And what ESPN wants…

I know that was in response to comments like the one Bo Pelini made about the SEC Network partnership, but, still…


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  1. Spike

    He is usually pretty good, but who pissed in his corn flakes this morning?


  2. uglydawg

    The South is “one little region” like a dick is “one little part of a man”.


  3. Funny, I thought they were interested in the four best teams in the playoffs…no wait, that’s as long as those four teams cover a broad national viewership with the appropriate ratings. So never mind.


    • Gene Simmons

      I’m sure it pissed them off that they did not have a chance to pick against UGA today. No worries, I look for them to pick the Gators next weekend cause, you know, “they’re due.”


  4. BMan

    Just because one little region dominates college football, that’s no reason for it to dominate ESPN’s playoff. Unless ESPN could use that to hasten the expansion to an eight team bracket. The masses have to have their brackets!


  5. PansyTheDawg

    “The teams that look OK in the East get against a heavyweight in the West, they’ve had their pants pulled down,” Fowler said. “The SEC East is average, it’s mediocre, right?”–32319427


  6. Chris Fowler, pompous a-hole

    One little region has dominated long enough. It’s time we make things fair.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Next thing you know, there will be a college draft of high school players. That would make it fair, just not to the kids.


  7. Like I said in another….ND already has their reserved spot that the heads are gonna do and say whatever they can to ensure they make it. Just this morning they were lobbying for the voters to consider a bad PI call against FSU. Hell…I saw a pick by the ND WR. Who else do they do this for? What about nearly every SEC game where we have to beat the refs, too? Everyone is lobbying for some team or conference. This should be decided on the field….just like the playoffs for nearly every sport.

    I thought this was gonna be a good thing but, as it turns out, this is more like the BCS. I lose more faith in this system each week.


  8. I quit watching gameday when they screwed us in 2007. In 2006 Herbie wanted a Michigan v. Ohio state rematch for the bcs. In 2007, well things just changed.


  9. This and the Gurley thing are what is wrong with CFB. Bunch of rich dudes controlling things and political lobbying and do as I say, not as I do.


  10. Cojones

    Don’t anybody get their sand up, but Pelini has a damned good point. If ESPN had the same contract with another conference and were suddenly raising 4-5 teams in that conference from which you are to pick two to be in the NC, we would go out of our gourds Plain and simple.

    Leave the personalities (Pelini, Foster, etc) out and just view it objectively for a moment. The second best team in another conference is already deemed better than your entire conference (and Champion)? That wouldn’t fly here for a second. Yeah, we are the best conference and have dominated the NC for 8 out of 10 yrs, but that’s no reason to elevate the entire conference on the basis of differing repetitive Champs coming from the same conference year after year that other conference members have to play in a tougher schedule therefore our wins have more value than other conferences. No……wait a minute….


    • Dolly Llama

      So what you’re asking for is to us to imagine the ACC vis a vis basketball?


    • SouthGaDawg

      Ummm…Didn’t ESPN pays billions for the rights to the SEC network?


      • That’s exactly his point. Cojones is pointing out that to an outsider, it seems fishy that the FPI system ESPN is promoting has so many teams ranked so high from the conference in which they just bought a business interest.

        He’s also making the point that the SEC has proven again and again that it has the best teams. But it still looks fishy to an outsider.


      • RocketDawg

        The old Big East put 9 teams in the Tournament one year and the ACC has had up to 8 (when they were a 12 team league) so I don’t want to hear about one region dominating the playoffs. If the best 4 teams are 3 teams from the SEC West and one from the SEC East then that is who should play on the field. We need to eliminate all the cupcake games and have 8 conference games and 4 against other “Power 5” teams each year. Or go back to the Pre Bowl Alliance days when the SEC Champion went to the Sugar Bowl and everyone bitched and moaned about who was #1 afterward.


        • Ben

          I like the way you think. Arguing and playing hypotheticals and split championships really make college football great. (And I’m being serious; I’m not mocking you.)


