“I just figured we’d keep it in our pocket till we needed it.”

If you’ve had enough from Saturday, don’t bother to read Bruce Feldman today.

The biggest stunner from the weekend wasn’t just that Florida beat No. 11 Georgia, 38-20. It was how the embattled Gators dominated the Dawgs, out-rushing UGA 418-148. After the first quarter, UF had outgained Georgia 274-27. For the day, Florida had 14 rushes of 10 yards or more, which was more than half of what UF had in its first six games.

To say the game unfolded as UF offensive coordinator Kurt Roper expected would be quite a stretch.

Roper told FOX Sports Sunday afternoon that UF had some play-action and moving-pocket stuff planned for the Dawgs, but with the way UF was running the football, relying on a heavy diet of zone runs coming amid a bunch of window dressing (via formation and motions), he realized he had a “don’t fix it till it breaks” approach. In all, UF ran 66 plays and only four of them were called passes: two nakeds, one dropback and another bubble (true freshman QB Treon Harris actually threw two other passes but those came off run plays).

That is what comes of feeling good about yourself.


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  1. Silver Britches

    Good God, that’s embarrassing.

    Yesterday was a “tinker with your truck all day to keep your mind occupied” type of day.


  2. mp

    If Arkansas had kept shoving it down our throat (as they did in the first drive) instead of throwing it, that game could have followed a less favorable path as well.


  3. Funny/ ironic to read how “smart” the UF coaching staff is now after winning on Saturday. I will give them their due on this, they had their players ready to play while the UGA coaches mailed it in.


  4. Cojones

    I hate it when, beginning with the play lineup, a negative and dark force causes you to tell them out loud to look out for the fake. They go to the down position and I began to loudly yell “Fake!, fake!” that built into a crescendo at the snap and before the WR rose to run the ball. Screams became an unbelieving gargle as the horror play of Halloween opened before the eyes and moved inexorably toward the end zone in a slow motion that pulled all the positive emotives from my soul into the trailing path of the runner as he crossed the goal line. It was the darkest feeling that I’ve ever tendered in UGA football and it was at that moment that I felt we would lose the game. I drank two beers and headed for unfinished projects, much like I hoped that Pruitt will do with the D line. He and Rocker have some work to do.

    Nevermore will I feel cocky until the last second is burned from the clock like a firebrand from hell and we are on the winning end of the score.


    • DWH

      WVU game all over again. I’ve always been surprised that more teams don’t run fakes against UGA. Even in the most obvious situations it seems to always work and leaves the UGA coaches dumbfounded.


    • Yep, I started yelling fake right as they lined up, too. I knew it was coming.


    • Flukebucket

      I know it seems like everybody claims to have been looking for the fake but I know I was. With the wind howling I was hoping GA was going to fake it too. What a shitty damn day to try and kick a field goal.


  5. Cojones

    It was very cold down here before the tailgate party with FU fans. Not many arrived after I helped the host with small items, mostly consisting of drinking a beer while watching him and the Ms set up and cook a well-organized feast. I took my leave over an hour before kickoff to drive up to my home because, as I explained to my host, that I would be a wet blanket due to the disparity in the teams’ ability while he and others nodded in agreement. They thought it would be a firing party for Muschamp.

    My drive home was uneventful;… Dammit!


  6. Athdawg

    Maybe I’m not understanding something, but how were we outgained 274-27 in the first quarter? Chubb alone ran for 101.


  7. Will Trane

    Think I said yesterday in a post that UF could have used a moving pocket with Harris. What is it that blind UGA people do not see in football anymore. Do they not look at the roster, plays, plays fit for someone like Harris, UFs recruiting of lineman. No, hell they get caught up in Muschamp. They do not see what they think they see, and they do not hear what they think they hear. UF is 3-3. They will lose only one more game…possibly FSU, and FSU looked pretty damn good against Grantham’ D. But UF is going to give FSU a run by the time that game comes up. And then you have Gator fans still stuck with Meyers. UF has some coaches, Roper in particular. Their game plan was brillant. UGA bought into the bullshit hype. And they got their asses beat because of it. FSU has a passing attack and they can get to the edges with speed. The football field in 100×53…Bobo and CMR has never figured that out. That is a lot of damn lanes to put into a play book. Not them.
    Suggest many read Seth Emerson’s article today about McGarity, Richt and UGA. CMR has some players on scholarship. But where are they. Injured forever [see Ron Courson, been at UGA since Dooley]; sanctioned, questionable, suspended, transferred, and etc. Why does he have all those QBs on the roster. He only plays one at a time. Supposedly 2 of those have arms. Mason does not. but he can manage a game…that is why we almost lost at Arkansas, lost at USC, and lost to UF.
    Feed up with Bobo and CMR. Drop that game at UK and then hear the barks from alums and financial supporters.
    Football, basketball, and baseball are mediocre at UGA. That is what alums want. That is why a coach can run 14 years, 10 years between titles, and has the best state in the nation for high school talent. Think not, then some of you bloggers might want to spend some Friday night in some 6A, 5A, 4A, and 3A stands. Then look at the level of that play and compare to CMR’s teams.


