Great turnover margin plus field position management

… makes an offense one efficient mofo.


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8 responses to “Great turnover margin plus field position management

  1. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Its Richt’s fault, so fire Bobo.


  2. JPo

    UGA is the only defense in FBS in ’14 that has not given up a play of 40 yards or longer. #CFB #Dawgs #UGA @CoachJPruitt


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Great. Keep it going for another 8 games, please.


  4. never would have guessed that, this time last year.


  5. This statistic is telling for the performance of the whole team:
    1) Special teams are creating field position
    2) Defense is keeping the field position advantage and creating turnovers
    3) Offense is scoring TDs rather than kicking FGs and not turning the ball over
    4) Special teams & defense are getting in on the scoring as well

    To me, yards per point may be one of the most important statistics in the game. Typically, the team that wins this stat will win the game. Sounds like a good research project 🙂