Abandon all hope, ye who enter Gainesville.

This is simply sad beyond words.

(Photo by Stranko Montana)

After losing 42-13 to Mizzou on homecoming night in the new new low of lows, only two players came over for the alma mater: punter Kyle Christy, and lineman Trip Thurman. I can’t write anything sadder than that image. I can’t write anything with more hope than that image, either.

This, however, is beyond amazing.

Florida held Maty Mauk to a passer rating of 31.5 – lower than his rating of a week ago against Georgia – and still lost by 29 points.  I honestly have a hard time understanding how something like that is even possible.

Muschamp’s head coaching career looks to be over in Gainesville after that debacle – it wouldn’t have surprised me to have been greeted by news of Foley’s decision when I woke up this morning – but my only question at this point is a selfish one.  How will his status affect the Cocktail Party?

This wouldn’t be the first time Richt’s coached against a lame duck in Jacksonville.  In 2004 he got a win, but what looked like an easy game early got uncomfortably tight before the Dawgs put it away.  Then again, this may be the worst Gator offense I’ve ever seen.

[Insert “but Florida always gives Georgia its best shot” reference here.]

What do you guys think?


UPDATE:  When you’ve lost Pat Dooley


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77 responses to “Abandon all hope, ye who enter Gainesville.

  1. frowertr

    If I wasn’t a UGA fan, I’d feel sorry for him. Between the “Fire Muschamp” chanting, that picture you posted, Driskel, etc… Wow! How you go from 11-2 just a few short seasons ago to this.

    Hard to see how UGA drops this one in two weeks. With or without Gurley it shouldn’t even be close.


    • Merk

      that 11-2 season had most wins come by less than 7 pts. they also needed a D score or ST score to beat several teams.


  2. Mary Kate Danaher

    You beat me to it, Senator.


  3. What fresh hell is this?

    I believe we held him to a QBR of 1.4


  4. “but Florida always gives Georgia its best shot” That’s what I’m thinking. Look for an ugly one in two weeks. Dawgs should come out on top, but we will look to something in the game that will steal some satisfaction.

    I personally will be happy with the four in a row. Man, I really like the way our D is coming around IF we can avoid penalties.


  5. What fresh hell is this?

    I wonder how many Gator fans will show up in Jax.


  6. Agent Muschump has done his job so well that he has blown his cover. He looked absolutely beaten down, tired, and ready for his mission to be over last night on the sideline.

    While I think we should go into Jacksonville with the intention of putting a whipping on them the Gator Nation will never forget, I expect he’s going to have their defense geared up to play the game of their lives – that is, if he’s still in Gainesville tomorrow morning.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      +1 I’m LMAO reading your comments!


    • Agreed. We should never expect to have any kind of advantage and be lulled to sleep by smack talk, punditry and jokes. We better be prepared to play the game of OUR lives if we want to win. Florida will be desperate and they will be hungry.


      • Roswell, we need to go to Jax every year expecting the Gators to give us everything they have in the arsenal. We need to go down and make it clear from the opening whistle they have no chance.


  7. Brandon

    They still have plenty of talent and now their pride is hurt. We’ve seen what happens sometimes with what adversity and everyone counting you out can do to a team. I am actually really glad we struggled a bit in the second half it keeps us from getting too high on ourselves hopefully. Our team needs to expect a war on November 1. I’m going to expect a war if it turns out better and admittedly it should on paper, it’ll be all the sweeter on the day after Halloween.


    • I am actually really glad we struggled a bit in the second half it keeps us from getting too high on ourselves hopefully.

      Had the same thought. Disappointed in the second half, but it might not have been a bad thing. Had we matched the first half, it would have been so easy to get all full of ourselves with the week off. We’re better at handling success this year than we’ve been, but that isn’t saying much, because we’ve been absolutely awful at it.

      So it may end up serving a purpose. It’s certainly a great teaching opportunity, and I’m almost certain Pruitt will take advantage of it. And I’m hoping Bobo and Richt will do the same.

      Our biggest foe right now, until we get to the Auburn game, is ourselves.


      • Bazooka Joe

        One look at how we responded after the Cem and son win tells us all we need to know. Agree that its better we struggled a little in the second half last Sat.


  8. @gatriguy

    This is the payback for 1995 laid out on a silver platter. Now go do it.


  9. ClydeBoogie

    Agent Muschamp job well done! The sacrifice of life and limb for the Bulldawg Nation. My trusted feline sidekick ClydeBoogie gives you two paw sa!ute.


  10. Granthams replacement

    UF will bring it but if they get down by 2 touchdowns they will fold after the next big play. UGA wins going away in the 2nd half


  11. The best shot they could give us would be to fire Muschamp and lure Spurrier back in time for the WLOCP. He’d love to beat us twice in one year!


  12. It goes one of two ways; UF is demoralized and packs it in mentally like A&M did yesterday, or they play angry and give us all we can handle.

