Opaque transparency

Nobody objected to the Coaches Poll being a part of the national title conversation more than me, but I’ll say one thing for it:  at least the coaches made their last individual ballots public.


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5 responses to “Opaque transparency

  1. siskey

    Senator, do you think that when the committee releases their rankings next Tuesday there will be a significant difference between them and the AP poll? With their preference for conference champs in mind their early ranking would still likely track with the AP poll since the conference races are not decided. I just worry that we’ll see teams move from out of the top four into the top four, with no explanation other than them being the champion of their league. Its probably early to worry about this but all the Notre Dame talk after last weeks game makes me think that if there is a chance to pick the best team from each region (instead of the four most deserving teams) the committee will take that chance.
    Georgia still has a chance but that’s for worrying about after Florida, Kentucky, Auburn and Tech. I just fear a repeat of 07 if we lose one of those games but somehow manage to win the SEC Championship.


  2. Brandon

    I was under the impression their last ballots would be… I don’t like this one bit


  3. Jeff Long… man… if he’s a great AD, I’m trying to figure out how to break into that racket because any mildly competent person would make a killing.