Boom or bust

You’ve probably heard about the fight involving two Florida players that was serious enough that police were called.  That’s not the best part.

This is.

Willis was rated a five-star prospect out of New Orleans’ Edna Karr High School according to 247Sports, and in two appearances had already recorded four tackles and half a tackle-for-loss. But Goldkamp cited a source in reporting he had already missed the Gators’ games against Kentucky and Alabama for disciplinary reasons.

With Harris suspended and his fellow freshman Will Grier struggling with back spasms,according to the Gainesville Sun, Mornhinweg could be the Gators’ backup behind Jeff Driskel when Florida hosts LSU Saturday. Mornhinweg — the son of New York Jets’ assistant Marty Mornhinweg — started three games and threw for 344 yards in 2013 after starter Driskel and backup Tyler Murphy both went down with injuries.

Maybe the wheels aren’t coming off the wagon quite yet in Gainesville.  But I’d sure take a look to see how much tread is left on the tires.



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21 responses to “Boom or bust

  1. Russ

    Damn, I’m beginning to think Boom isn’t even trying anymore.


  2. Goat Balls

    Meh, doubt anything will come of it that will benefit us. Their quarterback situation looks pretty iffy going forward though and I’m loving me some of that.

    I agree with whoever said the other day that Ramsey looked very quarterbacky the other day. I’d like to see Bauta sp. Play though.


  3. Mayor

    There is a feud between offense and defense on the Gayturds team. Bank on it.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Fighting over….cleats!? We should throw a Franklin on their sideline before the JAX game and watch them rip eachother apart to get it.


    • Cojones

      Yeah. Willis took Mornhinweg’s cleats because he couldn’t find his own. They were found in Willis’s locker by locker room assts. Skyler Morn took it up with him at the side of the football field. Willis shoved Skyler, Skyler hit Willis on the chin and Willis replied with a shot to Skyler’s face. When the cops got there, only one of the combatants was available.

      Why am I so interested in the details? Because I wasn’t kidding about the bet I made with an FU alum about their record this year. He said they would lose over 5 games and I bet him they wouldn’t. Now he is cheering against his team and I want FU to win a few. Skyler was my man to see my bet through after Harris diddled his chance away. Another bet with an FSU fan who backed the FU alum was a beer for each and every game. FU wins, I get a beer. I have a feeling I’ll buy him the next couple, then one for UGA’s game and then FSU’s game. It ain’t about the beer, rather it’s the sweetness of watching the dummies sweat and cheer against FU. If FU loses the rest of their games, my victory will be the priceless memory of baiting them into cheering against FU.

      So far those beers are the best I’ve ever tasted. And it’s getting to be fun down here having a nice cold free beer waiting for you at the bar each week.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    This worries me. About the state of college football in general. Point of contrast: how many players gone from our roster in last 12 months. Plenty.

    Is college football becoming dog eat dog to get to the pros?

    Ask yourself, ESPN, you profit driven machines.


    • Merk

      If by dog eat dog world, you mean a bunch of kids who are too stupid to see the opportunity infront of them, then yes. Seriously, ESPN has 0 to do with a kid stealing money or items, smoking pot, or domestic violence, which are the types of altercations leading to the dismissal of most of those 12 players.

      Now if you have players trying to sabotage or injure other players, then yes we could discuss playing time/competition issues regarding a future in the NFL.


  6. sectionzalum

    Please to be explaining how two potential criminal defendants can file “withdrawal of complaint” forms and absolve themselves of criminal liability.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    It’s only Tuesday. Plenty of whitewash time there to get Willis and Harris on the field and Mornhinweg under a set of headphones by Saturday.

    All in. No one likes to sit in seat 37F.


  8. AusDawg85

    I’m new to this…where’s the “Like” button?


  9. CannonDawg

    After all those years of Spurrier beating us, mocking us, and then beating us some more, I find it hard to keep from leaking a little pee as I LOL at the current state of The Mighty Gators. Let’s beat the mighty hell out of them yet again before Boom goes looking for work in football-crazed Rhode Island.

    And the current state of The Mighty Gamecocks ain’t so bad, either.


  10. Skyler gets ass kicked by bad-ass from West Bank Algiers. Hopes next time someone smaller steals his cleats.


  11. An alleged sexual assault, a fight between two players . . . and all this happened within 48 hours of a game Florida won!

    Almost enough to make one think the Gators realized their stirring fourth-quarter comeback in Knoxville increased the chances Muschamp would hold on to his job, realized the error of their ways, and tried to wreak as much damage as they could in a short amount of time.