    It looks like Muschamp may have lost the team altogether; they certainly look like they had given up hope at the end of last night. Now what Richt needs to do is remind HIS pissed off team that a bottom feeding Florida fan cost Gurley his Heisman and let them go full berserker.


  13. siskey

    This game always scares me. I was at Sanford stadium in 1994 and stayed the entire game to soak it in thinking that some day soon I’d be able to see the tables turne . I was in Jax in 1997 when we finally won and thought that we’d turned the tide. I was in Fallujah in 2004 and took our win as a sign from above that I’d live. I don’t know what I’ll take a win in a few weeks to mean but I’ll take it nonetheless.
    This is as bad a Gator team as I’ve ever seen but they are due some luck. We’ve looked better the past 2 weeks than we’ve looked in a long time even though we could have done more in the 2d half against Arkansas. I hope that the bye week doesn’t cool us off and we go give them the beating I’ve hoped for since Ray Goff, against their Ray Goff.


    • I was at Sanford stadium in 1995 and stayed the entire game to soak it in

      So did I. Without question, the worst game I’ve ever been to, or even seen. It was pathetic. The last 10 minutes, I went and stood directly behind the bench to watch closely what was going on. It was sickening to observe.


  14. BMan

    Even if they fire Agent Muschamp and find some emotional lift, that seems like the kind of thing that translates to an improved defensive performance. The UF offense is just dreadful, like Vandy in the 70s dreadful. An emotional lift can’t save it.


  15. Spike

    UF… PLEASE don’t fire this man and hire a quality coach!


  16. Argondawg

    Even in some of our worst down years I would be hard pressed to think of the Dawgs playing that poorly. That was an epic bad performance. Both teams looked terrible and UF still gets blown out. I Love It!


  17. What fresh hell is this?

    In a perfect world Florida meets Michigan in a bowl game, but sadly I can’t find 3 more wins on either schedule.


  18. IWanaBDaveGrohl

    They actually had updated the <120 yards stat on GameDay Final. It's the 2 wins vs. Florida and actually 147 losses vs. everyone else. Remarkable


  19. I just love a losing Florida team. GO GATORS, LOSE MORE. LOL.


  20. Macallanlover

    We need to begin a campaign that says Boon is fighting for his job at the WLOOCP, that is the best way to prevent the players from spending the next two weeks bonding to save the season for their own pride. They will try this because they are athletes, and they are going to fight to show they can overcome not having a coach. Any thought that might cause them to be stuck with him again will derail that uprising. Boom deserves this, he acts like a child with his sideline explosions and that should have been a warning to those who thought he had HC ability; just no way to respect/trust a leader whose mood swings bounce around like a pinball. And then he showed his true character when he denied his Dawg connections as he took the FU job, he lost me forevah. Enjoy seeing him skewered but what a train wreck he has been.


  21. I Wanna Red Cup

    Agent Muschamp has a plan. He will get this corrected. They are just trying to get buttah


  22. DC Weez

    I rise to gadulate Agent Muschamp! Go Gata!


  23. Scorpio Jones, III

    What a strange thing is this college football obsession. I almost, almost, almost felt sorry for Florida, but really, after the Shining in Little Rock I did not have the strength.

    To have both Tennessee and Florida in the East in the SEC means something weird. I have a tweet from the Kharmic Bitches Advisory Council (KBAC) to the effect that hubris is its own reward.

    To those among us who questioned the manhood of the Boys of Butts-Mehre last week all I have to say is look north to Knoxville or south to Gainesville.

    On the surface at least, it would appear Tennessee’s Mike Hamilton…long may he be remembered, was the worst hire in the history of bad leadership hires.

    The Vols swapped Doug Dickey for Mike Hamilton in 2003 and the football program went into a swan dive it could take another decade to recover from.

    At least in Gainesville, the Gators management really had little choice letting Dickhead stumble off-stage with medical problems as phony as Dickhead’s promise of an upright football program.

    The Gators’ management allowed Dickhead to create a situation the next coach would be hard pressed to rectify. Will Muschamp may not be the next Nick Saban or Mark Richt, but with the mess Dickhead left on Gator Alley, I am not sure either of those guys would have done a lot better.

    So to the innocuous poster who, last week, accused the Boys of Butts-Mehre of cowardice under fire, I would offer two names…Mike Hamilton and Jeremy Foley in rebuttal.

    It looks to me like one of the things Greg McGarity learned during his time in Gainesville was the inherent danger in allowing off-field football problems to get covered up and ignored as long as the team was winning.

    Will Muschamp was a good Dawg when he was one. I am a little more forgiving than my confrère Macallanlover, after all, every coach comes from some where.

    I don’t think any decent man deserves to be Ron Zooked in Gainesville.

    As to our meeting with the Gators in a couple weeks there is the old story about a guy who was walking along by a swamp and thought he saw a dead gator lying on the bank.

    The moral: Never ignore a sleeping Gator.


  24. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…I thought the picture of the Gator homecoming was from the 80’s.


