This seems timely.

With the news that Judge Wilken denied the NCAA’s motion to dismiss, Jeffrey Kessler’s just getting cranked up.

I hope he burns the entire rotten structure to the ground.


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8 responses to “This seems timely.

  1. Tronan

    The pussies in the UGA AD won’t be the ones getting payback, but it looks like someone else will. Hopefully.


  2. Rick

    Hear f*cking hear


  3. ScoutDawg

    Time to go. Bye bye NCAA.


  4. Senator, I think we’ve agreed on most everything about this issue especially the ability to trade on likeness, get a job, and have a full cost of attendance scholarship. Today moves me over with you. I hope Kessler burns the whole thing to the ground.

    I also think heads should roll in the AA over these events. I forgot what it felt like when Herschel signed that contract, but that feeling of dread has come over me all over again.


  5. Will (the other one)

    But hey, Richt and GMG get to go into the record books as potentially the last school to cooperate with them.


  6. Russ

    Fuck the NCAA


  7. Skint

    The AD and Richt had one guy to keep tabs on( 2 if you count Zach Debell) and couldn’t do it. Richt too busy in the tanning bed, other AD employees too busy collecting checks. UGA is getting ripped off. Sit Gurley for the first series, bring him in, and tell the NCAA to go to hell. We’ re ALL IN.


  8. H. Boots

    I will light shit on fire and drink myself stupid in celebration when they put the nail in that proverbial coffin. The NCAA can rot in hell.