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“The bad news is that less passing means more Todd Gurley.”

The best thing about Missouri week is that Georgia gets a lot of attention from Bill Connelly.  Over at Rock M Nation, you can read Bill’s early assessment of Georgia’s offense, but his conclusion is what I want to mention here:

The trick against Georgia isn’t necessarily stopping the Dawgs, it’s simply stopping themenough. The UGA run game is going to do well because it is awesome, but the Tigers will need to take advantage of passing downs. Again, we’ll go over this more on Friday, but UGA is 13th in Standard Downs S&P (unadjusted for opponent) but only 60th in Passing Downs S&P. You can get to Mason with a good pass rush (and lord knows that Mizzou has a good pass rush), and you can make stops if you knock them off-schedule. So give Gurley his random gains; just focus on making them as infrequent as possible, and on taking advantage of the stops you do make.

Now, of course this is easier said than done – keep in mind that Gurley’s worst yards per carry average in a game is still over six and a half – but it’s worth stating the obvious.  Getting Georgia in second-and-long and third-and-long a bunch will slow the offense down.  Call that this week’s first key to the game.


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He lied.

James Franklin is the master of “fine for thee, but not for me”, but he may have topped himself today.

Former Vanderbilt University head football coach James Franklin lied to his team about seeing video from the night of an alleged rape that occurred in an on-campus dorm room in June 2013, testimony revealed Wednesday.

Appearing via Skype, Franklin told the courtroom he has not seen any videos but admitted that during a team meeting held shortly after the alleged rape, he told players he had seen a video because he didn’t want to “water down” his message.

Buuuttt… you can guess what’s coming, right?

After the meeting, Franklin said “the young gentlemen” involved came into his office to “plead their case.” He said specifics weren’t discussed, but he advised his players to tell their parents and to be honest because “you’re going to be dealing with this the rest of your life.”

“All I said to them was I can’t talk to you about the case, you better take this very seriously, you should tell you parents, and you better be honest because you’re going to be dealing with consequences to this for the rest of your life. And that was it,” he said.  [Emphasis added.]

Basically, unless he’s under oath, you probably ought to be careful taking anything that comes out of his mouth at face value.


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Richt’s officials records

Some of you will get a kick out of this – AirForceDawg has compiled a list of Georgia’s won-loss records during the Richt era (minus a couple of 2001 games) based on which referee called the game.

And, no, Penn Wagers (13-6) doesn’t lay claim to the most losses.  That honor goes to Tom Ritter (12-7).  Those two have officiated the most games Richt has coached, by the way.


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“The East is wide open this year!”

Bill Connelly’s updated conference projections are here, and, yeah, Saturday’s game in Columbia looks like it’s kind of a big deal.


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Today’s exercise in gallows humor

Looks good with jorts!

I hope I see some of those in Jacksonville in a few weeks.


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Your friendly Mumme Poll reminder

Poll gets real this week.  There’s still plenty of time to sign up so you can cast a ballot.  So why don’t you?  Head over to the site and register.


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Parts is parts.

Missouri’s defensive coordinator’s approach to handling Todd Gurley?  Grab anything that’s handy and hold on.  And by “anything”, he does mean anything.

“We’ve really got to grab body parts,” Steckel said. “If you go high, he’ll run you over. If you go low, he’ll jump over the top of you. The key is grabbing body parts. Yes, I don’t care what body part we grab … as long as it’s not the back of the neck or the facemask.”

If Gurley gets up from a tackle pile ready to shove somebody, I guess we’ll know why.


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