Slive’s retirement announcement

Due to health issues, Mike Slive has announced he will retire as SEC Commissioner on July 31, 2015.

No matter what you think of Slive, there’s little question that he will leave behind a significant legacy.  And I feel badly for anyone who has to leave a job he loves over issues he can’t control.  So best of luck in beating cancer, Commish.


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10 responses to “Slive’s retirement announcement

  1. Best wishes to Mike. Quietly gone about making the SEC the dominant College Conference.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “A national search for his successor will commence this fall, said Nick Zeppos, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, who serves as chair of the SEC presidents and chancellors.”

    First incoming applicant offers cookie to Nick


  3. Normaltown Mike

    “And I feel badly for anyone who has to leave a job he loves over issues he can’t control”

    Mike Adams agrees


  4. He’s done a great job. All the best to him. Replacing him won’t be easy.


  5. I met Mr. Slive and his wife while standing in line at the donut hole in Santa Rosa beach last June. Extremely nice and genuine people.


  6. Joseph Fain

    Surprised that he isn’t retiring for 9 months given that it is a health issue.


  7. DawgPhan

    the schedules are here the schedules are here.

    we have got to get Auburn and Tech back on Home and Away schedules.


  8. Americus Dawg

    Best wishes to Mike Slive and his health. Like him or not, the SEC football’s 7-year title reign during his tenure is likely to never occur again. Not saying that he personally contributed to that streak, but indirectly I think he did.


  9. I have questioned Slive’s motives at times but he’s definitely contributed to making the SEC the most dominant conference and in the end I hope the best for him and his family. Fight that shit and get to enjoy your well deserved retirement Mike.