Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.


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36 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. 202dawg

    Jimbo Fisher; a bastion of integrity and discipline.


    • Russ

      He’s Urban Meyer with a smarmy smile.


      • @gatriguy

        No one is as smiley and fake as Urban. I don’t believe he says or does a single genuine thing. Everything has an ulterior motive.


        • Gene Simmons

          I get so tired of Jimbo’s “in your face” attitude, constantly saying, “I know the facts. I know the facts.” NO MR FISHER-you know what your quasi-criminal QB TOLD you and that is far from fact. But, plod on. I wish you a career humbling loss to UF this year, and if UGA is fortunate enough to play FSU this year, get prepared. Pruitt is bringing it. HARD.


        • Irishdawg

          John Edwards is.


    • zdawg15

      he looks like a dwarf


    • Jimbo Fisher; a bastion of integrity and discipline.

      Last week Fisher was saying, “I know the facts, and the facts won’t change.”

      Every passing day he just keeps digging himself and FSU deeper into the hole. Almost ashamed to say it, but I’ve been enjoying it.


  2. Merk

    I hope he continues to have to deal with this. The idiot probably thought everyone except Gurley would think he was just doing the right thing by coming forward.


  3. Mr Allen, allow me to pour you a pint of “Go Fuck Yourself Ale”


  4. Ellis

    I predict Jimbo will succumb to the immense pressure and suspend Jameis from all football activity for this weekend thereby maintaining his no nonsense style as well as the integrity of the FSU athletic program. Whether or not Winston decides to dress out regardless we will have to see./


  5. @gatriguy

    Another thinly veiled shot at Grantham. Anyone else get the feeling that last year’s coaching staff was a dumpster fire. It still staggers me that by all accounts, he was coming back.


  6. Smitty

    I wonder how Mr. Allen’s insurance sales are going…..


    • HahiraDawg

      He has been suspended, hasn’t been there a day since this broke. I don’t foresee him ever darkening their doors again.


      • I’m frankly disappointed that this festering piece of living detritus is still residing in Georgia. I imagine it’s only a matter of time until he’s forced to leave the state, Harvey Updyke-style. Then again, he seems to have some mysterious well of resources from which to draw, based on his retention of a notoriously expensive and high-profile attorney, so maybe he doesn’t need to work to pay rent, buy food, etc.


  7. Ahh. Nothin short of dying like the sound of Sunday Morning coming down.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    “it’s fun to see a team to grow and gel.” pas de la merde, coach, pas de la merde.


  9. Timphd

    Does Jimbo realize that “facts” don’t change? A fact is always the same or else it isn’t a “fact”. He has his head so far up Jameis’ ass that he wouldn’t know a fact if he saw one.


  10. The Dallas cop says he doesn’t think Allen “realized what was going to happen” when he dimed Gurley out, but in those e-mails he sent to every sports journo under the sun, Allen says he’d be “crucified” if his name got attached to the story.

    So it sounds like Allen knew exactly what was going to happen, and was hoping nobody’d ever be able to trace him, like he’s fucking D.B. Cooper or something. (That said, I would like to push him out of a plane sometime.)



    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ask Jack Manton.


    • tess

      The story makes it sound like the “harassment” is primarily the media, since he hasn’t reported any identity theft to the police (a basic first step in clearing your credit), and other calls have seemed to be based on media presence on his street. The media he contacted first.

      PatinDC is right: the guy’s just dumb. And a whiner.


  11. GaskillDawg

    Bo Pelini obviously does not understand the duties partners have to each other. “Being neutral” with each other is the opposite of the duty each partner owes the other.


  12. CannonDawg

    Jimbo and Jameis deserve one other. Sorta like Cam and Chisik. Or Aaron Hernandez and Irving Myers. Or Garcia and the OBC.

    Or Bobby Petrino and the young . . . sorry, Bobby’s a changed man.


  13. Dog in Fla

    “Now here’s what you’ve got to do. Calm down,” Fisher told Winston. “Don’t give them that over-exuberant look. Act very passive right here and get people back on your side. You understand what I’m telling you? Humble. Humble pie.”



  14. Mayor

    I don’t want to jinx us but Mandel is right–just not right enough. Georgia is likely to make it to Atlanta. Win in Atlanta and the Dawgs are in the playoff as SEC Champions. The biggest stumbling block is Auburn. A loss in that game would give the Dawgs 2 losses (we can still make it to Atlanta with 2 losses as Mizzou is likely to lose at least one more). That opens the door to politics at the committee, which I have never trusted from the beginning. Keep winning Dawgs!!! By the end of the season the freshmen/soph DBs will be experienced, and the Dawgs’ D will be as good as any in the nation. This team is getting better every week. If the Dawgs get in the playoff they have a really good chance to win the whole thing, IMHO.


    • Will (the other one)

      2 things that give me some hope about Auburn (that I will disavow the week we play them, because the Dawgs have played a lot better when I’ve been scared crapless about them losing, so I have to stick with what’s worked):
      1. Gus’s O isn’t clicking at anywhere near the same level. Losing a great blocking FB/HB, seriously great OLineman, and a pretty dang good RB took a toll that not even adding another great WR can even out.
      2. We should have a much healthier run game this year than last year (Gurley was back, but not healthy). Then we just have to hope we don’t get stuck with Penn Wagers, who will let Auburn’s mediocre DBs get away with PI all game.


  15. Ausdawg85

    “Cry me a river, asshole”

    Was that for Allen, Jimbo, Junior, or Pelini?


  16. Seriously…. Screw you, Barry Allen.

    What kind of a prick tries to ruin a kid’s college career for whatever selfish purpose he had.

    I assume he was either mad that Gurley wouldn’t sign more stuff for him, or he thought he could drive up the value of his own autographed stuff by creating a scarcity.

    Either way, he’s a major league scumbag.


  17. PelgroPerro

    FSU Admin has suspended a fraternity on allegations of sexual misconduct last weekend. Cognitive dissonance anyone?