The womens like it.

I’m impressed with Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson’s game.  And it sounds like he’s a pretty funny kid.

Yeah, baby!


UPDATE:  Speaking of Robinson, he definitely kicked some butt on this run.


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12 responses to “The womens like it.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope Dan Mullen is embarrassed by this nakedly sexist attitude from one of his football players. I mean, really, can you imagine one of the players on State’s women’s volleyball team saying such a thing?


    • The volleyball team don’t have to say it…look at their unis. Its not like they are wearing real baggy shorts. I am sure the shorts have some level of functionality–I’m not saying I care what it is–there must be something though.


  2. Rusty

    I can see a certain element of our frenziedly offended nation taking offense to that. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s funny😄


  3. Spike

    I don’t care who you are.. That’s funny, even in the United States of the Offended.


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    That is some funny stuff right there.


  5. Dog in Fla

    He makes their rocking world go round


  6. CardDawg

    As crazy as that run was, the epic cut-back on the TD run in the 4th quarter was pretty solid too.


  7. That clip gives me confidence that we should be able to run through UK like a hot knife through butter. Great run but MAN, that is not SEC quality tackling right there.


  8. I wouldn’t doubt it. My own mother text me while I was at the Mizzou game to talk Georgia football. Apparently one of the white players on the Georgia sideline has a disproportionately large butt. Some skinny white kid with a ghetto booty. That’s not the first time I’ve heard her talk about a football player’s large ass, either. Lol!


  9. Spike

    Twist is right. That is some poor tackling.