“I think past Alabama teams would have had just as much trouble as this Alabama team.”

Gary Danielson ain’t backing off his tempo talk.

“I think what was proven in this game right now is all this stuff about tempo is garbage…”

But he finally seems to be coming to terms with what spread, pass-first offenses bring to the table.

“There are a lot of factors here. The willingness of teams to go to the spread and throw the ball on early downs, not having to go toe-to-toe with superior athletes at Alabama at the line of scrimmage has an effect. The fact that the SEC has gotten all this publicity and has recruited so well, top to bottom, the games are just tougher.”  [Emphasis added.]

If he’s right, Saban’s got a few more tough games left to play.  Best brace yourself, Phyllis from Mulga.


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  1. That was a good article. [Not the Phyllis one. Nothing good about Alabama’s trailer trash fan base. And how that stuff entertains anybody is totally lost on me.]


    • I don’t get it either Ivy. Maybe its a generational thing.
      * — the show’s topics have ranged from “Hillbilly Love Triangles!” and “A Transsexual Turned Me On!” to “Surprise! I Have a Bisexual Lover” and “I Refuse to Wear Clothes.”*


    • PTC DAWG

      I do not find it entertaining at all. Agree, who wants to hear someone ranging and raving about kids playing ball?


      • Mayor

        +1. The practice of letting 80 IQ morons get on TV or radio to vent their spleens is ridiculous and one of the most unattractive aspects of sports media. The solution is to not listen to shows that do that and then the media will stop it. The problem is there are enough other 80 IQ morons around to make an audience.


        • A10Penny

          I don’t like it either, but there are all kinds under the sun. Pawl’s got a following, so there are a lotta folks out there who like it and I don’t think it hurts anyone.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Mayor you make my heart go pitty-pat when you talk about IQ and all…so that’s what separates them from….ah….us? IQ?…no wait, it must be computer literacy…not much a that in Ivy’s trailers, I reckon.

          Phyllis may be a loon, but she would fit right in with some of ours.

          “The problem is there are enough other 80 IQ morons around to make an audience.”

          Oh…I get it, our IQ’s are higher, right?


  2. Will Trane

    Bo Wallce and the Ole Miss spread offense. It is not like Saban has not seen this stuff before. So why is Bama complaining. they got beat by a better team. But part of Bama’s problem is not so much their defense but their offense. Check out some of their stats.
    Marshall, Prescott, and Wallace are very experienced QBs. In the SEC that is big. If you look at some of the throw Wallace made agianst Smart and Saban secondary you will understand. Treadwell will go in the first round…Dawgs do not even come close to those receivers. Wallace’s back shoulder throws could not be defended by Bama. Bama used corners on the wideouts with a safety high due to inside running game. The corners were on an island with both short and long passes on the sidelines. And Wallace put them on the money time after time. Do you think Mason can make those passes? No. They are almost impossible to defend.
    Ole Miss probably has the best LB corps in the SEC. They are fast to the ball.
    Ole Miss will play with anybody in the country right now.
    It is just hard for some fans and commentators to come to grips with spread offense matchups and alignments. But Bama’s issues go all the way back to the Iron Bowl. It did not start with Ole Miss.
    And South Carolina…well they could not put enough distance between them and Maty Maulk on the score borader. Then Mizzou could in tempo and covered it, plus. You could see that coming.
    Do you think Pruitt understands the offense some. Think so back to his days at Hoover High School. And I think CMR saw what Pruitt and FSU did against Auburn in the championship game
    The spread has been here awhile, especially in high school programs, it is just hard to move the old-timers off the I. Sread is going to use the 53 yards of the field. The power I will use a triangle shap re whether the ball is on the left or right hash mark. The ball is pretty much coming from the end of the triangle out thru the big opening.
    Auburn and Ole Miss do not run too many schemes on offense…but they can run several variations of each. They are going to put you in one on ones, make you match-up and defend, and look to get in space.
    Just maybe Smart and Saban have a way to go to catch up. The spread, like all can be beat…takes good coaching and disciplined plays.
    But Bama, needs to tooling on its offense.


    • Dog in Fla

      The SEC West War Against Terror: “This is the end…?”

      Strike zone sectors of jungle spread on silent snap counts into billowing flame; slo-mo choppers cut through clouds of orange dust in the foreground. The smell of victory is everywhere. Then in extreme close-up – and upside down – Will Trane’s Captain Willard appears, bathed in sweat because the a/c is not working and lying on a hotel mattress, paralyzed by lack of good liberty ennui. Will looks up at the ceiling fan, hears the Trane coming as it mimics the spinning blades of a chopper and delivers the immortal line: “Saigon. Gosh darn, I’m still only in Saigon. Where’s Hugh Freeze?”


    • James Stephenson

      Except in the 2nd half against Auburn last year, Todd Grantham stopped it. Todd Grantham, I am sure Saban and Smart are better. The thing with these high falutin offenses is, keep them off the field, make the O-coord get nervous and greedy. Put the pressure on the offense and watch them tackle themselves in the backfield. Watch the QB throw into double coverage, yet somehow get lucky.

      And Mizzou beat SC because SC quit running the football and then did the same thing the week after against Kentucky. Mauk did not beat SC, Spurrier beat SC.


      • James Stephenson

        Oh and the reason Ole Miss beat Bama was because the Ole Miss D is real. Although I am pegging them to lose this weekend. Had nothing to do with the spread.


  3. Defending the spread is difficult – no doubt about that. You have stay out of 2nd and 6 or less and 3rd and 3 or less – in other words, you have to put the offense behind the chains. The Fun-N-Gun at UF was the spread offense without the “hurry-up” and the running QB. What Nebraska did to them in 1995 is the recipe for beating the spread. You have to be able to get pressure 4 or 5, tackle the running QB in space, and make plays 1-on-1 against receivers across the width of the field. If you can only do 2 of those 3 things consistently, the HUNH spread keeps coming at defenses by running the same plays over and over.


  4. Americus Dawg

    I don’t agree with Gary saying “all this stuff about tempo is garbage”. I’m pretty sure that tempo eventually affects the “certain weaknesses” that Bama (or any other team, for that matter) has. But that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.


    • Will (the other one)

      It’s also stubborn of him to put tempo and spread together. At the top level teams have had successes running tempo, even out of pro sets (New England did it with two TE sets, and they even picked up some concepts from Oregon.)
      Heck, we’ve shown tiny flashes of it, and hopefully will do more of it soon (with a guy like Hicks, who can line up at FB or TE, plus Gurley the options to go from Power-I to spread all at tempo could destroy a D late.)


  5. I actually appreciate some of Finebaum’s views but I often find myself embarrassed and changing the channel when a lot of the folks call in. Of course, media picks the Gumps as the SEC reps. Fitting stereotypes one call at a time. I’m country but damn! Smdh

    To the topic…I don’t think good D is what we knew it as. It’s more about making plays/creating turnovers than low yardage and points. This is arena football. Bammer is just being called out because they set the standard for D.


    • BrightOwl

      I also grew up country. Home town is 800 people & no stoplights. Biggest town in the county has pop 4000.

      The reason Finebaum’s country callers pick up the phone is that no one in real life will listen. In a small town, everyone knows who the idiots are.


  6. Will Trane

    NWS forecasts “chance of rain” in Columbia on Saturday. Looks like they have rain probabilities from today thru the weekend.
    Could be rain at the game.