Correlation or causation?

Interesting note from Ivan Maisel:

With four takeaways and no turnovers against Arkansas on Saturday, Georgia leads the FBS in turnover margin at plus-13. That is an attribute the Bulldogs share with the past two BCS champions. Florida State finished last season at plus-17, and Alabama finished the 2012 season at plus-14. Georgia shares one other attribute with those two teams — defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. Funny how that works.

Yes, it is.


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  1. TXBaller

    Our QB is +3 in TO margin at the same juncture as previous year v predecessor AND has wins over Mizzou and Vandy with no excuses (Gurley, Mitchell, Scott-Wesley, depleted secondary, etc….).

    Correlation or Causation?


    • And lost to South Carolina. So what?

      Can we stop with the Murray bashing already? It’s really tiresome.


      • TXBaller

        Not necessarily bashing Murray but rather affirming Mason….but whatever.


        • I think Mason’s done what’s needed. He doesn’t need a Murray comparison to validate that.


        • W Cobb Dawg

          If you’re not bashing AM, then why the QB comparison and “no excuses” comment? You could easily compare STs, Ds, OLs, RB depth, ex-coaches vs new coaches, etc. You think AM wouldn’t love to have this D and STs?


          • TXBaller

            One guy is solely responsible for 25% of the positive turnover margin in comparison to 2013 YTD – let’s give some credit where credit is due. It’s not solely credited to the D.

            I think Murray, regardless of defense, running backs or special teams would still throw picks and negatively impact our turnover margin – so says four years of history.

            Could you be a little defensive about your current QB who likely will be 9-1 going into the Aub game?


            • DrBrown

              Agree with Senator, let’s not get into bashing Murray, but there is no argument really that, for whatever reason, we are 6-1 this year, when we were 4-3 this time last year, Gurley missed some games both times, didn’t matter this year. Turnover margin is a big reason. That’s on the QB, RB’s WR’s, and then the defense to create them. our defense in 2013 wasn’t opportunistic with turnovers, and we turnover the ball over more on offense in 2014.

              If I had to rank the causes of success it would be:
              1- rushing game
              2- turnover margin
              3- rush defense
              4- special teams
              5- qb


    • Merk

      Um, Chubb is Gurley 2.0, Douglas, while a solid back, is not Gurley. Also you think having a defense that has played lights out the last 2 games made a slight difference? Murray rarely had the D on his side (see Auburn and Tenn last year)


      • Bobby

        Yes. And to add on to this, each of those three losses last year involved major special teams snafus that ended up making the difference in the game. If we had eliminated special teams catastrophes or played at least mediocre defense, we would have probably been undefeated this time last year; this year, we have been pretty rock solid on special teams, and defense actually looks above-average. Big difference.


  2. Russ

    Pruitt looks like he really could be the magic our defense needed.

    Seems like a lot of these high school coaches are doing well, Pruitt, Malzahn, Freeze. Seems to make sense to teach the players like they are just out of high school vs trying to teach them like the NFL.


  3. @gatriguy

    If he leaves for a HC opportunity, then there’s bo a whole lot we can do about it. But I think MR has learned his lesson from BVG and will back up the Brinks truck to keep him. Especially now that we don’t have Garner gumming up the works.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I spect Van Gorder taught Mark Richt some lessons about handling an inflated ego, for sure. Can we just get through the season without sending Pruitt to Florida or some shit?


      • Gators are in a hell of a mess. I think Agent Boom is a pretty good DC himself. Do you think anybody could have dug their way out of the culture that created Urban’s heart condition or family distractions. It is nice to see Urban enjoying pizza post game at the OSU. 😉 Boom has three years and 6 million to figure out his next coaching gig. Maybe he will coach the secondary for Dallas and await his next mission.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    We are fortunate to have this coaching staff. If anyone at BM has any brains at all, they can see this is a winning ticket and should do whatever it takes to keep em together for at least a few years.


    • Mayor



    • +1, WCobb. Yeah, money dang well better not become an issue. Pruitt deserves to be paid at the top of the scale. Even in his second year, it’s already clear he might be the best DC in the country. And he deserves to be paid and rewarded accordingly.

      Same with the rest of the staff. If GM can’t see this staff is a winning combination, then he isn’t qualified to be the AD at Georgia. I mean, that was already clear before the season started. Bobo is already overdue for top compensation, and the rest of the staff as well.


      • Stop it already. Seriously, doesn’t Bobo have an agent, accountant, and LawDawg working in his behalf ? Does anyone really pretend to know whats best for Bobo better than that group?
        March 6, 2013 – 11:06pm

        Georgia’s Mike Bobo has received a hefty pay raise that will make him one of the highest paid offensive coordinators in the Southeastern Conference.

        Do we really need to get in a pay scale dick measuring contest with the rest of college football’s employees?

        • Bobo is already overdue for top compensation, and the rest of the staff as well.*
          Do we need to make this raise monthly? Does anyone think that some of these benchmark coaches are way overpaid. I’m sure the Pumpkin King extension helped SOD make his payday.

        Bobo’s increase moves him to fourth in pay among offensive coordinators in the SEC behind Florida’s Brent Pease.

        Florida has fired offensive coordinator Brent Pease after the program’s first losing season since 1979, the school said Sunday.

        Terms of Nussmeier’s deal at Michigan have not been released and a contract has not been drafted yet, Brandon said, according to a report from I wonder if that salary at Bama seems like a dream job.

        I think you get my drift. Check your ego at the door and I will too.
        ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌


        • I think you get my drift.

          Not really Homer, lol. I’m all confused again. I just know I’m for our coaches being compensated as they should be.


          • I hear ya. No worries. I think they are. I think others are Way overpaid. At the end of the day I want us to stay away from the arms race and stock piling $ to buy and cast off coaches. Does anyone really believe SOD earned his salary at UT? But the Hillbillies did? He should have never been there IMHO. Some of the coaches that were paid more than Bobo crashed and burned in spite of their perceived value and salaries. I guess I’m saying you can’t always buy a winning coach and the largess from college ball is gonna get smaller. Soon. I believe Boom is a good coach. Or DC. But could anybody rescue UF from the mess that Urban left them?
            As an aside… during the building boom in Oconee Co. plumbers were getting paid more than my attorney was. Yikes! Dirth of plumbers and plenty of lawyers I guess. I spent 3 weeks in Orlando “recruiting” all trades. Paid off. I wasn’t that popular with some of the developers. Almost all of those guys are busted now. Just sayin’.
            GO DAWGS.


            • I think others are Way overpaid

              There’s a sense in which all HC’s, and some Coordinators are overpaid, IMO.

              As an aside… during the building boom in Oconee Co. plumbers were getting paid more than my attorney was. Yikes! Dirth of plumbers and plenty of lawyers I guess. I spent 3 weeks in Orlando “recruiting” all trades. Paid off. I wasn’t that popular with some of the developers. Almost all of those guys are busted now.

              Interesting. Were most of them Athens developers?