the press conference


  5. Russ

    Tech should be rolling by the time they play Clemson. It will just make their smack down that much more bitter.


  6. That last time we were shut out, ‘Bama 1995, was that the game where Hines Ward was pressed into action at QB after literally one week of practice there?


    • Normaltown Mike

      I think he was playing with a fractured wrist to boot.

      That was the drunkest I’ve ever been in Sanford. Not my finest moment.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Plus, we decided to install the wishbone offense that Monday before the game.

      Pure genius.


  7. Q

    Mangino and Leach both made similar claims about Big 12 refs.


  8. Ausdawg85

    LOL! Quote of the Day…Gurley trolling everybody!


  9. HVL Dawg

    Re: CMR bringing in Ramsey for experience. I don’t know if this is CMR putting fire under Hutson or truly planning for the future, but either way I like it.

    And I’m impressed how, after a few years of blandness, CMR has been willing to discard some of his paradigms.


  10. Macallanlover

    Kudos to the ISU Athletic Director, and I don’t know whether his case about a specific call is correct or not. Officials get a pass by being protected from ridicule when no one else in sports do. They should be made to stand accountable for blown calls, and limiting complaints to private letters and phone calls the week after is not improving things. Even video reviews are failing because of covering up for officials on the field, or true conference favoritism for financial reasons. Why gag the injured parties when they are right? Show them to be whiners, or admit your guy blew it. It may not change that game, but it may make him do his job better in the future. It would also identify who is the weakest crew, or if a specific team is a beneficiary, or target.

    Let me say that I understand how calls can be missed honestly due to the speed of the play, and having bad angles. This isn’t about those bang/bang plays, or borderline calls. The amount of money involved now has given financial incentive to have conferences benefit substantially from certain teams winning games, and Iowa State is rarely in a position to be one of those teams that get help so I am not surprised they are the ones having to complain. I am pretty sure that the refs on the field do not share in the extra money the conference gets, but their bosses, and his bosses do via bonuses and nicer offices, better benefit plans, etc. This is bad enough in conference games, it can be worse when OOC teams are involved.

    It is time for a “national” organization of officials using the same standards for enforcement and training, and assigned to officiate games away from their immediate area, be employed. There is enough money to do this in D1 football Power 5 conferences, and to do it right. I don’t like NFL football much, but when I watch it the most impressive thing about it to me is the consistency of the officials. Sure they miss calls, but they almost always get it right, and they are in the right position to do so. And they only benefit from doing their job well, not who wins the games.


    • Mayor

      Outstanding post!! One of your best!


    • Good stuff. With the move to semi-pro ball it seems like an upgrade in refs would be a no brainer. But it is the NCAA after all and when have they been able to finesse anything? When listening in on an aspiring group of future consiglieres, there was one common theme. It was to be that guy -the one to put some NCAA guy’s scalp on their belt. I was just manning the grill but these young guys want them them some.


  11. Change at qb at flaurda is a no-brainier, right? So if so, then he’s really got a trail by fire coming with LSU & Mizzou up next although both at home & LSU a bit weaker this yr than usual. Then an off wk, then us…I can’t decide if this scenero is good or bad for the Dawgs.


  12. Dog in Fla

    @Bulldawg165 / October 6, 2014 at 9:30 AM
    “The story about Ron Zook spells out Benghazi. Classic.”

    The Michiganders can’t steal b-e-n-g-h-a-z-i from Trey. He can see the shores of it from his h-o-u-s-e


  13. MJ

    Man, Illinois ran that kickoff play in 1972 and, yes, I was there! “George Uremovich KO return TD on lateral from Lonnie Perrin vs. Indiana 1972 “


  14. James

    We’ve been waiting too long for someone to take advantage of all the latest technology in fake grass colors. Good job, TCU.