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Georgia-Arkansas game day thoughts

The tenth-ranked team in the country takes on a team on a fifteen-game conference losing streak… and to hear many of the pundits speak, none of that seems to matter.  Because (1) Arkansas is a physical football team and because (2) Arkansas is due.  With regard to the first item, I can only refer you to the Razorbacks’ less than impressive effort during the fourth quarter in its last five SEC games.  As for the latter, what makes Arkansas due now, as opposed to, say, its last three or four conference games?

My favorite part of the talking heads’ spin is how many of them admit they picked Missouri last week, but this week they’ll surely get it right.

The pundits may be full of shit, but if you’re a Georgia fan, there’s still reason to be nervous about today’s game.  The main reason for concern is because, unlike last week, the Gurley situation has had another week to play out, with no resolution.  I have no idea how that plays with the team’s psyche today, but I remember how the AJ Green suspension slowly sucked all the oxygen out of the room.  You hope the team plays with the same chip on its shoulder that was there in Columbia, but there really is no telling.

There is a certain truth to strength facing strength today.  But there are also key areas where Georgia is clearly better.  Special teams being one.  Fourth quarter play being another.

If Georgia keeps it close late, controls field position and doesn’t lose the turnover margin battle, I don’t see how the Dawgs lose today.

Your thoughts?



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If the I-formation and the spread offense had a baby…

Really good piece at Football Study Hall about the rise of the deep threat slot receiver in spread attacks here.

Sometimes I wonder if defenses are ever going to catch up.


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Jacob Coker? Oh yeah, what happened to him?

Chris Low revisits one of the preseason’s big oversells:

Jake Coker will be the answer at quarterback for Alabama
Not only was Coker not the answer, he’s yet to even start a game and has attempted just 33 passes, most of those coming in a blowout 41-0 win over Florida Atlantic. Fifth-year senior Blake Sims, who played running back as a redshirt freshman, has been the Tide’s starting quarterback the whole way. Sims got off to a hot start, but the entire Alabama offense has bogged down the last two weeks with just three offensive touchdowns in a 14-13 win over Arkansas and 23-17 loss to Ole Miss.

The point here isn’t to belittle Coker, who came in having to battle to overcome a complete lack of experience at a new school breaking in a new offensive coordinator, but instead to remind everyone what a ridiculous rush to judgment we saw from many in the media during the preseason to crown the kid the next greatest thing despite those very issues.  Maybe we’ll learn someday.  Heaven knows some of those folks never will.


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Now, this is dedication.

Missouri blogger posts a piece analyzing every Maty Mauk throw against Georgia.

Well, I appreciated it.


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