  11. 81Dog

    all guys like Fowler and Cowherd care about is “what will draw the biggest ratings for us” in the end. Fowler pretty much said exactly that. His frustration evident while he ranted, he noted that what draws the most eyeballs in a team from each part of the country. “I mean, the South, they’re watching regardless,” he noted.

    His frustration may stem in part from the fact that he recognizes that us ignorant hicks down here have the best teams, and this stands in the way of his preferred narrative. Of course, if the shiftless hicks down South were the key demographic advertisers love, like perhaps, New York Yankees fans, or Dallas Cowboys fans, the SEC dominance would be hailed by the same media shills who sneer at the idea that the SEC is really any better than any other league, because, you know, AD MONEY, BITCHES!!!

    My goal is for, one of these days, 3 or 4 SEC teams end up putting 1 loss on each other and all of them end up clearly the best 3 or 4 teams in the country. It could have happened right this year (and still could) with some combo of 2 west teams and UGA as the conference champ. The suits wont ever let that happen, but it would be hilarious to see the wailing.


  12. Buddyjc

    It’s all about diversity in this country. Truth and justice is down the drain if it runs counter to the holy grail- diversity.


  13. Cosmic Dawg

    I heard that segment this morning. It’s horrible when you start off just to say something and realize halfway through you’re falling in love with your use of language and your brave convictions rather than simply and humbly making your point. I kind of think that’s where that was headed. Lpts of rolling in his own righteous indignation, there.


  14. Chuck (with due respect to The Other One)

    If there were four major universities in Clarke, Barrow, Oconee and Jackson counties in Georgia and they had the best four football teams in America then they should play for the Natty. What the hell does geography have to do with it? We are supposed to be choosing/getting the four best teams, period. Let’s don’t have the system (maybe a crappy system, true) fall victim to affirmative action where teams get in for some other reason than merit. Let’s have an honest discussion/argument about merit, but let it be all about that.


  15. uglydawg

    Here’s a solution…It’s called “putting your money where your mouth is”.
    If the number 5 team really feels it has been left out unjustly, they get three days after the NC game to put up three million dollars to play the winner of that game in two weeks. If they put it up and win, they get the money back and are named National Champions. If they lose, they forfiet the three million to be divided between the bottom teams in all the major confrences.
    If three million isn’t enought to cause serious hesitation, then raise it to whatever amount that losing it would be taken seriously.
    This would never happen for a bunch of reasons I haven’t even considered, but it’s interesting. Maybe it could be tweaked to work.


  16. Russ

    F Chris Fowler. He’s a pompous ass.


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    You can’t hold an area of the country responsible for the behavior of the other lousy conferences. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole college football system? And if the whole college football system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of sports in general? I put it to you, Greg – isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America!


    • LOL.

      You can’t hold an area of the country responsible for the behavior of the other lousy conferences.

      Exactly. We will not apologize for playing the best football in the country. Or for having the best Conference (superior, dominant, however you want to describe it).

      If Fowler and others don’t like it, then they should complain and call out the Big 10 and other Conferences for playing inferior football. Fowler has always disliked us, and that will never change.

      Screw him and his Yank prejudice.


    • All hail WCDawg & Otter. May they be called to this Forum as is necessary.


  18. 69Dawg

    I’m shocked absolutely shocked, you mean there is gambling at Rick’s Café??? This crap was predictable from the very beginning of this payoff thing. You can control computers and you can’t control the coaches or the press but you sure as hell can control a committee of 13 people. The SEC no matter how good it is will not get more than one team in the playoff. It will not be happening. The ESPN perfect match-up will be SEC Champ, ND, TOSU, and Oregon, they may take MSU over TOSU if MSU beats them. FSU had better not come close to another loss because ESPN is not going to help them. Right now the Big 12 and ACC are the best bets to get screwed due to demographics.


  19. Sanford222view

    I am not getting the reaction here. Fowler was responding to critism that ESPN is schilling for the SEC. His point was if ESPN was trying to have an influence it wouldn’t be to have all the top teams be from one area of the country. It would be better for all the the top teams to be spread across the country so ESPN would pull from a wider viewing audience. That was his rebuttal/proof they aren’t an influence because that is the current case.


