What’s worse than using college players’ likenesses for financial gain?

Using them for political gain.

That violates NCAA rules, but I’m not exactly sure whom the NCAA can punish.  I bet if Prewitt and Love were threatened with suspension over it, heads would roll, though.


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5 responses to “What’s worse than using college players’ likenesses for financial gain?

  1. JasonC

    Maybe the MSGOP should be forced to make a sizable donation to Southern Miss as reparations.


  2. reipar

    Wait so all I have to do to get all of UF suspended is send out a team pic on a political endorsement they had no knowledge of? Done and done.


  3. you must forgive the fans in that state; its their first time ya know.


  4. FisheriesDawg

    It isn’t an NCAA violation. As long as the players aren’t compensated, it is completely legal for players to use their personal likeness to endorse political candidates or parties.

    Now, if they didn’t consent to the use of their picture they have a legal case against the MSGOP, and the school might be able to sue for copyright infringement. But this has nothing to do with the NCAA.


  5. Shoehorning football into a mailer about oil and gas development? I’m not even offended as a pinko liberal — I’m offended as a football fan (and a marketing professional).

    Actually, I wonder if that mailer’s going to cheese off some Ole Miss fans by reminding them that State is the top-ranked team in the country.