  8. So. IL Dawg

    As much as this loss hurt, I still think this team can rally and have a great season. A few things need to fall into place though: 1. Mizzou needs to lose a game and I just don’t think they’ll win out. 2. UGA needs to win out with authority. Beat UK and get the best player in college football back to infuse the energy and get things rolling. 3. Miss. State needs to win out and be undefeated going into the SECCG. 4. UGA will beat MIss. State to win the SECCG. If all this happens, UGA will have beaten 2 top 5 teams the final month of the season in route to winning the best conference in football. It would be very hard for the committee to leave UGA out of the playoff. If there goal is to get the best 4 teams in the playoff, how many teams would have a better resume? I know UGA lost 2 games and 1 was bad; but they rebounded after getting their star back on the field and won some really big games. I know this is a lot to digest right now; but it’s definitely not impossible.
    As always, GO DAWGS!!!


    • I appreciate the optimism but even if your scenario plays out there’s not a chance in hell that the committee would put the Dawgs in the playoff. One loss to a bad team(USC) and one complete and total ass whupping by another bad team.


      • Yeah. Facemask on the first play. Field goal’s good, no its not, sure it is…no wait, it’s not.
        If a 2-3 loss UGA team creeps into Atl to play an unbeaten or one-loss west Champion (ESPECIALLY if it’s bammer), I can’t begin to fathom the bullshit calls that would come our way to keep that team undefeated & highly placed amongst the 4. Let Mizzou go & deal with that gut-wrenching, heartbreaking bullshit.
        Man I’m in a bad mood…still!


        • AusDawg85

          Not going to get all giggity here, but if you need to motivate the troops, I’m saying there’s a chance

          Put FSU, Oregon and Sparty in. In SoIllD’s scenario above, SEC Champion UGA is being compared to:

          1- loss Miss St. in the SECCG

          BIG12 Champion – TCU is the favorite here with only KS State to play, while Baylor has OK and K-St to play.

          Notre Dame…

          Can’t see Miss St. jumping a team they just lost to. Will ND have only 1 loss? If not, then it’s down to 1 loss Big12 champion vs. 2 -loss UGA. TCU’s only loss is a “good one” vs. last second FG by Baylor. But UGA will have changed the narrative, possibly have beaten #3 and #1 in the last few weeks of CFB, and TCU has no championship game. Can’t believe the powers that be will let the $$$$ of the SEC be shut-out over TCU.

          This is lame, weak, and not going to happen, but again, if I needed to fire-up the troops to keep them focused for a late season run, this is the scenario I’d hang my hat on.

          So with that…GO DAWGS!


    • Cojones

      So.IL Dawg, I agree. There is hope. We should gather ourselves from the shock, realize that the team’s embarrassed and hurt as well. They were the ones who played well enough to get our hopes up high and they are the only ones who can bring our hopes back. Part of our optimism was dashed when Andrews was kicked on the ankle. Let’s hope he gets well enough to block and put pressure on it by the time we play Ky. I grieve more for the team than I do the coaches or us. If they can’t get over it with our help, then what’s to be expected in our synergistic relationship?


    • hassan

      There is hope still for Atlanta….and then maybe Cap One. That’s about as far as it goes. The PAC12 and Big10 loved this loss as much as Mizzou did.


  9. Saint Johns Dawg

    A lot of Dawg nation needs to realize that team that showed up on Saturday was the team most all of us expected to show up in Columbia, MO and Little Rock, Ark. When the outcomes of those games turned out to be not only surprises but blowout victories, we all dared to dream a bit. Doesn’t hide the fact that this defense still has issues. Oh well, on to the next one … Kentucky ain’t gonna feel sorry fer us.


  10. Dawg19

    “…he realized he had a ‘don’t fix it until it breaks’ approach.”

    Mike Bobo’s head just exploded.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Vandy, beware.


  12. Russ

    Meh, we got our ass beat. I’m over it.

    We’re not as bad as we looked Saturday, and we’re not as good as we looked at Missouri and Arkansas. We still have a shot to play in Atlanta, which is about all anyone would’ve hoped for when the season started.

    I’m tired of all the angst and gnashing of teeth. I’ve done enough of that, and I’ve decided to enjoy the victories, and not obsess over the losses. On the average, I’m much happier this way. I understand everyone picking over the details (this is a football blog, and it’s what we do), but I’ve decided to avoid that in the future, for the sake of my sanity.

    Go Dawgs!


  13. SouthGaDawg

    I was frustrated Saturday night until Auburn won a game because a guy broke his leg on the one inch line. Upon reflection in church on Sunday morning…did anyone at the beginning of the season really believe Ga would get in the 4 team playoff this year with the attrition on D and the “game manager” QB with no deep threat receivers? BTW Jones OWNS Spurrier…