No hard feelings

For those of you who insisted that Gurley’s teammates would be angry with his selfishness…

His coach is upset, too.



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30 responses to “No hard feelings

  1. I was wondering what they were signaling with their hands up after the game. Nice.


  2. DamnGoodDawg



  3. Robby

    It would be very cool to get him back IMO. Not sure anyone knows but it would be very nice.


  4. ScoutDawg

    If we can get him back at some point, just think about the INTENT he is going to run with.


  5. Coweta Dawg

    I’m stunned at this complete team win. If Richt can bottle the voodoo he concocted with this bunch today and pass it out every Saturday for the next few months, UGA may wind up with its happiest fanbase since 1980. Lookout, piggies.


  6. Carlton Thomas

    Never felt so good to be so wrong.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Will Friend – way to go. Only remember couple of bad pressures on Mason.

    Chubb is the real deal, Douglas better be out of whatever doghouse he was in, because he looked a heck of a lot better than Marshall has out there this year. Really hope we see more of him.

    Only gripe, and a small one, can we try throwing to Bennett or the tight ends before 3rd and 6? Chubb, Chubb, Bennett, Punt isn’t gonna win many more games…

    What a defensive effort.


  7. Gurley may still be done at Georgia. But this thing looks a whole lot better than it did just 30 hours ago, thanks, IMO, to the team and to a lot of you guys (and others like you) calling out the Athletic Dept. for allowing the public situation to fester.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Every once in a while you get the treat of watching your school’s team come together and give a truly inspiring effort. Today was one of those times.


  9. CitadelDawg

    Very cool.


  10. Borodawg

    I would guess that a majority of the players feel he should be paid.


    • stuckinred

      Hell yes they do.


      • Chuck

        And I do, too. But even if it’s a stupid rule, a soon to be extinct rule, don’t you hope that Gurley has some sense that he let his teammates down, and if he does make it back he gives back to his teammates the same effort they seemed to be giving for him today.

        That would be like Jefferson coming back for Ridgmont High after they trashed his car. Just damn.


  11. The team rallied and put on a performance never seen in the history of the Georgia program – a shutout of a ranked opponent. Great job by the team and coaches!

    I hoped they would play like a team with nothing to lose instead of a team that had lost everything.


  12. Rp

    If Gurley misses 2-3 games and finishes strong…thoughts about the voters giving him the Heisman as a FU to the NCAA?


  13. uglydawg

    The three blind mice on the SEC Network all picked Missouri to win.
    Up you’s PF! The Iron Bowl will be the next Meteor Bowl for me.


  14. PTC DAWG

    I have never read so many posts from panty waist fans as I did on this blog the last day or so.

    Any more questions from you SOB’s?


    • Actually, there was a lot of panty waisting going on over at Dawgsports even before the Gurley story broke. I usually enjoy that site, but was kinda hard to understand the bellyaching.


  15. SlobberKnocker

    I wa there today and ther were 3’a in the air from the players, the fans, and the players. Even a sign in the stands with. “Free Gurley” on it.


  16. Hard to believe anyone would think his teammates would turn on him. Yeah, it hurts everyone else but it’s also hard for many to simply say “he broke the rules” when no one believes in them when they’re immoral and crooked and the folks who wrote them are immoral and crooked. These dill holes had a chance to rectify it after JFF FFS! I no longer give Gurley a full pardon but I’m not mad at him either. The fact that this is still even a thing is a travesty.

    I know I harp on Finebaum’s callers but a Bammer called in defense is Gurley and had one if the most epic and truthful rants I’ve ever heard on this. Made the hair on my neck stand up. What’s really gonna suck is if they don’t let him come back after we’ve gone above ABS beyond proactive. He should be back after Arkansas, regardless of money totals. CFB needs Gurley…


  17. Parent

    Just say no to golf with kickers and you won’t need to sell anything, just kidding, #FreeGul3y!


  18. Hackerdog

    Obviously the players and coaches don’t have the same respect for immoral and arbitrary rules that some of us older and wiser fans have. I mean, without Mark Emmert telling kids how to live their lives, what are they supposed to do? And please don’t say make their own decisions. That would just be chaos.