Random panicky thought

Does it concern anyone else that bye week always gives Georgia its best shot?


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  1. BMan

    There’s still a lot of pride in Bye Week’s program.


  2. Mary Kate Danaher

    The same thought has haunted me all week, Senator.


  3. Gene Simmons

    I was a little worried until I saw that we are favored by 10.
    Bye week is a 14 pt favorite against the Gators.
    So there’s that…


  4. HahiraDawg

    No matter, Bye Week will be Dawg-graded by early next week.


  5. As I read the lede, sitting here thinking to myself, “we have a bye. No way we can lose this week right? What is Bluto on to here?”

    Good stuff, SB


  6. They seem unbeatable…


  7. Robby

    Oddly enough though we’ve never had an injury against Bye Week, although I believe Mike Bobo did have that bar incident that week!


  8. The other Doug

    Two words: “long snapper”


  9. DawgPhan

    Why are you poking fate? I mean this is basically like a mini-offseason…half the team is probably at an all you can eat brownie bar in PCB right now.

    And McGarity is probably unwrapping a bunch of discount drug tests he got from woot.com…60% of the time they are 100% accurate.


  10. I don’t know, Bye Week is due…


  11. When I was a little Bullpup I was weaned on a steady diet of Munson and Dooley. Everything concerns me!


    • Whiskeydawg

      I used to enjoy listening to Vince on the radio before games. He always sounded like the opponent was the best team in college football and Georgia was just lucky to make onto the field (then more often than not – win).


  12. Ben

    This reminds me of a guy who I knew in high school who ended up at UGA with me. We were taking one of those big, entry level courses where everyone seems to have a different teacher.

    I saw him with the same pile of books at the bookstore one day, and I said, “Oh, who do you have for that course?” His response? “Multiple.” (which is the name on the card for a course with multiple instructors.)

    I’m not sure he ended up graduating.

    That said, I hope Bye Week (and the attendant free time this weekend) doesn’t have an edge on our guys like Multiple had on my classmate.


  13. Brandon (Version 1)

    We can laugh but none other than Vince Dooley subscribed to the “best shot” theory. I remember on more than one occasion seeing him say that one of the difficulties of Georgia’s position is that we have so many rivals who we are their number 1 or number 2 priority to beat. Tech, Florida, Auburn, South Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, etc., he wasn’t wrong.


    • Macallanlover

      No, he wasn’t. It is one fact that the negatrons don’t overstate, the only team that gets more “best shots” than UGA who is whomever is ranked #1. You can even add the newbie, Mizzou, as we are the “old establishment” team in the East to them. Beating us gives them the most cred they can earn, with exception to some higher rated team.


  14. MattR

    Bye week leads the nation in time of possession! They never give the ball up!


  15. AusDawg85

    If we get everyone’s best shot, who gets their worst?

    Who do we give our best shot?

    Why does everyone hate us?

    Mason has another unspectacular week, but does not cause us to lose.

    Richt will go too conservative this week.

    Pruitt gets another shut-out.


  16. I will still take UGA ATS…What’s the line anyway?


  17. Scott W.

    No it hadn’t and now I’m freaking out.


  18. Cojones

    Bye Week? I thought it was Buy Week. No wonder there weren’t many people in the Student Bookstore on those weekends! And 40 guys took me up on buying fb players a lunch.

    No one told me.


  19. Cojones

    1-8, eh? Lets mark through the “1” and write “2” next week. Friggin’ problem solved!


  20. sniffer

    Ramsey should get the start. He’s earned it.


    • HahiraDawg

      No, let’s start 10 to show all those recruits that we have a spot that they can come in and get playing time right away. We might can spare playing with 10 for a series, maybe two(?), against Bye Week.

      But I better be careful of optimism. Maybe its just the Senator corrupting me with stats and damned lies.


  21. JonDawg

    I will not be in J-ville, but for those who get to, if we get up on those slimy lizards by several TD’s and the game is well in hand, if over half that stadium doesn’t chant “Keep Will Muschamp” i’m going to be one disappointed Dawg..


  22. Bulldog Joe

    Bye week is when the ACC and UGA police departments and the Butts-Mehre drug testing force gives us their best shots.

    So far, they are undefeated against us.


  23. Mayor

    Mizzou had a bye week before playing Georgia this year. Just sayin.’


  24. fetch

    I don’t know Senator, I heard Bye Week was having a hard time selling their ticket allotment. We should have the crowd on our side to help.


  25. Dawg19

    ESPN just picked the Bye Week to win the SEC East.


    • Steve Shaw, Penn Wagers, and all the other SEC refs are obviously biased in favor of Bye Week. Have you seen the comparison of penalties?

      Not only have they not had a holding penalty this year, can’t see where they have ever had one in any year.

      Good thing for the SEC Zebras Saban ain’t got time for this KaKa, he’d be on them like Kiffin on a HC offer.


  26. Bulldawg Bill



  27. Yeah, BYE hasn’t won in a while so they’re mad and due a win.


  28. Cojones

    This is not a Bye Week. We had it just before SC.

    This is a Bye Bye Week. Go ahead. Wave toward FU. Go on.