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Obsessed much?

Man, your team is 5-0, the division race is at stake today… and you still feel the need to focus on something like this.


Tech is down by 13 – to Duke – with less than three minutes to go in the game, by the way. But killer poster, nerds.


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No hard feelings

For those of you who insisted that Gurley’s teammates would be angry with his selfishness…

His coach is upset, too.


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Everybody saw that one coming.

How about this stat?


UPDATE:  And here’s another one.

They may want to hang on to that Pruitt guy.


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Name that caption, moment to reflect edition

A penny for your thoughts, Hutson.


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So, I hear there’s a game today.

Like it or not, life goes on without Gurley.

There are so many variables in play today that it’s hard to get a handle on what’s going to happen.  To me, the biggest unknown is Georgia’s mental/emotional state in the wake of what’s happened in the last couple of days. The Dawgs could come out angry and focused.  They could come out flat and distracted.  Nothing would surprise me.

I didn’t like Georgia to cover the three points before Gurley’s suspension, so I’m obviously expecting a tight game, even if statistically Georgia is the superior team.

Seth Emerson brought up an interesting point on his podcast yesterday.  How much does the Gurley suspension affect Georgia’s game planning… and how much does it affect Missouri’s game planning?

It’s not raining now, but it is overcast and cool.  If it starts getting wet during the game, what kind of impact will that have on Mason’s ability to throw?

Is Nick Chubb ready to tote the rock 25 or so times today?

Georgia gets the same officiating crew it had in the other Columbia.  Will they be any more competent today?

For answers to these questions and others, stay tuned and visit the comments section.


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Pick up a six-pack from your local retailer today.

If this is a real thing, some enterprising brewery is on to something.


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William King is about to get busier.

Reddit strikes again.


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