“Nick Chubb on the carry… with a touchdown for the Georgia Bulldogs.”

The offensive line has been up and down this season, but on Chubb’s 43-yard touchdown run, it was on, baby.

Just a thing of beauty.


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9 responses to ““Nick Chubb on the carry… with a touchdown for the Georgia Bulldogs.”

  1. Arks didn’t go quietly but it was good night nonetheless.


  2. I think that kid may work out.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    When Chubb learns the plays he might be pretty good. 🙂


    • CannonDawg

      Especially if he can show some endurance and toughness. After all, this isn’t the high school ball he was playing last year. This is the SEC! 🙂


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I think a lot of Dawg fans, particularly the female fans, would like to see Chubb develop a stiff arm, like Gurley’s:-)


  5. You mentioned the OL. Am I wrong to be frustrated with John Theus? It may be my inexperience won’t let me see how consistent he is, but he seems up-and-down. As a 5 star OL (we don’t get a lot of em), am I missing something?


    • He had some struggles this game, yeah. And has all year at times, so there is some inconsistency there. But I’d say Theus is far better than he was his first two years, and probably as effective as anyone we’ve had at LT in quite some time.

      So yeah, it’s fair to point out some inconsistency, but IDK if there’s enough there to warrant frustration. Overall, he’s having a pretty good year, IMHO, and he’s been up against some great pass rushers. And he could improve as the season year moves along the stretch.



    will be going to New York before much longer.


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I just can’t shake the feeling I was watching UGA circa 2002 on Saturday with Chubb playing the role of Musa and Mason playing the role of Greene.

    There is one part of me that gets giddy thinking about that UGA will have Michel back for Auburn and may have Michel and Gurley back…there is another part of me that is still assuming the worst since Mizzou is closing with 5 games against teams that are collectively 4-16 in conference play.