My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 8

Nothing like a few blowouts to clarify a ballot.

Here’s mine this week:

  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Florida State
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Mississippi State
  • Oregon
  • TCU

Also considered:  Baylor, Kansas State, Michigan State


  • Yeah, I know it looks like a SEC love fest.  Can’t help it.
  • The only other conference I could even think about voting for two schools was the Big Twelve.


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19 responses to “My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 8

  1. Dawg Vegas

    Not a critique, but merely a question (I’m not a fan of this school): Any consideration for Notre Dame after the game last night?


    • FisheriesDawg

      I actually tried to come up with a reason to leave off FSU, but it is hard with them being undefeated and having three quality wins. It is amazing how much they’ve managed to underwhelm despite an unblemished record.


    • H. Boots

      Although it was a close loss, the Irish just don’t have any wins over good enough teams to warrant putting them above the other one loss teams, IMO. They’ll have a shot to get back into it.



    I had the same, without TCU, Mich St instead.


  3. watcher16

    Mine looks the exact same


    • Dawgaholic

      I had the same 8 too. Saw FSU – ND in person. Thought about ND but neither FSU nor ND look great. Both are pretty good but, as of now, FSU is not where they were last year. I think last year’s FSU team beats ND in a game that is over by the end of the 3rd qtr.


  4. Lou Holtz

    Senathor, youfth arr an ess eee see homher to leaf outh theh fighthing hirish.



    Lou had ND in his final four……


  6. AusDawg85

    Ditto and think 8th spot is TCU with the nod over those you left out and ND.


  7. reipar

    Totally off topic, but I have not yet seen the UGA/Mizzou game on TV. Anyone know if it is available online and where? Thanks.


  8. Juan

    My ballot was the same as yours but sub Ohio St (I can’t believe it, but they are blasting people like Oregon used to do) for Oregon.


  9. H. Boots

    Mines the same except I have K State instead of TCU. Wildcats undedeated in Big 12 and only loss was to Auburn who I think is better than Baylor.


  10. Macallanlover

    MIne will be like yours but have Michigan State and Kansas State replacing TCU and Georgia. Dawgs are getting there, really like the progress we are making on defense and that is what makes me DQ them as a championship contender for now, hope that changes by mid-November. TCU is very impressive, just haven’t gotten the taste of that fiasco in Waco out of my mouth yet.
    ND may be Top 10, but probably closer to 12th/13th, imo. Bad thing is they don’t have any top flight games to prove themselves. If we all erased last season from our memories, FSU would not be rated this high either. As badly as they played last night, they still won. ND also struggled with UNC and an average Stanford team. Hope Az State can take them down and save us from having them occupy one of the four spots. Many great matchups left so everyone’s ballot is fluctuating every week as we learn more..


  11. Coastal Dawg

    I had Mich State over TCU with a lot of love for K State too. Just love the Dawgs more…


  12. Sanford222view

    I had the same ballot and also considered ND, Mich St., and K St.


    • Dawgaholic

      Can someone explain what Michigan State has done to justify being in the top 8?


      • Michigan State’s marquee win was a spectacular comeback result over a very game Nebraska squad, which underscored their credentials as far and away the superior team in the Big Ten. They competed very well in a away game against fellow top-8 aspirant Oregon, in another result that could easily have gone either way. They have also…um…

        …er, scored a lot of points against Purdue and Indiana? I guess?

        Based on taste and perception, I could see a small semblance of an argument for giving Michigan State the 8th slot in the Top 8 – the same sort of argument I used to give my 8th spot to Arizona this week, and that others among you might use to give it to Oregon or Arizona State or Baylor or Notre Dame or K-State or…some other team from the SEC East, maybe? Don’t know who that would be. You guys support anybody in the SEC East around here, perchance?

        But such a decision would be marginal at best, and right now I wouldn’t even think of giving a Big Ten team a Top-8 slot.

        (Bias alert: I’m an Ohio State guy. Ohio State is a marginal TOP-25 team. Our marquee win is over MARYLAND, for crying out loud! BIG TENNNNNNNNNNNNNN!)


  13. Dawgoholic

    Fair enough Chuck, I saw the Nebraska game as a big lead by MSU that turned into a near comeback by Nebraska. I also saw Nebraska struggle with an FCS team.

    Right now, I see it as 5 clear cut teams for a top 8 – the AL schools, the MS schools and FSU. After that, there’s probably 10 schools that can make an argument:
    Notre Dame

    Still, I’m not sure how I could ever get to the point of putting OSU or MSU in the top 4 because of their schedules. They both played one power 5 OOC game and lost by double digits. Maybe OSU has an argument based on the QB situation at VT if they go on to beat MSU worse than Oregon did.