“I guess I did all right. Not too bad for my first time back.”

One of the great stories from the Mizzou game was the resurrection of Brendan Langley.

Langley hadn’t been able to work his way into the lineup as a receiver and was quietly moved back to defense the week of the Vanderbilt game. After getting in for a couple of plays against the Commodores, Langley started at left cornerback against Missouri and played most of the game. He finished with three tackles and a tackle for loss as the Bulldogs recorded four interceptions, their most since the 2008 Sugar Bowl win over Hawaii.

Langley could have had an “I told you so” attitude, but that’s not what he displayed after Saturday’s game.

“It was just a mutual thing between me and the coaches,” Langley said of moving back to defense. “I really didn’t think anything of it. They just called my number and I knew I had an opportunity to go make plays and I did. I needed to progress and make plays during the week and I did. I guess I did well.”

Langley said he didn’t find out until Friday afternoon that Jeremy Pruitt intended to start him at left cornerback.

I watched the first half of the game again last night and was struck by how controlled Langley looked.  He wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t seem flustered or panicked.  He was good in coverage and made a couple of solid tackles in run support.

More than that, his insertion into the starting line up allowed Pruitt to move Swann to the star position, which is where Swann has played his best at Georgia, and moved Sanders back to safety.  Both moves paid off, and it makes me wonder if perhaps six games in Pruitt has found his best personnel mix in the secondary for deploying the 4-2-5.


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  1. Sanders is solid at the Star, but I think he’s gonna be a stud at safety over the next few years.

    We were fortunate that the ball bounced the right way on a couple of those interceptions, but what was nice to see was our guys actually in position to capitalize. Hard to catch those bounces as a defender when you’re not even in the same TV frame as the WR. 🙂


  2. Dawgpa

    Agreed Swann is at his best when he is playing the star position.


  3. SCDawg

    Langley is much bigger than last year, as well.


    • Greg

      This is what I noticed. He looked ALOT bigger. When I saw #33 and how big he was it took me a few minutes to realize it was Langley.


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    I was surprised the re-emergence of Langley on defense wasn’t mentioned more until now. I commented to my friends while watching the game that Langley looked very good and very comfortable in the secondary. Although his stats didn’t reflect it, his play on the field was very consistent and smooth in man on man coverage. If this holds up, it would be a huge boost for the secondary and essentially be like the return of an experienced “starting” DB. One game doesn’t represent a trend, but perhaps Pruitt’s defensive scheme will be a better fit for Langley and help with his confidence.


  5. WF dawg

    In a way, I wish we played another spread team this week, so that we could capitalize on our momentum in the 4-2-5. (Did I just say that? ) But who knows, maybe ARK will throw it another 40 times this week. At any rate, kudos to Langley. His game looks vastly improved from last year.


  6. MJ

    A lot has been made of the D-backs and linebackers “flapping their wings” last season. I don’t know if there was a rule change in the NFL this year but the pointing and looking around by the o’lines is noticeable.


  7. Robby

    Now, can Tramel go back to WR?


  8. A blessing for himself and the program. He just needs to Ray Goff.


  9. DawgPhan

    I hope that the defense can continue to get better this week at practice and then take care of business on the road. Then you get a bye week to get better, get healthy, and get stronger.

    I do feel like this team is still getting better each week and that isnt something that has happened consistently in Athens.


  10. Cojones

    It’s nice to be settled in with a starting lineup in the secondary. Now we can follow both sides of the ball without cringing.

    Ark has a good RB stable and they go and throw it 40 times? Something about that RB group now seems pundit puffery. Bama gives up two possessions deep in their territory and they still won? Bama ain’t as bad and Ark ain’t as good as the score may indicate. Watching specific players and how they help win the games is fun since they never get mentioned in the headlines.

    Yessiree, when it comes to the old SEC slobber-knocking games, this one lines up to be in the old school. In my lexicon, this is a two-cookie game. Thirty mins before game and half way through 2nd qtr outta do it.

    Sic on’em quick, Dawgs. They are capable of putting points up before we get to that conditioning-defining moment of the 3rd qtr, but we can run apace until. And then could you make me a smoked, pulled-pork Razorback sandwich?….and slather on the rum-flavored sauce like you mean it.


  11. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Funny when you think about it, but Langley is second only two Swann at number of starts at CB


  12. My take on Langley: Last year, I thought he was the most talented corner we had, despite his mistakes, which were very noticeable and public. When Grantham sat him down, I didn’t understand it. He was a true freshman, give him some time.

    Then, when he moved to WR after the Spring, I was confused once again. Knowing his talent, I thought he might eventually do well there, but still didn’t understand it. Perhaps they thought he might help them immediately, as they needed help, but that seemed far-fetched too, considering our system.

    So it was still a mystery. I could only presume that Pruitt had coached him in the Spring, and determined he didn’t have what it took to be a CB or DB. And that was even more confusing, but I knew Pruitt’s judgment could be trusted, and let that be it. So the mystery continued.

    But the important thing is what’s happening now. Langley still has the twitch, quickness and speed, but seems to have gotten bigger, and you can definitely see how much stronger he is. He is not soft. His burst and close is impressive. He looks fundamentally good.

    IMHO, Langley can potentially develop into an All-Star, and even play at the next level. And he has the coach to get him there.

    So this fills a big need on the back end, and no matter how you look at it, a much-welcomed piece to the puzzle. Congrats to Pruitt for getting this one right. Hard to imagine other coaches moving an inexperienced player that’s worked at WR since Spring to DB, and then starting him 10 days later in a huge game.

    That’s impressive. Our guy has the eye.


  13. Rocket Dawg

    I like the move of Langely back to CB and Swan to the Star. This could be a winning combination.


    • Agree. But that’s not all.

      Sanders to Safety gets Moore off the field. That’s a big upgrade at that critical position. So we lose nothing at Star, and get a big upgrade at both Corner and Safety.


      • Moore’s not bad against the run, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of him this week.


        • Yeah, I think so too. He’ll often miss in space but filling a gap he can do, and has the size to do it.

          I’ve been wondering how Pruitt might use him. There’s a number of possibilities. But with Pruitt, you have to just wait and see. This week is a different animal, so our plan in going to be interesting to see. Wouldn’t be surprised to see more of Kimbrough, too, and maybe Carter.

          Just hope we’re ready for this challenge, and we can match their physicality.


  14. Wow. What a humble and well spoken young man. The dick tech fans that refer to us as ThugU just ignore the kids like this one and Conley and others.