  20. Macallanlover

    While it is silly to argue the four playoff spots this early given the interactions already scheduled to occur later in the season, but this is exactly why a playoff should give representation to the 5 conference champs. There simply is not enough OOC games among the right teams to dismiss them as unworthy. There is no doubt which conference has the most depth of of quality teams, it isn’t even a contest, but it doesn’t mean that the top of any of those conferences cannot be excellent.

    Many here are convinced UGA cam play any opponent in the SECCG and have a decent shot at winning (and the improvement we have seen on defense is making that look like a real possibility by year’s end), but if you don’t think TCU, Michigan St., Oregon, etc. are scary matchups for UGA, Bama, Ole Miss, etc. you are not looking reality. These “regions or conferences deserve a spot and that is all they are asking for. Invite them, eliminate them if you can and it will reduce the chatter considerably and insure us that the championship earned on the field will be respected more widely. That is what is missing, and that is what will drive the next change, and that is a good change, imo.

    I did hear an interesting comment by Tim Brando yesterday on his show about the “planned” expansion to eight. He stated the plan by the Commissioners all along was to expand to four knowing they couldn’t get eight as a first step but knew it would come by demand. OK, I can buy that, it is inevitable because four was/is a flawed concept. But the rest of his comment was that it would provide the leverage for a more lucrative contract with the networks than they could have gotten by going straight to the 8 team concept. I think this will be true to the excitement of having a playoff regardless of how weak the 4 team decision was. For those who think everything is driven by money, this should satisfy you. I am most surprised that the Commissioners could be that smart.


  21. Ben

    These early projections are crap, anyway. Ole Miss, MSU, and Alabama/Auburn can’t possibly all make it from the West. Whatever happens in their rivalry games has to count as a semifinal, of sorts, and then if one of them doesn’t win the West/SEC, there’s no way any committee should put them in.

    I’m sure a one-loss ND gets in; FSU (if ACC champ and undefeated) has to get in; the SEC champ is in (provided it’s not a two-loss team from the East); and a one-loss Pac 12 team will be in it (especially if it’s Oregon). The only reason it looks like it does now is because those teams who have to play each other in the west haven’t played yet. It’s just talking points for ESPN. All you SEC homers can get bent out of shape if you want, but there won’t be three SEC teams (or even three SEC West teams) in the playoffs; they’ve had their chances in the season, and that’s not going to play out in the selection committee.

    At least that’s how I see it going down…


    • Cojones

      Blame the media for the 4-Mess they have made? You betcha.

      Our schedule had a tougher beginning, whereas, the West did not. They are now entering the tougher part of their schedule, no matter any early ” pre-dick-shuns” at midseason. They don’t amount to a fart in the wind, but someone would be smart to listen to themselves and see that UGA has one, if not THE best chance of anyone in the SEC of making it to the finish line. That line is a movable one as some teams are more challenging the more they play; i.e., Ken, Aub). Since we can get better with all our players back by end of season, all the more reason that UGA should be at the head of the list of 1-loss teams considered for the final 4 by this upcoming midseason guess.

      If you are going to prejudice the Austere Committee of Fateful Football Follies, then do it with UGA logic in your heart.

      I relinquish the Bully Pulpit.


  22. Irishdawg

    Fowler has always been an arrogant gash; this is nothin new


  23. Either rhe Dawgs have to win out OR if not Mizzou has to lose one more
    for the Dawgs to win the East & play for the SEC Championship.
    Beating the Gators Is the primary goal for me at this point. GATA,


  24. ASEF

    Games, as always, are fun to watch. Playoff talk has already become tedious. Post-game spin has become as laughable and transparent as post-debate spin.


  25. ripjdj

    I’m still looking forward to the unlikely possibility, but possibility nonetheless, that UGA and Auburn play 3 times in one season. I just love brackets.. bitches. This whole thing is set to completely insure that there will be no more than one SEC rep and they would love it if they could have none.