Mumme Poll, Week 7

Here ’tis:

Rank Team Votes
1 Mississippi 81
1 Mississippi State 81
2 Florida State 79
3 Baylor 77
4 Auburn 67
5 Oregon 52
6 Georgia 48
7 Notre Dame 45
8 Alabama 34
9 Michigan State 30
10 Oklahoma 29
11 TCU 26
12 Oklahoma State 2
13 Kentucky 1
13 Missouri 1
13 ECU 1
13 Clemson 1
13 Marshall 1

I”m going to be kind and assume the Mizzou vote was a mistake.

Other than that, not too many surprises.  We’re a little more down on Michigan State than the pollsters, and little bit higher on Georgia (surprise!).

What do y’all think?


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10 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 7

  1. I had TCU instead of the Dawgs. A win at Arky would change my mind in a hurry.


  2. watcher16

    Ah I missed voting this week 😦

    Can we get email reminders sent out like the Fabris Invitational?


  3. I’m guessing many of our “regulars” haven’t seen much of Michigan State this season — maybe just their game against Oregon. Michigan State is a very good team right now; in fact, I’d put them right next to Oregon at the top of the 1-loss heap (with Georgia behind them).


    • What’s hurting Michigan State right now is the schedule. If the Spartans beat Ohio State, they’ll get plenty of fair recognition.


    • Dawgaholic

      Don’t understand the MSU love by the pollsters. Their best game is a 19 point loss. They have struggled with weak teams and have no good wins. They need to boat race the rest of their schedule to deserve serious consideration. As some forget, OSU is not very good this year.


  4. bulldoggemes

    If 2 teams are tied for #1, shouldn’t FSU be ranked #3?


  5. Ellis

    Does anyone else see the possibility of Georgia wrecking the playoff system in year one? What would happen if a 2 or 3 loss Georgia team won the SEC championship? The committee would have to put UGA in the playoff, right? I mean they could not leave an sec team out of the playoff based on the strength of the conference and there would be no way you could say the champion of the sec does not qualify while a team that did not win the championship did. And where would that leave other teams? You could easily see two sec teams in the 4 team playoff leaving room for only two others, presumably undefeated and defending champion Florida State and the Pac12/Big12/Big10 champion.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      If an SEC Champion is ever left out of the playoff, I guarantee you that it will be Georgia. The NCAA has never forgiven us for breaking their monopoly on TV money. That’s also why the matter with Gurley will liner longer than with SCam and Johnny Douchebag.


    • Take a look at Florida State’s schedule, and then look at Notre Dame’s. After the Florida State game, Notre Dame is likely to be challenged maybe twice more. Meanwhile, Mississippi State and Ole Miss truly could produce a matchup of unbeatens in the Egg Bowl.

      Imagine the following scenario at the end of the season:

      -Florida State (13-0)
      -Notre Dame (11-1, losing only to Florida State)
      -Mississippi State (13-0, including SECCG)
      -Ole Miss (11-1, losing only to Mississippi State)

      -Several other 1-loss teams, each with a loss to a team outside the top five

      Truthfully, besides Georgia winning out, this is the scenario I’d most like to see. What if the national championship game was a rematch of the Egg Bowl? The rest of the college football world would spontaneously combust.