Envy and jealousy, we’ll always have Emmert edition

Charlie Pierce, ladies and gentlemen.

And now it will fall to the NCAA, God help us, to parcel out blame and responsibility and punishment. At this point, of course, the NCAA is little more than a walking conflict of interest, and an absurd one, at that. The NCAA would not exist if players were not paid under the table. The NCAA would not exist if so many of its “member institutions” weren’t playing ethical mumblety-peg with their academic integrity to keep the players eligible and the money flowing everywhere except into the pockets of the people doing all the real work. There is absolutely no way this will end well. There is absolutely no way this will not end hilariously, however.

Ain’t that the truth.



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6 responses to “Envy and jealousy, we’ll always have Emmert edition

  1. Dawg Vegas

    Pierce is as articulate as ever – – thanks for the link!


  2. Tronan

    Damn. This cat’s more cynical than I am. Or maybe he just does a better job expressing his disgust than I do.


  3. Just makes Gurley gate even more inexplicable. The fact that we’re playing along has to be only about money because anything else is a facade.


  4. Oh Yeah….excellent job of keeping me stirred up, Senator. Lol! Let me count the ways…


  5. ASEF

    I went to UNC, and I think Pierce nails it. I didn’t think I could be any angrier at prior management at UNC than I already was. My wife and I were leaving a chunk of our estate to UNC to fund a professorship. No more. That money is going to a scholarship fund instead for local kids.

    I’m just… sick.


  6. AusDawg85

    *Colleges have no business being vehicles for mass entertainment any more than they have business selling widgets or maintaining a fishing fleet. It is no proper part of a university’s mission to provide quality television programming and year-round gambling opportunities for the rest of the country. *

    Whoa, Nellie! You’ll have to pull tailgating, WLOCP, cheerleaders, co-eds in sundresses, those frat kids in the front row, the Red Coats, the Hedges, UGA and GEORGIA FOOTBALL out of my dead clenched fist my friend.

    Sports entertainment is not the problem…the fight over the money is the problem.