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“If the money wasn’t there, would there be litigation? No, of course not. But the money is there.”

While I don’t doubt Vince Dooley’s sincerity in his support for the current NCAA amateurism model – hell, I even give him credit for consistency (“I don’t agree with the fact that you should be selling jerseys with their names on the back of them, the school or NCAA,” he said. “I don’t think that’s right.”) – it’s more than ironic, considering that he was a primary player in the matter that set the wheels in motion for the battle over amateurism.


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Roll ’em, Tide.

In Athens, eating a marijuana brownie is grounds for suspension.

In Tuscaloosa, having more than 100 grams of marijuana and almost $5,000 in cash in your room doesn’t even merit an arrest.

Jimmy Williamson is speechless.


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“Dunlap declined to say if Wagers would face a reprimand.”

Honestly, would it make any difference to him whether he got one?


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Sooner or later, he’s bound to find the guilty party.

Shorter Jeff Schultz:  Now that I’ve blamed Todd Gurley, let me disregard my earlier finger wag and blame the NCAA.


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Name that caption, Saban rules edition

This is the look of a man who has to make time for that shit.

By all means, dazzle us with your wit in the comments.


UPDATE:  Bret has a suggestion.


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No man’s land

My biggest concern about the Gurley situation is that the coaching staff finds itself in the same boat for game prep it was in during the AJ Green suspension.  The will-he-or-won’t-he question that hung over the team for weeks was like Chinese water torture.  It had to wear on Richt.

The good news is that the staff had all the answers in Columbia.  34-0 will shake a lot of doubts away.  A win in Little Rock will shake even more.


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“What I’ve read is this guy kind of sucked him in to something.”

So there’s this law that gives Georgia a potential claim against the dude who supposedly stirred the Todd Gurley pot.  I tend to agree with MaconDawg that suing Bryan Allen smacks of your classic throwing good money after bad scenario.  On the other hand, I bet this expenditure really chaps Greg McGarity’s tuchis.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the athletic association has a forensic accountant or two going medieval on Allen’s financials right now.


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