So, we’re now officially in the new era of NCAA autonomy.  The conferences have had two months to put together their proposals for providing greater support for student-athletes – remember, that’s what all the hoo-ha was about.  As John Infante points out, the initial results are less than overwhelming.

This one’s my favorite:

“Ensuring Nutritional Needs of Student-Athletes are Met in a Reasonable Way” (ACC): Virtually unlimited food was already adopted, so my sense is that “in a reasonable way” is the most important phrase in this idea. Remember that the ACC was pitching a need-based cost of attendance proposal, which is now DOA after the O’Bannon injunction. That makes it unlikely the ACC is pushing for even fewer limits on feeding, like removing board from the scholarship calculation and making food truly unlimited. Instead I suspect the ACC wants to roll back some of the changes brought by Proposal 2013–31-B and impose some more defined limits on what schools can provide.

You can just feel the player concern oozing out of those guys.



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5 responses to “Autono-mean

  1. Macallanlover

    “Needs based” ====1. Unlimited food, water, comfortable shelter 2. Free tuition, fees, books, medical, 3. $100 spending per week

    Doesn’t matter where you attend school from the Northeast, South, Midwest, or plains, fast food, gas, pizza, movies don’t vary enough to justify this huge study on “cost of attendance” Everything else is game playing and manipulation. Keep this simple and focused, letting attorneys and educators conduct studies and write white papers on this will bog it down and insure it will not ne equitable, imo.


    • Macallan – you nailed it.


    • James

      You’re forgetting travel between home and campus, which varies widely between campuses based on that area’s travel options and distance from population centers.


      • Macallanlover

        That is why I said shelter, which I think would always be available close to, or on, a campus. I don’t think anyone has to pay for a luxury condo because I think that is an area that can be manipulated. Cars are a wild card here and should not be included in the cost of attendance…..again, an area that will be played with, if not excluded. I don’t know of a D1 school that doesn’t have housing, entertainment, or shopping in the adjacent proximity.


  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    If you are a walk on you get to have free food with the team on Fridays…thats it!