Friday morning buffet

Some pre-weekend nibbles for your reading pleasure:



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17 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. OrlandoDawg

    Michigan has been charging students 40 bucks a game and had the audacity to complain when they didn’t show up? I’m sure that’s in addition to a healthy “athletic fee” that every student is required to pay so that the poor athletic department can struggle to make ends meet.


  2. I still think Herbie’s report about Miles was probably accurate at the time he reported it. What he found out though is that sometimes by reporting news, you ultimately make it not happen. Sometimes you have to sit on a story a bit, but I know it’s gotta be hard balancing that with wanting to be the first one to break the story. But when the person in question needed the timing to be handled a certain way in order to make the move, then the reporter blows the timing all to hell, the reporter actually sabatoges their own story.

    I think Pollack learned the same lesson when Kirby spurned us at the altar after Pollack broke the news that Kirby had signed a letter of understanding or whatever the document is called that coaches sign before they actually sign a contract. I really think had that news not gone public when it did, Kirby would have ended up in Athens. I could be wrong, Saban may have talked him out of it anyway, but the news breaking like it did totally took the control of the situation away from Kirby.


    • “I’d have to say (Kirk) Herbstreit made a wrong pick, it wouldn’t be the worst thing I ever heard if he made the wrong pick again. And yet there’s probably some guys out there that have made the right picks and to me I’d like to kind of make the right pick, whichever pick that is. I’d pick Shaq in every way, in one-on-one and picking.”

      Don’t ever leave coach.


  3. Macallanlover

    I think UGA will be big favorites on the opening Vegas line, the sharps aren’t as paranoid as Bulldog Nation is about JAX. Boom will use the size of the line to motivate the remaining players who still listen to him but it won’t be enough to get an L.

    For those conspiracy theorists (officiating and “money drives everything”) does UGA now become the recipient and not the victim? We represent the most likely way for the SEC to maximize the mega money bowl payouts. Would be handy in the Auburn and SECCGs where we face our biggest challenges to running the table. Man, is Auburn going to be huge…..and you know we will get stuck with a 3:30 start.


    • PTC DAWG

      3:30 is the prenium time on CBS, but I see Bama Miss St getting that.


      • PatinDC

        What a choice for CBS.


      • Yeah – just had to plan a last minute business trip to Seattle and cannot back in time for the Auburn game unless it was a 7:00 start or later. When reviewing the schedule late last night, the Miss St. trip to Tuscaloosa stuck out as the sure-fire CBS pick unless one of the participants is upended this weekend. They will announce the 11/15 weekend schedule on Monday right?


      • Macallanlover

        Hope you are right, and I think you are, I want all the juices flowing for that game. Should have checked the schedules, just didn’t think anything could get bigger than our game. We deserve to get some night home games for a change.


  4. Spike

    Poor Lane Kiffin.


  5. rocksalt

    Am I the only one that would have my butt on the couch for a Les Miles late-nite variety program?


  6. What fresh hell is this?

    There will be no further suspensions at Sakarlina…the Kentucky and Furman games have passed.


  7. Solon

    The line on Georgia-Florida is probably going to be somewhere around Georgia -8 or -9. Let’s hope that’s big enough!


  8. Dante

    Les Miles owes Herbstreit an awful lot to get chippy with him. Right after the Miles-to-Michigan debacle, Herbstreit put on that four hour infomercial during what was supposed to be the 2007 Big 12 Championship Game telling us how LSU should leapfrog Georgia in the polls and play in the national title game based on their awe-inspiring victory over a crippled Tennessee squad who was only there because Kentucky can’t kick a damn field goal.