Taking stock at mid-season

Seth Emerson’s got a good post up picking the good and the bad to this point.

I’d probably cheat and give the offensive MVP jointly to Gurley/Chubb (Gurubb?  Churley?).  And it’s weird to say, but right now my defensive MVP is Damian Swann.

Check out his list and give me your picks.



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27 responses to “Taking stock at mid-season

  1. Jack Klompus

    the link is honked up


  2. IAmAGurleyMan

    Link isn’t working



    We are exactly where I thought we would be.

    O players of the first half, the entire OL.

    D players, CJP.


  4. Frankly, I’m feeling kind of Churlish …


  5. siskey

    Offense: Gurley/ Chubb/ O-Line
    Defense: Swann/ Floyd/ Jenkins
    Special Teams: Michel/ McKenzie/ Kimborough


  6. FtWorthDawg

    I am worried about the Kentucky game guys. WE are playing up there after the Florida game and before the big Auburn game (which we do every year). But this time Kentucky is a much better team. Fast and Feisty.


    • PTC DAWG

      Looking forward to Jax…..


    • Mayor

      Yep. Classic trap game situation.


      • JRod1229

        The reason I’m not as scared as a trap game is it has less to do with the defense than the offense. Normally when players come out flat it’s the offense not really doing much and going thru the motions.. have 4-5 really nasty tailbacks who want to play means, no matter what, the effort will be there.

        I get the scared feeling.. but just don’t see it happening. Add to that, UK could easily lose every game between now and then..


  7. Chuck

    Theus, Andrews and Houston have been very good. The straw that stirs the drink right now for me is Greg Pyke. He plays like a big LaCrosse/rugby dude who doesn’t have a lot of polish, but he’s leading a lot of the big running plays.


  8. zdawg15

    I like Mauger/Swann for D, especially the last 2 games. For O, I like the entire offens as a unit, but give me Gurley or Chubb.


  9. Castleberry

    I like the Andrews pick for Offensive MVP. My gut tells me that Conley, Mason, and Andrews had a ton of influence and leadership the last two weeks.


  10. I’m surprised no one (particularly the TV broadcasters who call Georgia’s games, and to a lesser extent, sportswriters/bloggers who follow the program closely) seems to be talking about Georgia’s OL as the team’s “MVP.” Any team that can interchange RBs — including a true freshman — and have those RBs reliably crank out well over 150 rushing yards per game owes their OL a debt of gratitude.

    I really think Georgia’s rushing success, at least without Gurley, owes as much to the OL as it does to Chubb’s talent.


  11. Big Albany Dawg

    My vote goes to Swan and then Mason (for not going “Driskel” on us). I also have to give it up for “Coach Red Bull”.


  12. AusDawg85

    Mr. Allen, for without whom this team may have stayed one-dimensional and not forced themselves to turn internally and find the extra gear that denotes champions from just good athletes.


    • Macallanlover

      That’s gutsy, not without considerable merit, but rewarding scum is against my principles. Yes, that is not politically correct, but then, neither am I. Quite fair to say UGA grew up a great deal in the aftermath of October 9 and we may reap the benefits of that for some time to come. Out of adversity….. Good observation but I vote “no”, which will surprise no one.


  13. Agreed on the awards and Conley deserves some kind of tough man award. Dude has played the entire season with a busted shoulder and has been a life saver for the passing game. He can’t even raise that arm to properly celebrate a TD.


  14. The first 7 games have really taken on the aspect of a “winning-as-a-team” ethos. But if backed into a corner I would go: Offense — Gurley (even with the suspension) because leaning on him has greatly reduced the possibility of turnovers & Defense — Herrera/Wilson as evidenced by the 106 rypg. allowed. It has been stated before but UGa has not faced a truly dangerous QB yet, so stuffing the run was mandatory.


    • Dog in Fla

      “It has been stated before but UGa has not faced a truly dangerous QB yet, so stuffing the run was mandatory.”

      In that regard, h/t to Coaches Pruitt, Rocker, Sherrer and Red Bull


  15. beege

    I’ve seen lots of discussion about what Gurley and Chubb’s joint nickname should be, and it always just makes me think of Chunky Gal Mountain in N.C.