  25. AusDawg85

    I can’t see Boom making it to JAX…big donor $$$ is going to force Foley’s hand to use the bye week. Expect the gators to show some fight early, but then fade…why get killed by the UGA Trucking Company for a lost season? If somehow Boom is still on the sidelines, I then expect the game to be even be more chippy than last year as his players take out their frustrations on the field, especially with cheap shots to any of our star players. We need to whip ’em early and sub early.

    Man I’d love to see us hang 50 AND call timeout with :20 seconds left.


  26. eldred

    even the band was streaming out early to beat the traffic


  27. Everyone needs to read Fat Pat Dooley, Sports editor of the Gainesville Sun newspaper. He is the Gators appointed apologist, cheerleader, and UF water boy. He writes exactly what he’s told by the U of Florida Athletic Director and once he gets on your back, your days are numbered and he is officially on Muschamp’s back…big time. Matter of days for Muschamp I predict. Now, where do you think Muschamp lands after the Florida job?


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      What’s interesting to me, Buck, is that all this has become Muschamp’s fault, it is almost like Urban Meyer was never there, never let Hernandez and many others get away with pretty bad shit, never created a culture of anything goes as long as you win.

      But then lots of Florida fans don’t remember the seventies and eighties, either.

      Maybe Tennessee will hire Muschamp as a coordinator, then he and Butch Jones could have screaming parties on the sidelines.


    • Will (the other one)

      I think Texas A&M could use a new defensive coordinator…


    • PatinDC

      One of my favorite comments under the article…
      ” am by no means a Muschamp apologist. He has been a disaster as a head football coach and absolutely should be fired. Having said that, I do not see the need for our fan base to personally attack the man. He is not a Bulldog plant and he didn’t accept the job to sabatoge your saturdays. The hate and vitriol is over the top. Be better than that. “


  28. Bulldog Joe

    Last night I flipped back and forth between the two worst offensive performances and the two worst defensive performances I have seen all year.

    Oh and congrats to Mizzou and North Carolina on their wins.


  29. I sent Foley a letter asking him to sign a 5 year contract extension with Will Muschamp.


  30. Will Trane

    Idaho has agreed to return to Gainesville for the early season rain out.
    Last time the Dawgs had an open date, followed by a road game. We lost to …the Old Ball Coach.
    Unlikely Foley would consider the Old Ball Coach considering how things are going in Columbia SC.
    And why would Mullen leave a program he built to # 1
    But Gators are 3-3. They have troubles. Question is are the players with the coaches now. Your pic Senator may provide the answer.[get the picture].
    What you do in the first 30 ,minutes, you can damn near take it back in the next 25. Dawgs were impressive in the first 30, but Bobo’s let us sit on it and run out the clock hurt the Dawgs ratings nationally.
    Dawgs are half thru these idiotic road schedule. Who in hell arranged this.
    Dawgs need some players back big time now.


  31. Dooley: It was a rotten milk and burnt hair poured into a used diaper and left in the sun for a month.

    LOL. Now that’s bad, a real stinker. Maybe the harshest description of a lousy game I’ve ever heard from a sportswriter.


  32. South FL Dawg

    I agree with those that say Agent Muschamp may have worked himself out of a job as early as today. The Dawgs can’t let up though because the lizards have as much talent as anybody if they choose to use it….except for at QB but let’s not push our luck.

    I am sitting here by the window at Einstein Bagels in lizard land, and it is unusual that I have not seen even one UF shirt or hat. I saw a couple during the week at work but being that I was in a client’s office I just smiled and went on my way. But the next 2 Fridays the Georgia shirts are coming out and bring what you got, lizards.


  33. Erskine

    Tear stained jorts will always be an attractive look.



  34. TMC DAWG

    All I know is that I am loving what is happening in Gainesville Fla. Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Russ

    He just needs to find the right offensive coordinator, right? I mean, he’s only fired 3. I say give him a dozen more chances to pick the right one.


  36. 69Dawg

    If as Scorpio Jones, III says Karma is a bitch then this last game was curtsy of Huntley Johnson, Esq. Maybe Karma is a female and has had it with the Gator’s continuous cover-ups. A Gator friend told me that Mr. Johnson had personally caused over 50 sexual assaults against UF players to go away over the last 10 years and my friend was pissed. If Jeff Diskell was a 5 star QB in high school then it’s no wonder that UF can’t recruit any QB’s. The place is a QB black hole you go in but you never come out NFL-wise.

    Oh yea and look at Percy Harvin now, described by one NFL talking head as a Jack of all trades but a Master on none.


    • Lou Holtz

      No one hates the gators more than I but your friend’s story sounds like a werewolves stealing babies in the middle of the night kind of story. If she has any actual proof of illegality she needs to contact the Justice Department, finding an ambitious federal prosecutor who would like to make a political career out of exposing that kind of corruption shouldn’t be hard to find.


  37. Derek

    Pat Dooley says there will be no news out of the UFAA over the next two weeks. I sure hope we get some.


  38. hot12dog

    I don’t care who they hire just don’t bring Meyer back man did he have Richt’s number